Netflix Digital Video Strategies

Netflix Digital Video Strategies and Successful Campaigns

Netflix Inc. is an American Multinational Entertainment Company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. It provides Streaming Media, Video on Demand Online and DVD by mail.

Initially, Netflix offered DVD rental through the mail and instant online streaming of movies and shows.

However, with the advancement of technology DVD through mail slowly declined with increase in demand for Online Streaming.

Video on Demand (VOD) is a system which allows users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content when they want to. With this feature, one can watch movies and television shows online legally by paying a set monthly fee anytime and anywhere.

The genres include films,drama, comedy,animation,reality,documentaries, talk shows.

Netflix streaming services are compatible with most devices like PC, High definition television (HDTV), Home theatre systems, set-top boxes, Xbox 360, PS3, Android, Blu-ray player, nook, tablets and iOS devices.

Netflix History and Expansion:

In 1998 the company grew by starting in the DVD by mail business. Its digital distribution was launched in 1999.Initially, they offered DVDs on a fee per use basis then later introduced monthly subscription service in 1999.

In 2007, Netflix expanded their business by introducing streaming media.

In 2010, the company expanded internationally and streaming was available to Canada and continued growing.

By January 2016, Netflix was available in over 190 countries.

In 2013, Netflix entered into Film and Television industry with its first series, House of cards which became one of the top shows .

Since then it greatly expanded production of film and television series. It has over 41,000 movies & TV shows titles.

As of October 2016, Netflix officially supports 18 languages for user interface and customer support purposes.

The total revenue made by streaming service as on 2015 is said to be 6.78 billion USD.


Netflix Subscribers :

As of now Netflix has over 86 million subscribers worldwide including more than 47 million in the United States. It’s available on 9 platforms in over 40 countries worldwide with users watching over one billion of content every year.

TV shows distributed by Netflix :

Among many shows by Netflix, Breaking Bad, Friday night lights, House of cards remained as top 3 shows.

Orange Is the New Black debuted in July 2013 is said to be Netflix’s most-watched original series.

Few others are the daredevil, black mirror, Jessica jones, stranger things, master of none ,bloodline and so on…

Netflix has distributed over a dozen other animated family and kid shows, including All Hail King Julien, The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, Dawn of the Croods, Voltron: Legendary Defender,and Kulipari: An Army of Frogs.

The Company has started internally self-producing its original content through its Netflix production studios. The Ranch and Chelsea, House of cards and orange is the new Black are few top series and distributed independent films such as Born into Brothels and Sherrybaby.


Netflix Awards and Nominations:

Netflix original programming has earned 90 awards of 414 nominations.

TV series and documentary films have been awarded Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, NAACP, Peabody and other accolades in the industry.

Also, Netflix has received Academy, British Academy, and Grammy awards nominations.

House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are the series with most nominations, with 92 and 76 respectively.

Netflix Competitors:

Netflix has a different group of competitors for video streaming and DVD by mail.

DVD by mail competitors are Blockbuster and Red-box.

Video streaming competitors include some big brands like Amazon, Hulu, Red-box instant, iTunes and so on

However, with its Strong brand recognition, High customer satisfaction, Large movie selection and affordable pricing Netflix remained on top.

Netflix has a message through all of its campaigns: Watch what you want, when you want at affordable price

Netflix Distribution among different countries :

Establishment of Netflix in the USA:

Netflix has more than 47 million subscribers only in the United States.

Strategies applied to Elevate Netflix :

Netflix initiated monthly subscriptions and single movie rentals in 2000.

In 2005 Netflix began to make more profits based on 3,500 movies per rent and started mailing of millions of DVDs .

Later it introduced streaming services and became America’s favorite streaming media.

Then Netflix entered in Latin America,now the subscribers become twice the people in the United States.

Link for Fuller House Teaser

American Netflix from Any Other Country Worldwide:

Thousands of TV shows ,Movies are available in Netflix US ,if we want to watch in our country we should follow some procedure.

To get an American Netflix from our region only we should have Netflix account/Login page with strongVPN .

Here strongVPN is a Virtual Server Network used by American Netflix for streaming services.

Then you can change your country in login panel , now you can enjoy with American movies and TV shows.

Wherever you are in the World if you have Netflix account you can get Netflix US, Netflix Canada,Netflix UK,Netflix Netherlands, Netflix Germany.

You can access any of these countries entertainment with only one account.

How Netflix reached UK and Ireland:

In 2012 Netflix started expanding in all European countries.

Netflix started their international marketing with the strategy that with limited offers with less cost and minimizes the risk.

First, they research the people what are likes and dislikes and collected the data.

According to that research structured and invested based on consumers.

Now Netflix subscribers in the UK reached millions in the UK market.

Three million subscribers for Netflix in UK and Ireland which is twice that of the population of that country.

Movies and TV streaming services launch in UK , Ireland, and increased Prices.:

Netflix has given strongest competition to the Amazon , at that time Amazon has two million subscribers.

Netflix was the biggest drive in internet marketing field in the world.

Streaming services vary from country to country. In the UK people mostly like to watch Sports like football ,some specific TV shows, and movies.

Subscribers rate increased in the UK then Netflix has raised the subscription prices.

Netflix original services for existing customers remain the same price for two years , this process is named as “grandfathering”.

This grandfathering is just to say thanks to the existing customer on behalf of Netflix team and it was updated in 11/04/2016.

Best TV show In Netflix UK and Ireland :

Best Movie Streaming Services in the UK:

In the UK there are several broadcasting services available in the present market. But some of the services only stood on top position.

Such as Blue-ray DVD’s , BBC , Amazon Prime and so on. But consumers choose based on factors price,devices,best quality in streaming much more.

Netflix has the vast collection of Movies ,TV shows and games.

Especially some TV shows like Daredevil and Jessica Johns.

Netflix Highlights like House of Cards, Orange in the New Black,Fresh Meet.

Netflix offers three main catalogs fee for monthly subscription prices, it offers the reasonable price for them according to the consumers choice in selection.

Netflix apps are playable in all smart TV’s ,Mac ,PC’s ,Blue-Ray players and are portable in all devices.

Netflix is a user interface, easy access and personalized for every consumer except only for one or two reasons.

It has kids specialization and in home screens and tabs and all portable devices.

Jimmy Carr – Funny Business :

James Anthony Patrick Carr is named as “Jimmy “, he is Television Host,Actor , and famous comedian.

Initiation of Netflix in Canada:

Netflix was initiated in 1998, but later on, it expanded globally. Especially, in Canada, it’s launched on 2010 to telecast the media.

At the same time, they used to rent the DVDs and Blu-rays of high-quality storage devices to the Canadian people.

Tremendous offers by Netflix:

  • With the arrival of CEO Reed Hasting, they gave connection for $7.99 per month to the Canadian people.
  • The people used this amusement offer very quickly.
  • But at the same time, they made a mistake of showing the variation of having 10,625 banners of Netflix in the United States and 2,647 in Canada.
  • They offered the network of limited access with that cost.
  • Canadian Netflix released the content in Canada as it is released in the US.
  • It’s also on the way of implementing the Canada Netflix channel in French.

Procurement of Hollywood industry by Netflix:

It started demolishing the income of Hollywood videos and blockbusters in very short time.

They operated the DVD mail system. In this project, they used to get the E-mail from the customer about the movies or serials they want to see.

Then the Netflix channel will send the DVDs that the people required.

Netflix provided the opportunity for the people to watch varieties of cinematic classics of more movies and shows.

Netflix offers the best to watch forever, so the people watch the Netflix recommended programs.

After 2010, Netflix available on iPad, iPhones, and Internet available devices which are more convenient for the public.

Generated Documentaries:

The end of time, the pyramid code, indie game, life with murder, the boxing girls of Kabul,helicopter Canada, pink Robbins Inc, pay back, who cares, the whole story, the bastard sings the sweetest song, big foot’s reflection, I dream of wires, urban legends, hostage in paradise, the captains, Manson, grass, warrior women, my prairie home, a drummers dream, sugar coated,highway of tears, women who act, the flight of the butterflies, indie game life after and tree man.

Great documentaries by Netflix:

1.Pantani: the accidental death of cyclist

Who dead unexpectedly and mysteriously.

2.West of Memphis:

Three teenagers were put in prison for a lifetime on behalf of murder

3.Black Fish:

In this, the whale has killed his keeper brutally.

Netflix has generated stunning documentaries on these.

Link for the Documentaries

Sensational series of Netflix: “Breaking bad”

Vince Gilligan generated this breaking bad and only the trailer has 209,626+ views.

In this, a school teacher of teaching chemistry struggles about his family for a long time.

After that, he finds the solution with the help of his student of making methamphetamine which is a very dangerous drug for the people.

He turned as criminal by creating that hazard and fought too much for that money.

The fascinating scene in this show was the man comes out of the collapsed room having normal on one side and creepy Skelton on the other side of the face

Link for Breaking Bad Trailer

From this, we can say that how NETFLIX has created its own figure in the public through this series.

Netflix Best Movies:

Zero dark thirty, the maze runner, whiplash, warrior, the kingdom of dreams and madness.

Fuller house is the most popular teaser on Netflix Canada channel and it has 15,026,484+ views and 1,213,219+ subscribers.

Establishment of Netflix in France:

The Netflix in France was started in 11the August 2014 and it is one of the evergreen videos streaming organizations since the starting date to till now.

The no. of subscribers is 60,529+ and viewers are 22,647,549+

It has the system of DVD mail delivery as in other countries.

Link for Netflix France Channel Page

Attaining Authority:

Pulled off the other wealthy TV organizations of spending more on channels for publicity and the trouble of whole Europe by using the bulk of U.S methods.

Reed Hastings gave a statement of “the importance of Europe” to invest more on it to explore than other countries.

Victory of Netflix on Competitors:

  • The government of France, other television, and entertaining companies quarrel with Netflix as it has upper hand in the field of films and TV shows throughout the France which diminished them financially.
  • Some other made an issue about Netflix headquarters is not in France.
  • Netflix management team and Mr. Reed Hasting had struggled to explain the competitors and to help the home production.
  • Reed hasting announced that this controversy has helped them in a huge way as this Netflix was noticed globally.
  • This is the nature of managing a team of Netflix that they took it in a positive way.

Unbeaten Campaign of Netflix:

GIF Digital Campaign

When the people are waiting for the bus at the bus station in rainy with too much of cold than the campaigns of our favorite movies or shows on the screens are very enjoyable and pleasant to watch.

Ogilvy Paris introduced this method to build the stone of Netflix in France.

Netflix is the only media to launch the first digital outdoor campaign.

They made it entirely with GIF by the inspiration of people’s everyday life.

In this, they produce the shows of fun generating, live shows within 2 hours and favorite movies in shopping malls and heavy crowded areas.

More than 100 digital billboards are issued only in France for the entertainment of public.

Link for Netflix GIF Campaign

Global advantage of Netflix:

  • Netflix is more useful to international students and migrants from other countries to France.
  • They can adopt an understanding of the French language by watching those series.
  • It also bound the relation in kids by releasing the movies like the Ice age, Transformers, and Cars with the partnership of Dreams works and Dinotrux.
  • By the year 2020, this Netflix can get the users of 5 million in France.

Dream works dragon: Race to the Edge

Hiccup and toothless come with the new action series of dream work dragon: a race to the edge.

Their mission is to explore the world with new entertaining series, hunt for never seen before dragons and stop the battle between the Vikings and Dragons once.

This is mainly aimed for the kids to create more fun and excitement to watch.

The only trailer of this video got 3,741,152 views and we can imagine the expectation of public on Netflix.

Link for popular video

Link for Netflix France Channel Page

Best movies on Netflix French:

“In the House”, “the French minister”, “2 Autumns, 3 Winters”, “With a friend like Harry”, “Bicycling with Moliere”, “The Painting”, “Le Chef”, “You Will Be My Son”, “Amelie” and “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly”.

Netflix Executives Interviews :

Netflix CEO Reed Hostings – Taking TV to the Internet – Mad Money / CNBC:

CEO of Netflix Reed Hosting speaks about more interesting and valuable franchise when we look into orange we have cash up friends and we have honor services from many many years and those look like very good investments that why they got very good support for investment. They got very good signals about what people are watching,what kind of volume and how intensively and so many things.

Reed Hastings on inventing the Future of Television – TechFest/ The New Yorker:

The Co-founder and CEO of Netflix speak about execution and allocation of strategies and it’s most important in depending on timing .
Most of the people don’t understand about strategy “ the strategy is pain”, and if your strategy is not profoundly painful to you and comfortable . The strategy is a long list of thing that not to do it.

Reed Hastings – Building an Iconic Company :

The Co-founder and CEO , Netflix speaks things that “if the cultural roots are strong new leadership is developed in a model “ and if you develop very healthy culture can be developed and highly effective and important work done. He loves “house of cards” the key thing is many people like very different titles in any TV shows and movies creating an incredible lie, trash ,emotions and everything in one show.

Reed Hastings, Netflix – Keynote 2016:

The Chief Executive officer and Co-founder , Netflix speaks about Entertainment and Technology are continuing and transform each other over 100 years from radio to broadcast TV , cable TV and now the Internet TV which are bringing a better experience.
With the internet, we can finally give people always wanted and when ,where to watch. The Netflix personalized for you and every other member of the household.


Netflix is no longer just a DVD and streaming service; it has become a network. The company has great pace, so the question remains: what will Netflix take on next?

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