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How Insurance Agencies are Using YouTube to Boost Referrals

Why YouTube is essential for Insurance Agencies to boost referrals. Social media is the number one source of website referral traffic. Social media is the place to find prospective customers. Using social media is the efficient way to market the insurance business. Have the presence on different social media platforms and get the most from them.

Setting up YouTube Insurance Channel

  • The first thing is to open a Gmail account and then proceed to set up the YouTube channel.
  • Decide on what kind of videos you will be posting. The goal of the insurance videos must be to invite people to the insurance world and begin trusting you.
  • Give a perfect title for the video. Add the right tags and include relevant links in the descriptions of the videos. Have the right call to action.
  • Another critical thing for YouTube videos is the thumbnail. This determines whether the video will get played or not. It should be relevant to the content of the video.
  • Add some text if required. Use consistent style, font and colors in the thumbnail for all the videos. This helps people identify the videos and relate to the brand quickly.
  • Use end screens, annotations intelligently. These are helpful to drive people to watch other videos on your channel or the associated website.

YouTube Video Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

A great business media for insurance agent must be informative, enjoyable and sharable for the audience.

It should be able to grab the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds.

The viewers must be able to relate to the content. Make client testimonials to convince the prospects.

Record seminars and post it on YouTube.

Embed the link on your website.

Create a standard video to welcome new clients for new policies.

Post funny skits about insurance. Create a slideshow video at the end of the financial year.

Include your clients in the video so that they feel that the agency is like a family.

Create public safety videos. Add the call-to-action which will direct the audience to life insurance application page.

Take the interview of the staff members and introduce them to your clients.

Tips to get most from YouTube

To make YouTube a part of the marketing strategy and get the most of it, here are few tips for insurance agencies.

  • Determine where the clients are set up the account. Get familiarize with the service and rules and regulations of YouTube.
  • Build relations. The goal of using YouTube must be to develop a community. Interact with the audience. Interact with the audience and reflect the personality in the videos. Be helpful and informative to the audience.
  • Do not always concentrate on selling. The videos you post need not always be related to insurance only. Choose the most common problems and solutions. Choose the topics that influence the audience.
  • Consistency is the key to success on social media. Regularly updating the content will help boost brand exposure and can lead to referral business.
  • Promote formal referral programs by promoting it on YouTube. You can give the link to your official website or blog in the description of the video. Direct the audiences to the referral page by adding the right call to action.
  • Help people find your YouTube channel by mentioning it in your email signature and also on the website. Post the link in the comments of the videos uploaded by others. Promote the YouTube videos on other social accounts.

How Insurance Agencies should use YouTube Videos

Internet users on YouTube watch billions of videos. It is not a surprise that marketers are incorporating video in their marketing strategies. The video is the most effective type of content for any business.

Fastest growing insurance agencies are also using video to market their services and provide educational value content to their audience. The video used for customer testimonials. A video is also an effective tool for explaining the coverage, types of insurance, etc.

Here are some other ideas for using video by insurance agencies.

  • Use YouTube videos to introduce yourself and also the new agents in your agency.
  • Create videos that help the audience understand the products and services available.
  • Produce videos to answer common questions of audience.
  • Run promotional offers and direct the audience to the website through right call-to-action.
  • Send personal wishes to existing clients.

YouTube marketing for insurance agents helps to gain new customers. Give an overview of your services in the short videos. SEO is as vital for insurance agencies as for any other business on YouTube.

Local SEO helps those in your locality to find you. Provide correct local data to Google. Having good reviews is also important to generate leads. Run YouTube ads to generate leads. Spend little money for a lead generation. Get insights from the YouTube videos that are running successfully.

Not only YouTube but social media is the right place to encourage referrals. Focus on the platform and develop relationships. Engage the audience with exciting content. Make the content shareable. Interact with the community, help them to comment and share.

These are more likely to increase referrals. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It should thus be a big part of the video marketing strategy for insurance agencies.

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