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Video Analytics: Top 50 Video Analytics Tools for Businesses In 2022

Once if you found the right video host platform and popular data distribution methods that including advertising platforms and social media platforms, you might think of a video analytics platform to measure the overall video performance. These Video analytics platforms combined can give you a clear picture of your video performance to know video success and to measure the ROI. Here are the 50 best video analytics tools and the most popular platforms.

Video Analytics Tools for Businesses in 2022

Video Analytics Tool: Avigilon

Avigilon is a self-learning advanced video analytics platform that is specially designed to increase productivity. This secured platform provides effective monitoring that enables proactive real-time analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Axis Communications

Axis Communications offers a range of applications that are essential for the retail industry providing actionable and valuable analytics that help to improve the business sales and also increase profits.

Video Analytics Tool:Cisco Systems

Cisco Video Analytics platform consists of embedded software at video endpoints that provide innovative ways to perform video analysis and IP cameras. It offers simplified operations at lowers costs by providing personal security.

Video Analytics Tool: IBM

IBM Video Analytics enhances the organizations across all industries that stored insights and rapidly analyze the data. It also improved the organization’s safety and security.

Video Analytics Tool: Honeywell

Honeywell is a great analytics platform that enables secure and safety measurements. It also offers a wide range of high-end industrial settings and high-functionality devices.

Video Analytics Tool: Agent VI

Agent Video Intelligent provides comprehensive Video Analytics offers capabilities, different deployment options, and excellent features that respond to the diverse vertical market.

Video Analytics Tool:AllGoVision

AllGoVision is the leading video analytics enabled by artificial intelligence and the most sophisticated management platform. This platform is well equipped with more than 50 advanced and basic features.

Video Analytics Tool: Aventura

It offers robust functionalities and features like Vehicle Monitoring, Counting, Intrusion Detection, Loitering Detection, and Tamper Detection.

Video Analytics Tool: Genetec

Genetec’s video surveillance system comes with ACIC video analytics solutions that offer a powerful combination of enhanced video surveillance and automated video applications. It helps users to identify and track suspicious events.

Video Analytics Tool:Intellivision

IntelliVision officially launched the Video Analytics Channel Partner Program and also enabled new and existing video security system. IntelliVision is a market leader in Deep Learning and AI video analytics software for Smart Cameras.

Video Analytics Tool: Intuvision

Intuvision is a next-generation video analytics platform that mostly works on VA monitors surveillance and provides accurate real-time analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Puretech Systems

Puretech Systems is leading the development and deployment of advanced video analytics and intelligence video solution platform safety and security applications. It also provides multi-sensor integration, internally developed video analytics, and geographic map-based command and control.

Video Analytics Tool: Gorilla Technology

Gorilla Technology is a global leader in Video loT and Edge AI. It breaks down the video signals into different frames understanding the digital video. Gorilla has categorized the most used video analytics platform.

Video Analytics Tool: Verint

Verient, video analytics platform, enables the integrated advanced video metric and faster solutions for better decision making. These analytics include such as facial recognition, video suspect tracking capabilities, and built-in business analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Viseum

Viseum, a video analytics platform, tracks the people surveillance through cameras. Video Analytics Software works on the latest methods and proven concepts.

Video Analytics Tool: Delopt

DELOPT video analytics platform focuses more on development, production of Embedded Systems. It includes offerings for the defense includes On-Board Computers, Avionics displays, High-Speed data acquisition system, High-Speed data acquisition system.

Video Analytics Tool: I2V

I2V’s Video Analytics system incorporate the comprehensive, advanced Video Analytics algorithm. It can help businesses to reduce the manual effort required to reduce some human errors and monitoring video surveillance.

Video Analytics Tool: Qognify

It had developed the various intelligent solutions in video analytics that mainly uses video footage to provide analytics to the users. It gives expert deployment in real differentiators in video analytics and the most significant part in video management solutions.

Video Analytics Tool: Iomniscient

Iomniscient is leading Artificial Intelligence based on multi-sensory analytics. Enables the data analytics based on text data systems that can convert everything in Multimedia Metadata, Multimedia Metadata (MMM), and also enables very fast analysis for further investigation.

Video Analytics Tool: Briefcam

BriefCam is the industry leader and providing video analytics for search, rapid video review, real-time alerting, and quantitative video insights. It provides timely video review and search, real-time alerting face recognition, and quantitative video insights.

Video Analytics Tool: Aimetis

Aimetis, video analytics platform, is only possible to detect the specific activities automatically and events from cameras without human intervention using AI. Video analytics makes it only possible to filter the video by facial recognition.

Video Analytics Tool: 3VR

3VR is the best video analytics and data analytics company. It identifies and providing video intelligence solutions for real-time secure customer insights.

Video Analytics Tool: Ipsotek

Ipsotek is an advanced video analytics platform that includes facial recognition, technology innovation, and secure analytics. It is an expert in offering innovative video analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Siemens

Siemens is a leader in providing a loT technology to efficient energy production. It is a robust IP video management software design and development, ranging from large to high scale security.

Video Analytics Tool: Panasonic

Panasonic is an enterprise video surveillance management system and also offers advanced video analytics for data extraction and event detection.

Video Analytics Tool: Verint Systems

Verint Video Surveillance Analytics platform combines security detection performance with unlimited video analytics, robust video solutions, and low-cost ownership.

Video Analytics Tool: Objectvideo

Objectvideo is a powerful video analytics platform and intelligence solution for the clients. It also offers intelligence gathering, software for security, and secure video analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Advantech

One of the most attractive focused on security and safety issues and also provides advanced functionality requirements for video surveillance analysis and becomes more popular.

Video Analytics Tool: Infinova

Infinova is a leading intelligence video management software that offers powerful real-time video analytics. It captures the value of a security by making IP security cameras.

Video Analytics Tool: Qognify

It is a leader in security solutions and a video management system. These video content analytics captures video footage and algorithms. Leading video and data analytics tools.

Video Analytics Tool: Mirasys

It offers a seamless full-featured, and versatile video management platform. Facial recognition, object detection/identification, and video content analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: VCA Technology

VCA Technology offers intelligence security, traffic monitoring, and retail analytics. It also involves the distillation of video footage and provides real-time analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Digital Barriers PLC

Digital Barriers is a trusted global customer on the base-spanning organization. It offers the best features, such as Wireless Safe Cities, Live Streaming Bodycams, Digital Walls, and Connected Vehicles. It provides video analytics with live facial recognition technology.

Video Analytics Tool: Dolby Laboratories Inc

One of the leading video analytics optimization content for all screen, and it also offered by high quality, fast, and cost-efficient solutions for all its users. It generates content for standards of the industry.

Video Analytics Tool: ELKO Gropu

Elko group providing creative and modern solutions, do give the video analytic solutions. This platform is connected to the cameras that take a tremendous amount of time to return with the results.

Video Analytics Tool: Imagine Communications

Imagine Communications is providing cloud-enabled software that defined services to broadcasters, video service providers, networks, and enterprises around the world. It offers the best video analytics to businesses.

Video Analytics Tool: KiwiSecurity

KiwiSecurity offers robust video analytics and most commonly known for security video analytics, intrusion detector, camera health monitor, object detector, privacy monitor, and more.

Video Analytics Tool: Netscout Systems Inc

Netscout Systems provides various solutions for maintaining security equipment, video analytics platform. It helps either in defense mechanisms have been pioneers in the market are still driving.

Video Analytics Tool: Science Applications International Corporation

SAIC is one that provides multi-intelligence sources, machine learning video analytics, and more accessible. The platform offers the right tools at the right time to make video analytics used for several businesses.

Video Analytics Tool:Arris

Arris group provides the best video analytics suite and also content marketing solutions.

Video Analytics Tool: HCL Tech Limited

HCL technology provides cost-effective video analytics video data flowing through the other networks. HCLs Predictive Analytics provides multiple services based on consumer behavior.

Video Analytics Tool: Liberty Global PLC

Liberty Global plc provides the bid data of real-time video analytics applications and leading converged video platform.

Video Analytics Tool: New Relic

This New Relic software video analytics platform that gathers the billions of metrics from live production software. These software analytics include Business Transactions, Application Performance Management, Customer Insights.

Video Analytics Tool: Polycom

Polycom organization expecting voice and video content to collaborate during meetings. It provides administrators to track real-time analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Skyline Communications

Skyline Communications is one of the global leaders in multi-vendor network management that offers productive analytics.

Video Analytics Tool: Tubebuddy

Ultimate video analytics tool in the market that works according to the YouTube guidelines. It is a free tool under video analytics tools. It offers real-time video analytics based on users’ behavior.

Video Analytics Tool: Vidalytics

Vidalytics best video platform for the marketers, it hosts streams, video Analytics with conversion tracking. It connects to apps and tools by automating your marketing.

Video Analytics Tool: BrightCove

Brightcove video analytics platform measures across the devices, destinations. It offers powerful analytics and business intelligence.

Video Analytics Tool: Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is one of the video analytics solutions that tracks video analytics, and the user engages with your brand. Kissmetrics doesn’t focus only focus video performance tool and gives video analysis information you might need.

Video Analytics Tool: Wobot Intelligence

Wobot is one of the best video analytics platforms that automate the monitoring and AI view of the organization. It offers high security for your businesses.


New innovative technologies and software are available in the market, especially when it comes to video marketing strategy. Besides knowing the video metrics, you have to keep an eye on a video analytics platform that can best measure the ROI of the company.

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