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How Live Streaming is changing Next Generation Journalism

Journalism gradually evolved itself from the initial stages of reporting to newspapers. After the initial success of newspapers (offering a variety of news from different parts of the world through journalism), then came radio and TV. While radio offered an audio version of the news, the TV could penetrate more regarding offering the visual experience as well to the consumers.

With the advent of concepts like VR, 360-degree videos, content marketing, there is a notable change in journalism as well. Many platforms are offering online (video) content, and some of the notable names include Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, etc. Another dimension is added to online be the feature of ‘interaction.’ Viewers can interact through various ‘CTAs’ like share, like, subscribe to the new technology.

While there is no doubt that the live streaming being offered by many online platforms including Facebook are quite exciting technology, the same comes with certain disadvantages as well.

1. Live streaming facilitates easy connection by journalists to their audience. In the previous setup of journalism, there was a need for preparation, production, editing, and finally publishing (telecasting, etc.) of the content. With the live streaming, all these processes eliminated, and the journalist can live stream the content using his smartphone and minimum apps that he can install on his phone only.

2. With the availability of advanced methods of measuring the success or otherwise of the streaming, the journalist will be able to arrive conclusion regarding his content as well as improvements needed.

3. Now that live streaming is becoming easy and cost-effective also, and there are numerous entrants in the form of journalists providing the required content for live streaming from throughout the world. live streaming allows the audience (registered users) to get the latest and variety of news without much time delay.

4. At the same time, new entrants are posing stiff competition to existing journalists and thereby paving the way for competition between qualities vs. quantity.

5. The live streaming is also coming with a feature to ‘view later’ option. This feature is quite useful for users who might miss the live stream of certain important incidents.

6. However, live streaming is having its inbuilt deficiencies like lack of checks and balances. It could be a major disaster if the inappropriate and inaccurate news streamed, and there happen any unwanted reactions. Though there may be corrections after some time but by that time, the damage might have already occurred.

What is interactive video journalism:

The latest technological advancements brought sea changes in the manner how people collect information. Olden days were synonymous for newspapers and television for collection and broadcasting of news. However, there is appearing a declining trend in the circulation of these time-tested channels. The complete description of Interactive Video Journalism is explained here.

The majority of this declined chunk is moving to interactive video journalism. It is a new type of journalism allowing consumers to contribute to the story directly.

This feature is an addition to the previous practice of news collection by reports, news presentation by news readers and news observation by the audience. Before interactive video journalism, people shifted their focus from paper to the internet.

Interactive journalism has the potential to redefine news and allowing the consumer to determine what has news value in his perspective.

Once the reader is aware of what he wants, he can search the same, and if possible he can change his avatar to becoming ‘news reporter’. This is where interactive journalism is finding its place.

Showing Video Data Visualization Reports

Data visualization reports are the methodology to present the data more appealingly. As we all know, graphs, tables, and pictures are the best ways of presenting the data. It is the advantage of data visualization reports. Data has always been believed to have 3 components, i.e., data collection, data reporting, and data analysis. What is missing in this formula is data presentation.

For effective data presentation, some of the precautions that need to be taken include:

• Bring simplification in data.

• Be aimed at a point without unnecessary detailing.

• Maintain the flow of data in a logical way.

• Collect accurate and updated information.

• Choose the best fit – data, graphs, chart etc.

How Big News Channels Leveraging Interactive Video Journalism

Now that the television news is losing its supremacy it enjoyed previously because of reasons mentioned above, there has been a big change in big news channels in their approach to tackling the interactive video journalism.

The most fact for television industry is that the TV viewing in many countries has declined by 3%-4% since 2012 and this decline is directly comparable to the decline in print circulation as well.

However, this decline is not going to change the fate of television immediately, and there is bound to be the further decline as well.

Knowing fully aware of the present-day requirements many news organizations, which once depended heavily on a routine way of functioning, are now experimenting with different kinds of the TV like online video news.

Social Media impact on Interactive Video Journalism

The moment we talk about social media, the immediate things that come to mind are names like Twitter, Facebook, etc. All these social media are providing information which can share with the circles across Intra and inter platforms.

The audience is having increased expectations regarding the content they want to see/read/share. Interactive video journalism is enabling the viewers to contribute their share to the content as well.

In other words, is social media revolution giving the true key factors of journalism, i.e., transparency, honesty, etc.? Social media like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more important, and they can offer the ability to create one’s applications easily.

Now the question is how the media professionals can use the tools and applications like Twitter, social media, etc.

Taking a cue from the requirements of the audiences as well as the advanced features offered by social media, it strongly believed that news organizations would move towards increased use of mobile devices and also rely on interactive video journalism.

10 Tips for Journalists to Master on YouTube Marketing

YouTube can be a very effective tool for journalists and it helps in engaging viewers and increase the number of audiences.News publishers can use YouTube for getting more traffic and to build their personal brand.According to studies, news videos are watched by a number of adults on YouTube is the perfect place to attract a new audience.

YouTube can be used by journalists to interact with the viewers.They can ask questions and get responses from the news publisher.The news videos of the journalists are also shared by the audience. They can add videos to playlist and there are like and dislike buttons though which the news publishers can know what type of content is working and what is not.Here are few tips for the journalists to use YouTube.

1. Breaking news helps capture the search traffic on YouTube.

2. Live videos can be broadcasted via YouTube Events.

3. Create a YouTube news channel so that you are more visible and a new audience to divert to your related website.

4. News videos are of three types and these are original videos, rebroadcasts and news distribution videos. Use any of these kinds of videos for effective YouTube marketing of your channel.

5. YouTube partner programs help the news videos of journalists to better placements on YouTube site, revenue sharing and viewership analysis.

6. YouTube partner program is a great marketing tool, especially for small journalists.

7. Journalists must be very careful about the user generated content they receive. They must verify it before they publish it.

8. Journalists must optimize their breaking news videos for discovery and good search results.

9. Enable videos for embedding.

10. To help the people who search for news videos, include dates, trending keywords etc in your metadata.

Journalists can create high quality, informative and latest news videos and market them well on YouTube to reach a global audience.


Facebook live streaming is coming with many advanced features and advantages, but also with certain limitations/disadvantages. In view of the fact that the content has the lesser control that can be exercised, there have to be certain moralities to ensure appropriate/accurate streaming.

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