Key Turning Points In History Of Twitch

Key Turning Points In History Of Twitch

Founded in June 2011, headquartered in San Francisco’s financial district, Twitch is a world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Key Turning Points In History Of Twitch. The History Of Twitch is discussed here.

It is a live video game streaming website owned by, Inc.

The site focuses mainly on video gaming, broadcasts of sports competitions, creative content, and recent music broadcasts. Content on the site can be either viewed life or through video on demand.

Timeline and its popularity:

  • In October 2006,, parent company of twitch was founded.
  • In June 2011, launches its gaming division as Twitch officially in beta version.
  • In October 2013, the website had 45 million viewers.
  • By February 2014, it was considered as the fourth largest source of peak internet traffic in the United States. Also In Twitch’s parent company, is renamed Twitch Interactive with the popularity of Twitch over as the company’s main business.
  • By January 2015, Twitch reached 100 million viewers per month
  • In February 2015, Twitch started streaming poker, a game where the world series of poker drew 1.2 million viewers on average for its most recent live televised event.
  • In October 2015, Twitch launched a second nongaming category, “creative,” intended to showcase the artistic and creative works. The Bob Ross painting marathon was the first one.
  • In February 2016, launched a new game engine called Lumberyard, which also includes Twitch integration. In Lumberyard, new “Twitch Chat Play” feature lets gamers interact with viewers in real-time (such as via voting on a game’s outcome or sending gifts) which will lead to more “Twitch Play” content.
  • In April 2016, Twitch introduces a new “Friends” feature.
  • In May 2016, Twitch launched clips so that gamers can quickly share short videos of moments. And also allowing users to share a 30-second portion video from others live streams.

As the company says, the gaming videos of Twitch are most popular in the U.S, Canada, Brazil, U.K, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Taiwan. Out of 11.7M monthly global unique visitors, 9.1M are from the US, 510.6k are from Canada, 228.7k from Russia.

Twitch in the USA: reaches over 6.5 million people per month, out of which 5.0 million (76%) are in the U.S itself.

Twitch makes up to 1.8% of total US internet traffic during peak periods.

By February 2014, it was considered the fourth most significant source of peak Internet traffic in the United States.

Twitch users are not allowed to stream any game that is rated “Adults Only” (AO) in the United States by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), regardless of its rating in any other geographical region, and any game that contains “overtly sexual content” or “gratuitous violence.”

Twitch Prime:

The premium membership which is granted for free digital gaming and free games on every month subscription of Twitch Prime.

They had provided flexible concession on new and pre-order box games.

Bonanza of Twitch Prime:

The bonanza offered by this Twitch Prime is that Amazon Prime added to it, i.e., that Twitch prime members can use the Amazon prime like they can get a free subscription with featured channels up to 1 month.

The other benefits of this Amazon consisting are the users can get, are they can get 2-day free shipping on the order

The customers are allowed to view huge no. of movie streaming and TV shows with no boundaries.

AD-free offer:

The uttermost benefit due to this Prime membership is that users can have Ad-free music streaming and Ad-free Gaming

If we had accounts on Amazon prime and living anywhere like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, we can directly switch to Twitch through Amazon prime.

The annual subscription of Twitch Prime is $99, and the subscribers can get 30 days free trial.

Twitch and Amazon Announce Twitch Prime

Most players will gain extra characters, lives, and boost the required equipment through this prime.

Contributing to Charities:

It was launched with two events Hearthstone event and GameChanger charity.

To Game Changer charity they contribute about $100,000 on the subscription of 100,000.

Statistics about Twitch TV:

  • On 4th Dec, 2016 twitch had reached the peak point of viewers of around 1,202,884 at 20:30 to 20:44.
  • This is the highest viewing rate of Twitch for last 1 week.
  • The least number of viewers of this is on Dec 6th, 2016 with 307,772 views at 9:30 to 9:44.
  • League of Legends game has more no. of views for this week on 5th Dec, 2016 i.e. 141,532 at 18:40.
  • Monthly customers of Twitch are 100+ million and 2.1 billion broadcasters.
  • 35% of users are using Twitch on Mobile and the channels having a partnership with Twitch are 13.476.
  • Approximately 1:46 will be used by the viewers on Twitch.
  • The Twitch streaming is about 241,441,823,059 minutes.
  • The global viewing rate of Twitch is 148.9M

Twitch Ads:

Nature Adventure/ Twitch play soldspice:

Old spice has released video of Nature Adventure which is going to be played on twitch TV.

In this, they are going to place a man in the creepy forest for three days.

That man would be roaming in that trees like how a real man behaves.

They had placed too many weird animals in that forest.

The players on Twitch TV are allowed to control that game and can feel it as we are in the forest, which very enthusiastic and adventurous to play.
The no. of viewers of this video is 727,424+.

Link for Old Spice Nature Adventure

PS4: Live Dashboard Demo/ Twitch Broadcast:

IGN had shown the demo of PS4 i.e. how to play it on the Twitch TV.

They demonstrated the functions of the dashboard, the new store, the trophy system in the game, and the functioning of keys would be determined.

They had provided the information about the easiest way to broadcast on Twitch.

Link for PS4 : Live Daashboard Demo

Different types of Games on Twitch:

Twitch are well known for consume games. It is important that which type of games are running in the market in the same way depends on type of streaming service used.Comparing all games five games have got 61% of views in the survey. The top 5 games of Twitch are

  1. League of Legends
  2. Dota2
  3. Hearthstone: Heroes of warcraft
  4. World of warcraft: Heroes of Draenor
  5. Counter_ Strike: Global Offensive

League of legends:

League of legends is a multiplayer video game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft windows, Macintosh operating systems.

It’s an online game two dominant teams battle of RPS and RTS elements. The game entirely depends on fast-paced, speed, and intensity of champions.

League of legends gives reliable options for starters at any level of play.

In this game, you have some social features like adding a friend, referring a friend, playing with a friend much more.

Link for Nightblue3


Dota2 is a multiplayer video game developed and published by Valve Corporation.

It’s an online battle arena match between two teams consists of five players. Dota2 is a strategic and competitive game of action; selected heroes are picked among hundred of Heroes.

Comparing users’ views over millions of people, nearly all are very positive. The dota2 game is infinitely complex, and every hero has an array of unique features.

Link for DotaMajor

Hearthstone: Heroes of warcraft:

Hearthstone game creates vision, immersed user interface, time permitting, cross platform development and is popular for card – crafting games.

In the hearthstone deck of 30 cards, you must select 3 or 4 tickets that depend on selected games.

The main goal of the game was you should kill the opposite heroes 30 cards before they target your cards.


World of Warcraft: Heroes of Draenor:

World of Warcraft is role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. This game is multiplayer, online role- playing and fantasy game.

Heroes of Draenor are the fifth expansion set of World of warcraft after Mists of Pandaria. It was released on 13th November 2014

The expansion allows up to level 100, increased from level 90. One free boost for every development purchased. You can update characters of players on every expansion of gaming.

Link for Argus In World off Warcraft Patch 7.3

Counter _Strike: Global offensive:

The counter Strike game is a first person shooter and multiplayer video game. Developed and published by Valve corporation launched in 21 at August 2012.

The typing game is action gameplay like fighting with terrorists, bomb diffusions, bumping against the opposite team. Counterstrike game ported to Xbox and online PCs.
Link for LEAGUE Virtus. Pro vs. Faze clan.

The above listed five games stood top of Twitch games in all broadcasting services. Streaming services may vary depending on the game we select.

Twitch Live Streaming Services:

Now a day’s gaming became more social instead of inviting friends to the home. Every game played online can share with your friends and others.

Whenever we ask anybody, why do you play games? Because it’s just fun and brainstorming.

Broadcasting a game is essential because people check before they are going to buy things. There are some streaming services available here

Broadcasting Live with Twitch:

Twitch allows users to play games online streaming. For this, you first create an account for streaming service.

You can share the link with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Twitch has given limited access to PC users. So we have other methods like Play stations, Xbox, X split, game show.

Streaming from Your PC:

Every PC should not support streaming; we should first have a clear idea and requirements that need a game to play.

The minimum required RAM for your PC is 4GB, a powerful processor, and a high-end graphics card. Intel Core i5 or Core i7 is mandatory. With this requirement, you can play popular games like League of Legends, Dota2, World of warcraft.

Broadcasting with X split:

The easiest broadcasting software for the streaming of games is X Split Gamecaster.

First, we should create an account on the X split website and download the software.

After downloading, launch the program and sign in to the X split account.

If you have a Twitch account, you can directly login to the account and select which game you want to play.

For X split interface, press Ctrl+tab and get access for streaming. You can chat with Twitch, mute your microphone, turn on your webcam footage, etc.

Streaming on Xbox One:

To get streaming, you need one console, you should have an Xbox one controller.

First, we should download the Twitch app in the console, link your account to the app. After connecting an account, log into the account on your console.
Activate on your computer or phone to activate.

Enter six-digit code in tv to link up your account and then broadcast your game. Here you have an option called connect your video, audio to the microphone and share the links.

Streaming on PlayStation 4:

To get streaming on ps4, first, we need a console, controller, internet connection, ready for a game, and an eye camera for your play station.

Broadcasting with ps4 is easy compared to other options.

Select the share button when you started with a game, in that select broadcast option. Select the service in broadcast and log in to the Twitch account.

Enjoy playing with ps4. Here you got some options to adjust your audio, video buttons and adjust the stream quality and gameplay.

Mobile Growth:

As the knowledge of the developers leads to provide better devices that are user- friendly.

So, depending on that aspect, mobile game streaming is given more priority, and 3 billion devices of touch screens are provided, and the players on PC’s are only 800 million.

Through mobile users, Twitch will get viewership of 35%and 1,000,000+ will be the free Twitch app installer.

Vainglory was the most developed mobile game in Twitch for the year 2015.

155.6 million minutes the Twitch was watched for that mobile online battle arena by the users.

Link for Vain Glory – New IOS MOBA Game


Twitch. Tv CEO Emmett Shear:

Emmett shear speaks about the new program launched Twitch Tv scholarship program they are giving five young student gamers pay for the college for few programming.

Paradox, the new developer, launched an original game shared on effects, it’s the very first game to be Twitch enable. Link for the complete interview

Twitch TV CEO Emmett Shear Interview

Interview with Chase, PR Director of Twitch:

Chase, the PR director of Twitch reveals about roles and responsibilities in Twitch Tv, working with media that proactive and reactive.

Building any questions that get from reporters and the other side is responding to the questions, covering news, broadcasting issues.

He was a freelance video game reviewer for free games. Link to full video

Interview with Chase, PR Director of Twitch

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