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Instagram Video Promotion: Best Practices for Instagram Video for Business

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. This instant social networking platform is being used extensively worldwide. Many companies are using their Instagram accounts to increase their popularity. Here are few best practices to use the Instagram videos effectively.

Instagram Video Promotion Best Practices

• When a video is posted on Instagram the goal of it is to reach number of people and for this using hashtags is necessary.  The hashtag is a clickable word and can be used in the photo description. See that all your videos on Instagram have common hashtags.

• If you are promoting the content related to your blog or shopping portal through a video, it should be related to your tops. You cannot reach targeted viewers by using off-topic images.

• Instagram works in real time basis and thus postings should be regular.

• When promoting content related to blot or shopping portal on Instagram, choose the targeted accounts. Give proper descriptions to your videos to attract more followers.

• Like feature is very popular on Instagram and use this feature to like the postings of others to get more likes to your videos.

• Multiple accounts can be run on Instagram with the use of Android immolator App.

• Shoot the videos in landscape or vertical mode.

• Though the quality of the Instagram video must be good, it is not enough to make the video successful.  Make your videos unique, interesting and watchable.

• Product demos and FAQ videos are the best for brand promotion.

• Instagram video promotion can be effective when the description field is used to reinforce the message in video.

Instagram videos are very useful for building a brand. Marketers can use Instagram videos to build awareness and to drive sales. As these videos are short, these retain the viewer engagement.

10 Tips to Build an Engaging Instagram Video Ad Campaign

Instagram is photo and video sharing platform and the popularity of it is going on increasing. There are large numbers of individual users and in recent times, this platform is also being used by marketers to get benefits of social media marketing. There are many reasons for this which include the growth of mobiles and the simple nature of the platform that is making Instagram the best option for advertisers.

1. Using Instagram for video ads deliver very effective results as the videos are more engaging and help build the brand.  Make video ads that capture the interest of the consumers in just a few seconds.

2. To build an engaging Instagram ad campaign is to leverage hashtag campaigns.

3. Use the ad format for Instagram that allows advertisers to create ads with multiple photos to tell the viewers about their brand, services and products.

4. Make sure that your content works well on mobiles also as Instagram is basically a mobile platform.

5. The success of any ad campaign including on Instagram can be affected by the call to action.  Ask the users to take an action after viewing your video ad.

6. Know what your target customers love to watch and at the same time stay relevant to your brand.

7. Do not over post. This is an important point to be included in your Instagram video campaign as this can lead to people losing interest in your page and there is also the risk of unsubscribing you.

8. Post pictures of your office and work environment as this helps build brands.

9. Instagram is offering new features and all these tools can be used to make your video ad campaign a great success.

10. Get inspired by what your competitors are doing. Do not blindly copy them.

Instagram is a great platform for marketers as they can reach their target audience easily. Interact with the followers and be active for best results.

10 Best Practices for Instagram Video for Business

Instagram is a platform offering online mobile sharing (photo/video) and social networking service. This sharing can be either public or private in the app. Instagram also enables using other social networking platforms in this regard.

Following are some of the best practices for using Instagram Video for business.

1) Familiarize yourself with operations of Instagram.

2) Include funny images with pictures in your video. Simultaneously you need to track the engagement on your images and find out what your followers are interested in.

3) Cultivate huge following though simple 1-2-3 process. I) Connect your Facebook account, 2) Use relevant, popular hashtags, and 3) Engage by following others and liking their photos. Cross-posting selected images to your FB page would help people that you are on Instagram.

4) Instagram launched its latest addition ‘Video on Instagram’ offering video length of 15 seconds, filter-enabled, editable video functionality. This feature is overtaking Vin’s video offers of 6.5 seconds.

5) Embedding your Instagram video in your stationery and other social media platforms will be adding mileage to your ad campaign on Instagram.

6) The power of apps to be used to the maximum. Dozens of apps offer enhanced photo/video sharing experience. These apps allow users to print images, search tags and download Instagram photos and much more.

7) Change is always for better. You may kick-start Instagram efforts with a change in perspective. Some of the tips for this include: sharing a distinctive view of the world, capture things that are interesting to the brand, training you’re to focus on what makes a great, provocative and engaging image.

8) Networking has always the secret of business success. This rule applies to Instagram as well.

9) Optimization of profile – personal or business – is required to ensure that there is constant promotion of your content on Instagram. To be a successful marketer on Instagram, you need to complete (and update) your profile with all the required information that the prospective buyers might be interested to know.

10) Review of performance of your brand on Instagram is to done on a periodical basis. Necessary corrective action can take as and when required based on the input (through comments/reviews by the users)

The importance of Instagram needs to properly handled by the marketer for the promotion of his products, and he has to research and update the content. continuously

How to Advertise Your Business on Instagram Videos

Instagram has millions of monthly viewers who share and view photos. Instagram is the best platform for businesses to tell a story in an instant to their customers. Instagram Videos  proved that the content posted on Instagram gets a good response and as many as 75 people per 100 take actions such as going to the official website or shopping after watching the business post on Instagram.

How to Create an Instagram Page for Small Business

  • To promote business on Instagram, first, a profile has to be created. Download the app on smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Sign up with the email address or phone number. Choose the best username relevant to your business.
  • It is also possible to create the account through Facebook.
  • For business usage, connect the Instagram profile with the Facebook business page.
  • Provide details such as phone number, email, and address for the business.
  • If the details were already given on your Facebook business page, the information would be auto-filled.
  • Click done. If the Facebook business page not created, it could be built now. Invite contacts to follow your Instagram page.

Use Instagram to Post Video Ads

It is not difficult to create video ads for Instagram. Most of the audience on Instagram watch the content on their mobiles.

Therefore make sure that the message reaches the audience even when the sound is off.

Use text or captions to deliver the message. Use square videos which are the big hit.

Let the videos be less than thirty seconds long. There are standard and video carousel ads.

Standard video ads allow including a call to action and video carousel ads enable adding up to five videos to a single ad and the users can view one by one. A call to action also can be included.

Tips to Advertise Your Business on Instagram

Here are some tips to advertise the business on Instagram and to consider while creating video marketing campaigns for the app.

  • Have a goal for the video ad. Be clear with the message you are delivering. Define the goals of the campaign. Is it for increasing website traffic, conversion or building brand awareness?
  • Let the videos be short and sweet and have a punchy approach to the message you are delivering. Grab the attention of the viewers in the very first few seconds of the video.
  • Ensure that the content is eye-catching and also meaningful.
  • Paid video ads on Instagram include a call to action. These include Shop now, book now, signup, download, contact us, etc. Include a compelling call to action.
  • Be consistent in messaging, branding and visuals.
  • Engage with the audience with funny comments.

Pros and Cons of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram video advertising is suitable for all types of business. With Instagram advertising precise targeting is possible. Higher reach on the content can achieved.

Paid advertising is helpful for the brands to showcase more products. Using collection ads businesses can combine photos and videos to promote their products and users need not leave the platform to make purchases.

Though Instagram advertising is a perfect fit for most businesses, there are some cons. Active users of Instagram are in the age group of 18-29 years.

Instagram might not be the right place to reach older audiences. Time management and update of Instagram ads are time-consuming.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, frequent updates for keeping the message fresh is required.

While considering Instagram for advertising, make sure to keep in mind the pros and cons. Any social media platform is capable of creating or destroying brand loyalty.

It is for the brands to find the customers and promote the product or service to them. Instagram is one method of delivery that helps in connecting the brand to potential customers.

Reasons to Consider Instagram for Video Marketing

Studies revealed that internet users under 25 years of age spend more than half an hour in a day on Instagram. Over 25 spend more than twenty minutes a day.

This shows that Instagram offers a significant marketing opportunity for businesses. More than 25% of advertisements on Instagram are now videos.

The platform has great potential to attract new customers. Instagram offers the best opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing.

The businesses not only have access to potential customers, they also allow the audience to share the brand with their network.

Having active followers and engaging them with the video content helps foster credibility and generate brand awareness.

Instagram is the ideal platform for increased visibility and to increase brand awareness.

Instagram Video Marketing Statistics

  • Instagram allows uploading photos as well as videos. Studies revealed that 25%of advertisements on Instagram are videos.
  • Instagram video ads must hook the audience in the first 30 seconds. Though the videos can be of 60 seconds long, the length of the video can affect the engagement.
  • Instagram ads increased by 28% in the later part of 2017.
  • 35% of the total Instagram users create or view videos via stories.
  • Many businesses are using Instagram videos to connect with their followers.
  • Millions of people are watching Instagram videos created by brands.
  • 500 million Instagram stories are being used by the Instagrammers each day.
  • 200 million audiences will visit one business Instagram profile every day.
  • It has 1+ Billion monthly active users.
  • 70% of the Instagram audience most likely to make online buying via mobile.
  • 71% of Instagram users are below 35 years old.
  • The potential advertising reach of Instagram is 849.3 Million users.
  • 80% of users are following a business on Instagram.
  • 83% of Instagram users will find the new products and services on it.
  • Above 100 Million users share or watch the live on Instagram.
  • 16.6 Million Google searches for Instagram will take place.
  • Each month more than 130 Million Instagram users click shopping posts.


Audience irrespective of age, gender, place of living, etc. love watching video content. Video content is more engaging and the Instagram platform is one of the best places to grow business. Businesses can directly market to potential clients.

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