YouTube for Customer Service

How to use YouTube for Customer Service

YouTube is the best destination for better interactions whether it is about brands and audience or creators and audience. 82 percent marketers are liked to focus on YouTube platform as their primary targeting destination for their busyness promotions.

With increase the video watching through multiple devices, YouTube is the top video platform that provides best quality video content that is relevant and engaging for its audience.

The power of YouTube has already exposed to all businesses and creators with their success stories.

Now, coming to the customer support, yes customer support plays a significant role in the interactivity and connection with the top clients and audience towards your business or brand.

Businesses with good customer support are an essential ingredient for their success. Most of the successful business online is the best customer support providers online.

So, businesses are going in a different way and utilizing the YouTube platform as their customer supporting platform and getting good results in their business.

Let us find out how brands are using the YouTube platform to provide the customer support to their customers.

YouTube for customer service

Brands have targeted the video as their primary medium for customer support. The video is delivering more than what a text chat support can provide the customer queries and doubts.

So, brands are focusing on the video customer support in the form different videos like a question and answer type videos, product videos, How-To videos and workshop videos and so forth as a part of the customer service and support.

Learning Customer problems

When you are approaching your customer with a variety of videos, which can support them while they are confusion during the product usage. while making their purchase decision, you must research the general customer problems by thinking like a customer of your product.

By learning in this way can help you to understand the important things you must cover in your videos for your customers as a customer support on YouTube platform for your business.

Businesses have to design their approach and way of providing the customer support to their customers. They can provide support with well developed excellent videos which must be of high quality and clear to understand.

Attending Client issues using YouTube Live Video Demonstrations

YouTube live is the most innovative way to approach the customers to support them and explaining their problems and issues faced during the product usage and the doubts related to it.

Most successful companies are interacting with the people with live video sessions and clearing their doubts online in real-time and hence providing the audience with best customer support services from their company or business.

By using the live sessions, you can develop better customer interaction and more likely to fetch huge customer base basing on your interaction and way of approach.

Brands and businesses are using the live Sessions to provide the client’s support in a unique way. The live video demonstrations help customers to understand the product in all verticals, and they might be more likely to share your product demo with their fellow users.

10 Top Ways to do Customer Service through YouTube

Businesses are getting successful with these types of videos as a customer support and getting good engagement levels from the audience towards their videos.

Question and Answer type of videos

The question and answer type of videos are included with the most frequently asked and raised question about the business services or products that are offer.

By creating this kind of videos, customers can get answered from the companies in the form of customer support.

Customers are more likely to check these videos during their purchase journey. This type of customer video support can be designed basing on your business.

Some companies are creating the Question and answer videos that help them before purchasing and after purchasing and thus differentiated the point of view of the customers.

Even customers are more satisfied with these types of supportive videos and making their purchase decisions and getting their answers to their doubts related to the products and services offered by the businesses.

Product demos

Product demonstration videos are also playing a key role in purchase decisions. Product demo videos are designed like an Unboxing and demonstration about the way that product looks like and everything about the advantages of using the product or availing the particular services.

Troubleshooting Management

Troubleshoot videos that describe the issues that faced by the customers filming how to overcome and troubleshoot such issues were helpful to the customers to get immediate help from the videos.


Video tutorials like How-to videos are one of the best forms of customer supportive videos which can help the customers to get started with the particular products and can know more about the products by watching the how –to video demonstrations.

Customer story videos

Filming about the potential customers and their genuine experience like facing an issue and how they solve using the support has great appraised from the fellow customers to overcome the problems.

Workshop videos

Workshop videos with explainers about the product demos and other general queries can be used as best support to the customers.

By watching the workshop videos, customers can also learn about the perfect usage and the hidden features they do not know about your product. This helps you to bring real satisfaction among their clients using these types of videos.

Live videos

Live video support and live product Unboxing and demos can be a very powerful form of customer support which can also increase and improve your business ROI as well as helps you to gain good name and fame with your way of presentation and approaching to the customers during the clearance of their queries and other doubts.

Personalized videos

Personalized videos are the videos that are created basing on the emails that are received by the customers enquiring some issue to resolve. Such type of videos can act as the best customer support videos as well as bring good reputation to the business.

Finally, YouTube is the perfect place to plan your customer service for your business customers.

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