Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video: Guide to Live Stream Videos 2024

Now everything goes live. It may be music, sports, news, events, or anything. All will prefer to go ahead of watching live content beyond the old monotonous videos. Hence, it became the tactic for the business to easily reach the customers by exploring the brand at their step.

Do you want to blow your business branding by giving forcible challenges to competitors using Live Streaming Video 2024?

Don’t you find better ways to reach your customers?

Why don’t you try a live video streaming strategy to work out well?

How it’s going to be in the future?

To find an answer for each query in one place, just go through the below.

Live Streaming Video 2024

Obviously, gaming and live streaming are proportional to each other. If one is not there, then there is no life for another.

Is it right? Of course, it is.

Later liv,e streaming became viral on social media platforms to broadcast everything live, as discussed above.

Why should we waste time and resources merging the regular routines?

Just peel off the old wrinkled video content by bringing to the world of live streaming that can gain unexpected traffic never seen before.

In 2022, there might be more competition in the marketing world than in the previous era.

Most of the marketers might spend megabucks to drain more engagement through a vast number of audiences. The central aim is to discuss live video streaming, that will be the trending category for marketers and advertisers.

By 2022, it will panic all marketers by building the overwhelming challenges between the competitors.

YouTube, Facebook, Mobile, Virtual Reality, and influencers are going to play a vital role in the live streaming pallet of the global market where you need to concentrate more.

YouTube and Facebook Live Streaming Video 2024


1+ billion hours of video has been watched by the YouTube audience per day.

Is it ordinary thing? Not yet all.

YouTube is the video hulk from which the word entertainment has been filled. Hence, it became the second search engine after Google. Including all these live streaming is the most intended term for all. All the vloggers and marketers prefer YouTube as the primary source to promote their brand by launching live video campaigns.

The users of the YouTube per day are 30 million.

Almost 6 out of 10 users on YouTube pick the live video.

More than 40 minutes videos have been watched on YouTube only through mobile.

Live video on YouTube acquires more engagement, shares, and comments than regular videos.


The giant hub for communication in the world is Facebook. The feature of Facebook live video streaming has expanded its reputation. It has become the marketing medium for establishing strong customer and brand relationships.

It has already proven that live is the simple bridge to get in touch with the followers that stimulates to become customers.

Facebook is more concentrating on delivering the live video content from anywhere. The live video appears in the newsfeed by notifying the followers.

The viewers watch the live videos on Facebook 3x more than standard videos.

By keeping that mind, Facebook has completely taken an advanced step to be in the world of live video by paying millions to celebrities and publishers.

In the year 2016, the live video on Facebook has grown from 44% to 300% especially from media companies.

More engagement of users can be found by making comments 10x more than regular videos. Currently,t from the bulk of Facebook videos, every 5 are live videos.

Facebook Watch is the viral feature to watch Facebook live video on all devices.

All these present facts of YouTube and Facebook will show the impact of live video and how it is going to blow the history of social media marketing in the coming era can be predicted.

Live Streaming in Influencer Marketing

Reaching the customers in real time will impact more than others ways. But we wouldn’t find any time to visit each step of the customers.

Then live streaming is the tactic that works for sure, and real-time communication through video can be made to understand better the products or services using social media platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Clarifying the queries:

Most of the customers might be excited to know more about the products or services before buying in the market.

While broadcasting the live video, they could easily rectify their queries from the comments section.

When the marketer responds to the customer comments, then it can build the healthy relationship between the customers and brand.

Event promotions:

Marketers can promote the event that is taking place as live to disclose the products or services.

During the promotion, the audience can be notified to share it with their friends and relatives. It can make your brand to tune everywhere.

An intelligent marketer always thinks to sketch the budget to launch the unbeatable campaign with high rate conversions by improving the ROI.

Mobile Live Streaming Video 2024

The present hot topic for all the marketers and advertisers is mobile from the where we can find the 50% of the online traffic. The live streaming of events and music are going viral through mobile.

20% of mobile users stream live video content either from YouTube, Amazon or Hulu, etc.

Most of the mobile consumers choose to download the live streaming apps to watch live videos.

Most of the advertisers are making amendments to launch the advanced mobile apps, especially for live streaming.

Virtual Reality Live Streaming Video 2024

Virtual Reality is the long-lasting viral topic in the global market. It has much demand for gaming. But it is also greatly spreading to the other fields along with the live streaming.

Virtual live will give the audiences the real-time experience of being in that world.

All the sports fans have been provided with the viral reality live streaming.

Advertisers are making a step ahead to entirely be in the VR branding through live streaming.

All the social media sites like YouTube and Facebook are in the first row to collect the virtual reality content for live streaming.
In 2022 it’s going to crack the whole digital marketing lane.

Mobile as the live video streaming source:

As we discussed mobile is the main target for all the trending social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

4K HD live videos:

4K HD videos are given preferences to have the higher experience of watching.

Live streaming through influencer marketing:

This already discussed fact that how the live streaming in influencer marketing will clutch more audiences.

Virtual Reality live streaming:

The invention of advanced virtual reality headsets to experience the live streaming will be trending.

Replacing Flash video players:

Flash video players are vanished entirely by HTML5 as the HTML5 supports to live stream on mobiles, desktops, laptops, and TVs, etc.

Projection mapping:

The projection mapping that turns the 3D objects to display screens will become the hunting category before live streaming.

Live Streaming Video 2024 for B2B and B2C

Live streaming is the latest trend. All most all business brands are into it, and more and more are embracing it. Live streaming can be used to the advantage of the business. Live Streaming Ideas helps boost the marketing campaign and engage customers.

There are many ways in which Live Streaming Ideas can be used for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

Restaurants can use the live streaming technology to gain the attention of the customers. The can show the process of preparation of dishes. Take the customers behind the scenes, take them into your kitchen. Introduce your chefs and cooking masters.

Another idea for restaurants to use the live stream is to interview the customers present in the restaurant and find their favorite dishes. help provide the details of the most popular dishes and feedback about the restaurant to the audience watching the live streaming.

Live Streaming Video 2022 Ideas for B2B

B2B businesses are using the various live-streaming apps to connect with their customers. The companies are integrating live streaming into their marketing campaigns. The live streaming tools are now at the fingerprints of the businesses, and this is not limited to big-budget companies.

How B2B companies can use live video?

B2B companies can use the live streaming technology to give weekly business tips, take the interview of their employees or provide the audience with expert tips, etc. Customers trust the feedback of other customers who already used the service or product.

Live stream customer testimonials to build trust and increase conversions. Take the one on one interview with the customers and stream it for prospective customers. Answer all the questions asked by the audience about the product and the service. Clarify all their doubts and build a bond with Live Streaming Video 2022.

How Salon/Spa Can Use Live Streaming?

Every business can use live streaming to improve their sales and engage them with customers. Talk to a beauty expert in live streaming and share beauty tips with the audience. Live streaming is a great way to show the organization’s and its employees’ cultures. Live video can be used as a free customer service tool. Explain a process and stream before and after it is done. Share the best procedures available in the spa/salon.

Retail industry using live streaming

Retail businesses can center their live stream to show new products launches. It is helpful as most people cannot attend the launching event, and there is no great way than live streaming to engage them virtually.

Give them tips on how to use the products and ask the customers for feedback about the products that are already on the market. Live streaming of an event can be made interesting and informative for the audience by taking the interview of customers who already used the products of the brand and find which their favorite one is.

Why not Non-profit organizations use Live Streaming?

There is no limitation to use live streaming, and nonprofits can also use it to their advantage. They can live to stream their current activities and build awareness. They can take interviews of people and increase social awareness about various issues. They can also share with the audience about the upcoming activities and campaigns. Talk to socially influential individuals hosting a live interview.

Live Streaming Video 2022 will boost visibility and the list of B2C and B2B companies incorporating this into their marketing campaign are expanding.

Do not fall behind and adopt this wonderful technology and get all the benefits of it for the business. Stay competitive and surpass the efforts of the competitors.

How to do YouTube Live Streaming using Multiple Cameras

YouTube is the best way to reach the audience as it has more demand across the web. More than 78 percent of people across the web are like to watch YouTube videos online via different devices.

The YouTube videos can rank at the top places in search results, and marketers do prefer the YouTube platform as their main advertising medium to reach the millions of audience across the platform and develop their sales leads online.

YouTube has several applications for gamers and musician, targeting their potential audience in their field and becoming the Twitch gaming platform’s largest competitors.

YouTube has a new feature which is the best way to stream the content online with the multiple camera angles. With this feature, one can select the camera angle from the thumbnails at the right side of the video.

By utilizing this feature, the users can stream from the angle they have selected to go with. This is an experimental feature in the live streaming video.

No other platform has introduced this feature before and the YouTube is the first one to go with this feature and have to watch its growth and development and how it can be more useful to explore and reach the audience.

Slate and Ad Insertion on YouTube Live Streaming

Live streaming on YouTube with the Google plus hangouts are known to every user of YouTube. Now, the ad insertion and slate insertions are in the middle of the live YouTube video streaming process.

users can watch some in-stream ads, and the skippable ads n the middle and during the videos start on the YouTube platform, but now you can see ads inserted in the live stream videos live.

What is ad insertion and the slate insertion?

The ad insertion allows the users who have already setup the monetization can be allowed to access the in streaming advertisements in the live streams. At present the mid roll ads are compatible to insert in the live streaming if YouTube videos.

The users can access the in video manager and can edit the settings and by going towards the monetization tab, you can click on to the Claim video and apply the policy of usage in order to activate the ads between the live streaming.

YouTube Live Claim Monetization


The slate insertion is the relative term of the YouTube log in which this feature allows the access towards the video by the encoder.

The preview player is a part of the feature, which helps the user to get review the stream using the manage tab that was available within the feature. Users can click on to the slate button towards the public stream and the option slate out is used to remove the slate from the stream.

Also check this “Live Multiscreen Dynamic Ad Insertion”

Tips for Live Streaming Shows using Periscope, YouTube Live

Live streaming becomes the new trending topic on the web for a few months. Many live streaming applications were also trending online. The live stream applications like Periscope and Meerkat were also used for online marketing and promotion.

These applications like Blab, YouTube live, Periscope, etc. are allowing the people to make their live streaming merely shows online. Their features were also attracting the audience to create something new with the tools provided by these live streaming applications. Here are some tips for the live streaming your show by using these applications.

Tips for live streaming on Blab

  • Schedule your Blab to go live streaming. So that your subscribers can know about your live broadcasting
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are better for live shows on Blab
  • Go with attractive and relevant Blab title. Try to write your title in 64 characters
  • Tweet a scheduled Blab broadcast on twitter
  • Set your expectations on the Blab broadcasting

Tips for Periscope

  • Manage the time of your broadcast to get more views
  • Research on Audience viewing behaviors before broadcast
  • Go with compelling title and describe your video
  • Go straight forward and don’t give long lecturers
  • Keep it attractive and interesting to the audience
  • Go with location tagging and responds top love comments to increase the exposure and engagement levels with audience

Tips for live streaming on YouTube Live

  • Create a trailer before your live show
  • Connect your stream with other social accounts
  • Feature the event for the new visitors on Your YouTube channel
  • You can also update YouTube channel art by including your event name and the time
  • Create highlight clips and organize them in playlists

Problems People will face while doing the Live Streaming

Live streaming of events, shows and any functions have become the most common trend in the present days.

These people will be more engaged as many events will occur every day. In that busy schedule, they might face problems that delay their daily routine. Below are the main causes of trouble while we do the live stream.

Problem with Equipment:

The main problem arises because the Equipment  if didn’t use the higa qualified camera or tripod.

Disruption of Network:

They struggle with the disconnection of the network,k and while it is in the middle of the event, it mainly discourages the audience from watching.

Using Damaged Cables:

The troublemight havee arrived because of the improper cables used for streaming.

Disturbance of People:Theyy might get too much, disturbancewhen capturing the event  if it has a too big crowd as they arcrowd that is e roaminughout the event.

Trouble with Mike:

They finditit difficulty to give compellinge audio if theydon’tt have advanced mik,,e whichis is  the first thing needed to telecast the live streaming.

Lightning Effect:

The crucial onethat  should be considered before streaming the live events is Lightning. This grabs the eye of the audience to stay tuned till last or quit in the middle.

No Promotion Idea:

Lack of Knowledge on the promotion ofthe  event will become a big issue while streamin,g and if theydon’tt do it in a proper manne,r then no one will be there to watch it.


These are issues that occur frequently when we go ahead with the concept of Live Streamin,g and to overcome these,e we should have a complete strategy and some guidance from the experts in this field.

How to Use Chroma Key Software for Live Streaming

Usage of Chroma key with many video effect applications for live streaming has become very popular in recent years. Chroma keying is a prime feature in many of the live streaming packages.

The things required for live streaming using chroma key are the green background, webcam or video camera, lighting and a live streaming software.

The equipment needed can be expensive or cheap. The green fabric is available at local stores and if you want permanent setup then uses the green screen paint.

From a webcam to better quality cameras such as DSLR, we can use any camera for capturing the video. Having good quality lighting is important for green screens to make it as even as possible.

Three types of lighting set up is required if the footage needs to look professional, these include the backlights, fill lights and key lights.Keepp a good distance between subject and green scree to minimize the shadow castn.

Open broadcaster software is an open source software that can be used for video recording. Open it and add it to a video source.

Right click on video source and choose a filter. Under the effects filters, choose Chroma key. Check the chroma key settings properly if your subject is moving.

Now add the background layer. In OBS the background layer should be below the chroma keyed camera layer.Somee tips to be followed include there is no green or reflective material in the subject, making sure that the computer is powerful enough etc.

Whatever the encoding software you are using, chroma key is robust to set up.

All the terminology and way of getting there are accessible for every program. Physical setup and photography are the only tricky part.

Managing and Protecting Live Streaming Video. How to Secure?Protecting and keepings the video content secure while streaming it liv is a challengee. All the videos that have watched had stolen.

The only thing we can dois takes maximum measure to make stealing the live streaming video difficult.

There are many ways in which the video can be managed and protected.

The first thing to do to manage and protect the live streaming video is to use a real streaming server. The advantage with this is that the video is not downloaded to theuser’s devicer and is only seen as a stream so there will be no file left on theuser’s hard driver.

People with technical understanding only can try to steal the live streaming video.

These people usually try to steal the stream using some capture tool. This application captures the video stream and saves it to the computer in the form of a file.

Streaming video servers are also called the streaming media. These are applications that run on an internet server.

Advantages with these true streaming are the ability to handle larger traffi ando broadcast live events. Using these can help to protect the streaming videos.

DaCast offers best security features for live stream on its streaming media services. The protection is offered both for the live broadcast content and previously recorded video material.

Live streaming security is considered very important by DaCast. The infrastructure of DaCast offers the highest security for video streaming as well as storage.

Token security offered by DaCast prevents redirecting the content to a third-party source.

Domain restriction feature allows the broadcaster to lock their content and prevent others from embedding their link on other sites. Another restriction feature of DaCast is the Geo-localization which restricts the content based on country.

YouTube offers similar privacy option they offer for on-demand videos. The live streaming video can be marked as unlisted so that people with the link can only access it. It can be marked as private also so that only specific people will be able to watch it.Onlyy some people can share the URL or add to a channel selectio when the live streaming is marked unlistedn. When the video streaming is private, no one can share the URL, post on the channel or it will be appearing in subscriber feed also.

YouTube live allows managing the privacy setting and limit the access to the content to only some people.

Verizon digital media services offer protection of live streaming via HTTPs support, token-based authentication and digital rights management. The service builds security features in CDN platforms and allows delivery of HTTP and HTTPs traffic on these platforms.

Streaming services now are offering to secure video features. These features help to restrict access to the video to specific people. People will be able to watch the live streaming through using email verification or sign-on methods.

Some video streaming platforms use HTTPs to ensure the protection of the video content.

HTTP live streaming works by breaking down the file into small files. The HLS delivery reduces the risk of video file theft ascapturinge the live streaming as a single fil is impossiblee.

Security should not be a major concern for those who live to stream their content.Investments need to be investedt in a Content delivery network with the highest security features. This network allows for encryption and also protects from viruses. However, it should be remembered that improving security should not affect content quality.


We think you came to know how the live video streaming is going to play a vital role in the coming years. If you are a marketer or an advertiser, it’s time to think about the strategies that help in better branding through Live Streaming Video 2024.

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