YouTube For Online Tutorials

YouTube For Online Tutorials: The Ultimate Guide

There are many advantages of Online Tutorials. The instructors can create the Learning course any time from anywhere, and the students have the flexibility to learn the lesson any time. It is a great challenge to keep the student engaged in online courses.

The video is a great tool to get the attention of the students and keep them engaged. High-quality Online Tutorials can be created and uploaded to YouTube to get the students interested.

Why YouTube should be a part of e-Learning

Videos are an essential tool for any eLearning course. Videos help in explaining difficult topics quickly to the audience and improve the transfer of knowledge.

Videos can be watched anytime from anywhere and can be re-watched until the topic is understood. Videos are also entertaining. YouTube videos for eLearning course help the learner in many ways; they introduce the topic, explain it and motive the learners.

YouTube for eLearning can be used to create communities. Video in eLearning courses an increased engagement levels. eLearning course videos uploaded to YouTube makes them available for everyone on every.

Opinions and ideas on topics can be shared and contributed. Online discussions can be encouraged, and the creators can also ask the audience to share the v device such as smartphone and tablet.

Note-taking skills are also encouraged with video. Learners might get inspired by the eLearning videos on YouTube and make their videos.

Tips for Creating Professional Video Tutorials

To create video tutorials one has to keep in mind certain things. The success of video tutorials depends on how well the content can engage and retain the students. Here are some tips that help in creating professional video tutorials.

  • Connecting with the audience is very important. Live lectures or talking head videos are the best to communicate with them.
  • Use the language appropriate for the target audience. Identify the language that suits the general population.
  • The clothes and general appearance are also important while creating video tutorials.
  • Decide whether you will speak from the script of freely. Take great care about audio quality. Use good mic. The recording location also plays a great role in the quality of the video. Use audio editing software.
  • Whatever camera is used, good lighting is essential.
  • Make sure that the video is short. The longer the video, the more the chances that audience will leave the video in the middle.
  • Be consistent. Use simple transition types. Make sure that only one primary color used in all the videos.

Strategies to Promote YouTube Tutorials

Much effort and resources put into making YouTube tutorials, but if these not marketed and promoted well, the videos will not reach the target audience. There are few strategies that one should learn to promote the videos.

  • Use relevant and proper keywords after keyword research. Use the keywords in the title of the video.
  • Use a custom thumbnail for the video. This helps the video to standout in the suggested video section.
  • Have an intro and outro in the video.
  • Share the videos on social media channels to create a community and direct traffic from social sites.
  • Having a blog on the YouTube channel is beneficial.
  • Create playlists so that it becomes easy for the audience to search for videos.
  • Use a compelling call to action. This can be requesting the audience to like the video or subscribe to the channel. Also, invite the audience to share the video if they want it.

Best Software’s to Create Online Video Tutorials

It is easy to find the best software that can used for free to create video tutorials. There are paid software also, which comes with a lot of advanced features to make the videos look more professional.


Ezvid is a free video creation tool. The computer screen can captured, and there are also some editing features.

BlueBerry Flashback:

BlueBerry Flashback Express Recorder is another tool for screen capturing while recording through the webcam.


With CamStudio, it is possible to record the screen as well as the audio. There are video and audio options, but not much video editing options are available.


Screen-o-Matic is another screencast tool which is easy to use. Recording can be done both on the screen and the webcam.

For those who want to learn new things without leaving their home, YouTube tutorials are the best option.

Lisa Eldridge:

Lisa Eldridge is the best make-up YouTube tutorial channel to learn makeup techniques.

Gabriella Rubin:

Gabriella Rubin’s YouTube channel on female awareness and self-defense is one of the best channels to develop self-defense skills.

Shez Lee:

Shez Lee teaches how to make varieties of dumplings.

Abode Photoshop:

Abode Photoshop is another most popular channel to learn Photoshop skills.

freetickerz channel:

Become a professional footballer by learning the techniques and tips on the freetickerz channel.


Learn to play the piano at Marioverehrer.

High-quality online course creation does not require a lot of equipment or software. These can create as per the individual budget. There are many great Online Tutorials on YouTube that made with necessary and inexpensive equipment.


Online Tutorials provide opportunities to keep learning at home. Tutorials on various topics are available on this platform, and one can learn from make-up to self-defense.

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