Merchandise For Your YouTube Channel

How To Make Merchandise For Your YouTube Channel ?

Merchandising is not just about making money from the YouTube. It is is the best way to engage your fans with your YouTube channel. Youtuber’s are started their product merchandise on YouTube platform by promoting them with their content. Many people might in confusion when comes to Merchandise For Your YouTube Channel. You need to know several things before you go inside about the merchandising for your YouTube channel. Let us dig a bit deeper into this concept.

Merchandising is not that easy as you read and understand about it. It needs a good strategic plan and efficient or good standing channel on YouTube platform. A good standing channel is the pre-requisite of your YouTube merchandise.

What to think before you make merchandise for your YouTube channel?

Recognition of your brand

You need to know your channel analytics and standing of your channel. You need to find out the taste of your audience and what they are talking about your channel. You can also check the  Trends report to know whether your channel is capable of creating some buzz in audience mind. You can also check the activity of your audience towards your channel. So that, you can recognise how well you branded your channel on YouTube by considering these factors.

Identity of your brand

Just think, how well you design your channel and how did you leverage your channel personality for establishing good name among the thousands of channels on YouTube platform. You can also create a new brand that can reach beyond your subscriber base with ease.


The business you are carrying on your channel must have proper identity across the social media as well as in web search. It helps the audience to check the things.

What is the first thing you need to start your merchandise on YouTube channel?

You need to get partnered with the YouTube platform to go with merchandise on YouTube. The platform allows you for monetization if and only if you are partnered. Channels don’t make much money on advertisements, and if you need more revenue beyond the advertising, you need to expand your brand and sell the merchandise which is a considered as the best way to get benefited.

The main advantages of merchandising are income, publicity, promotion, audience engagement and complete control over the channel.

Your channel needs to be a successful one to start the merchandise. The number of subscribers doesn’t reflect your channel success as there is some Youtuber’s who have some millions of subscriber base. They are facing several problems with trolls and spam. Yes, true subscribers in thousands are essential than the millions of subscriptions to your channel. Right subscribers can reach your content on your channel by subscribing to your content and eagerly wait for your content.

Youtube platform is built with some communities and consumers. A successful YouTube is which who can create the content for the audience and create synergy with viewers instead throwing content on his or her channel on YouTube.

What type of Merchandise can you sell on YouTube platform?

Many YouTubers had already started selling different products like T-Shirts, badges, posters, Mugs, books, and bracelets.

Know your followers

While Thinking about the merchandise, you need to think about your followers and what they exactly like and love in your content. You can utilize the designers and design some nice T-shirts or any other products for your me4rchendize. Going with a professional designer might be expensive but treat it as a good investment for your future success.

Check out the competition that is going around you close competitors to get successful with your merchandise. Many newcomers are working hard to fetch good results like you. So, beware and plan most strongly to reach your objectives.

Always think creatively

Be creative while thinking about the merchandise and what type of merchandise you are offering with your content. For example, if you are interested in doing merchandise by selling the crafts, sell it differently with your videos on YouTube channel and grab the audience attention towards your content as well as on your product you are offering.

If you are thinking about being different from the rest of the channels on YouTube platform, then you need to be a particular channel by creating something fresh, new and trending across the platform. Then only you can become a great buzz across the web. Look at your comments you receive from the people and get inspiration from the things and keep going on your strategic planning.

Production of high-quality merchandise

Produce high-quality merchandise for your audience because your audience will wait with patience for the ordered product. If the product that is delivered with some damages or unattractive that doesn’t match with the money they paid, it affects exactly the overall strategic plan you have created for your YouTube channel merchandise. So it is imperative to maintain and manage the quality standards when it is offered to your customers or audience who had requested your products.


Without promotion, nothing will be easy to go with the merchandising the things in a better way. So promote your merchandise in the right way so as to reach your target audience. Utilize the social media platforms and promote your product with videos. Collaborate with fellow YouTuber’s and promote your merchandise. Leave some link in the description box but make sure you don’t mention the things in description box just paste the link.

Where will you sell the merchandise?

Creating your merchandise is not that much easy and simple as it needs great investment to start. So, there are several platforms for selling your merchandise. Some of the best merchandise sites you can utilize are Shopify, CafePress, Zazzle. If you decide to sell your merchandise on YouTube platform, make sure you have curated your channel and understand what your followers like to receive and expect from you.

Finally, follow the above steps to get started merchandising for your YouTube channel.

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