Top 30 Live Video Streaming Statistics For 2022

As of Digital marketing trends evolve, live videos are more appealing to brand Viewers. Live Video streaming and video conferencing devices are more engaging and building more human to human interactions.

Are You Going Live yet?

Just take a look at the Top 30 Live video streaming Statistics For 2020.

Live Video Streaming Statistics

  1. Only 35% of marketers use live streaming videos for Brands.
  2. Five million users for Twitch Live video streaming daily. Video has become trending content. The number will rise drastically by 2025.
  3. More than half of the live streaming video content viewed through social media platforms.
  4. Marketers predict that the Live streaming industry will reach $124.6 billion by 2025.
  5. Among Millions of video views on internet 56% of the Video views for Live streaming Videos. Right now, all industries are trying to broadcast events as live it may raise to 70% by 2024.
  6. 56% of the live video views come from smartphones, and 44% live video streaming views from tablets.
  7. 67% of people say that video quality is an essential factor for live streaming. It’s a prediction that live streaming rises by its number to 80% by 2020.
  8. U. S marketers revealed that YouTube is the largest live streaming platform in the U.S, and Facebook is the second largest live streaming platform by 2020.
  9. Facebook live video generates 6 times more engagement among Live streaming social media platforms. One in every Five videos uploaded on Facebook is Live Videos.
  10. Over 80% of people watch Live Video content of brands, rather than reading reviews on blogs.
  11. Currently, 35% of marketers are using Live videos for brands by 2020. It’s been raised from 28% recorded in 2019. We can predict that the growth rate will steadily increase t0 65% by 2025.
  12. 65% of the business surveys Say that live streaming is done multiple locations through multiple networks.
  13. 45% of the audience said that they pay for on-demand live videos depending on their favorite platforms. It will increase by 65% by 2025.
  14. 80% of the Women say that they watch live videos of sports in the U.S and 50%for only OTT live streaming services.
  15. 78% of the audience from Facebook revealed that they watch Facebook Live video content rather than regular videos on Facebook.
  16. In 2013 YouTube enabled verified users to live stream with a minimum of 1000 channel subscribers.
  17. YouTube live was launched in the year 2011.
  18. The YouTube live streaming feature made available on the mobile app in 2017 with a minimum of 100 subscribers.
  19. Anyone can live stream on YouTube at free of cost.
  20. YouTube not allowed live streaming as a service.
  21. Animal Adventure Park is the top second-most live viewed channel in the YouTube history, and it found 232+ million views for the video of pregnancy of world-famous Giraffe.
  22. 35% of businesses use live streaming to review their product.
  23. 21% had watched a live video on YouTube in 2016, and it falls to 16% in November.
  24. YouTube found 15% of live streaming viewership along with YouTube and YouTube live streaming in the started year.
  25. 2018 YouTube live streaming grown to 25% of hours of live streaming viewed.
  26. Live counted 226 million hours of watching live video in 2018.
  27. finishing the live video streaming for 48 to 72 hours, the users can get the YouTube live video analytics.
  28. Billion minutes of live gaming content viewed by the audience on YouTube in 2017.
  29. a million audiences watched live gaming like Super Bowl, which is double the TV audience.
  30. Live streaming enables monetization in the form of ads, super chats, and Sponsors.


YouTube live streaming is not just the part of promotion strategy; it adds brand reputation where it engages the live audiences. Instead of live streaming junk, go for fresh thoughts of live streaming. YouTube live streaming enables sales to funnel at million audiences through a single live streaming door.

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