work on Instagram Live in Split Screen

How to work on Instagram Live in Split Screen

Instagram launched Instagram Live nearly a year ago as a part of Instagram Stories. The best feature of all the messaging apps is the Live Video option. The Company is keen to get more people using it, so Instagram serves a new function called “Guest Broadcasting.”

This feature helps invite a second member to join on Live with a split screen. Instagram is now blasting with a new Instagram Live split-screen component.

Guest Broadcasting is an outstanding key to Instagram to grow their Instagram Live Products. This Instagram Live with the fascinating split tool attracted the younger generation aged between 18-35 years. Instagram offers the ability to broadcast alongside friends to Live.

Whatever the reason, going to Live with your friends on Instagram makes it accessible and easy to broadcast.

Special features Of Guest Broadcasting

The guest broadcasting feature helps invite a person to watch your Live Video.

It’s only possible if you are on Live with one other person.

If you would like to join other than one person, you can drop the person and replace that place with the other friend who is interested in sharing Live with you.

The first screen-shared person can add or remove the members at any time.

It is easy to join any person from any part of the country only if they are watching live.

While live broadcasting is the integral time, you can use Instagram filters like Snapchat to reply to your stories’ comments.

This feature makes users feel a more natural way of interaction.

Notifications sent from the platform are also addressed and displayed to the guest broadcasters’ friends.

It’s optimal for Instagram to gather a large audience pool.

The Guest broadcasting of both users is displayed on their profile feeds.

Step By Step Procedure To Go Instagram Live in Split-Screen

Go to PlayStore and download the new version of the Instagram app.

Sign In to your Instagram profile.

Go to Live from your Instagram app.

Tap on the “New” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.


After this step, a friends list will pop up for everyone watching your Live video.

Next, Click “Add” to add a person or invite those watching your Live video.

Once you add your friend to Live, the screen on your Instagram splits into two screens.


Your Camera feeds look the same and display at the same time.

You and Your Guest friend can add or leave the broadcast anytime.

Your friend will pop up just right below you. It has fantastic features like applying a filter to you and your friends while you are Live.

People watching your Live video can still like, comment and reply.

After the Live is completed, you can add, replay, or discard the broadcast.


We predict that Instagram’s new Live feature can drag more people to collaborate on Instagram. If you are excited to do it right now, ensure you are up to date with the new versions of Instagram Android and iOS Apps.

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