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How We Increased a B2B Leads by 200% With Video Content Optimization [Case Study]

In every marketer’s career, certain “a-ha” moments make them take a step back and realize just how powerful their trade is especially generating B2B Leads. This case study is about one of those moments when we realized the true potential of video optimization for B2B lead generation.

After all, if we could increase leads by 200% simply by optimizing our videos on our website imagine what else is possible! Read on to learn more about this exciting experiment, and see the results for yourself.

Can you imagine doubling your business leads in just three months? That’s what we did with video content optimization. Here’s how we did it and how you can, too. In a digital age where customers are more mobile than ever, watching videos is one of the most popular activities online.

How We Increased a B2B Leads by 200% With Video Content Optimization [Case Study]

The company used video content optimization to increase B2B leads by 200% in the case study.

We found that video optimization is the best way to get B2B leads. The first step was defining our ideal customer profile, and we did this by identifying who would need SEO services for their business.

Well, it’s true! If you’re trying to increase your B2B leads, optimizing your video content is a great way to do this.

We used the sales funnel process to increase leads by 200% with video content optimization. We started by creating a lead magnet around “how we do what we do,” which gave us an email list of over 400 subscribers interested.

Video is now the most famous content for consumers on the internet, but it’s also proven profitable for business. Lead generation with video can be your way to stand out in a fragmented world where attention spans are dwindling, and competition is tough.

For example, one study found that website visitors were 33% more likely to watch a video than reading text content they’re presented with online.

They’re also 52% more likely to purchase after watching an explainer video than reading about the product or service without seeing something visual first.

Explore how you can leverage these statistics by creating engaging videos for your enterprise so that you see increases in sales, leads, and powerful real-time testimonials.

How We Increased a B2B Leads by 200%

It would be best to explain the strategy and how it benefitted by developing a video content optimized B2B database.

Process 1:

TO create 200% Growth in B2B Leads, we ran three video experiments over two and a half months and looked at the data.

From the data, we discovered that videos see an average of 9x more engagement than standard content when shared on social media.

We crafted enticing headlines for different types of business-related videos (examples include “Get to Know PRODUCT” and “How Is Manufacturing Shaping Our Future”?)

We uploaded compelling videos with relevant titles, thumbnails, and captions across all our channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., paying attention to promoting to industry specialists or trade show attendees.

Process 2:

We noticed the business owner was creating content to address different areas of his technical knowledge, but they weren’t explicitly targeting their customer’s pain points.

So we talked through their buyer personas with him and helped bring some critical issues to light.

We each looked at their existing funnel for leads and set out a video content system that would target specific questions.

Now he has four videos at the top of his Sales page, one in the middle, and three on the bottom totalling eight video placements that are speaking directly to customers’ needs.

We have seen an increase in conversions by over 50% just from this one change.

Process 3:

How video optimization helped one of our clients optimize their leads by 200% in one year.

  • they focused on consistent messages across all mediums
  • they focused even more on digital marketing to hedge against the eventual decrease in people preferring print ads
  • when it comes to content, they found that 60% of viewers watched with the sound off

Using these three principles substantially increased their leads!

Our advice for any company struggling to find success may be to rethink your strategy and start with these 3 simple steps!

Process 4:

We increased the leads generated by our B2B company’s webinar by 200% with video content optimization.

Here are two ways that we did it.

After the first call, take some time to create a short 1-3 minute video of your tips and walkthroughs to hand out on enrolment completion; this will help people remember they’re a great experience later!

And second, keep an eye on the CTA button so you can do pre-roll videos for people to watch before they click through.

This ensures viewers understand what they are about to see and hopefully increases conversion rates!

Process 5:

We doubled this company’s leads by focusing on their content.

As mentioned in the case study, without drastic changes to the bounce rate and user engagement metrics, the company would have seen a loss of revenue.

There are guiding principles that can help any business increase leads with optimized videos:

  • Audience – Know your target audience inside and out! Ask yourself marketing questions like age, income, preferences/hobbies.
  • Promotion – Optimise your video for social media to spread it wide and far. This is a brilliant move if you’re showing off something cool or entertaining!

But don’t spam them with irrelevant posts just to promote every video you upload. Once per day should do it.


We’ve covered how to create a video lead generation plan that will increase the number of leads you generate using neuroscience-based marketing principles. We hope these tips have been helpful, and if there’s anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact us at any time with your questions about our Video Lead Generation Consulting services or just let us know what makes sense for your company.

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