Programmatic Linear TV Advertising

Programmatic Linear TV Advertising

Video on Demand (VOD) is the most preferred service by the present audience. We are in the world of subscription which allows us to watch the shows or films which we love. Also, it enables us to watch from anywhere and at any time. It has become the most haunted service for the audience who can enjoy the binge-watch at their convince. The VOD subscription rates and the demand are growing simultaneously day by day. Moreover, the rapid growth of VOD subscription showing opportunities for advertising.

Along with it the digital linear TV one of the major categories where the live TV service streaming takes place over the internet. Depending on the viewer data, we can target the audience where any business can reach a huge audience and can get real-time engagement. The programmatic television ads entered on to the screen as the television revolutionized.

Media buying and planning efficiency is the most essential and required factor for marketing professionals. It means they should reach the broader range of the client’s target audience, and it should show more impact whenever and wherever they place the video ads. So, programmatic linear TV advertising best fit for their marketing strategy.

Why should brands go for Programmatic linear TV advertising?

Are there any obstacles with Programmatic linear TV ads?

Is programmatic TV ad spend reaches the target audiences?

These are the most common queries that arise in the minds of the marketers or brands who are intended to publish their business. Here we discuss everything about programmatic linear TV advertising that you are looking for.

What is programmatic linear TV advertising?

Programmatic linear TV advertising enables the buying and selling of the ad inventory depending on the audience data. The reporting eliminates the previous necessary manual processes and transactions automatically. Simply it is where the technology-automated and data-driven process of delivering and buying the ads against the TV content.

Through the brands can serve digital TV ads over multiple devices like mobiles, web, and connected TVs. The catering of these ads can also be done on set-up boxes.

How does programmatic linear TV advertising work?

In programmatic TV advertising, the data-driven technology enables the advertisers to make a bid on the real-time TV impressions. The higher bid will be defined that whose ad will be displayed while broadcasting takes place.

The data of the users that includes their lifestyle, financial status, personal preferences, and other information will be provided to the advertisers to target their audience through programmatic advertising.

There is no need to use the manual program selection while using programmatic TV advertising. The ads will be displayed to the TV audience when ads are matching with the target options watching the TV.

A small personalized ad pops up on the screen or at the sidebar of the TV then it allows the audience to click it or leave it until it disappears.

How to optimize programmatic TV advertising?

There are several features available in the programmatic TV advertising through which you can make the unique difference to the performance of ad campaigns. What are they?

Ad Select:

Instead of placing one ad, you can provide multiple options. The ad select can improve the conversion rates than compared to a single ad.

Ad Bloom:

In this type, the embedding of mini-site within the video will take place. Here the information about your main site will be displayed to the viewers as the substitute. It may reduce the CTR, but the beneficial factor of using it is that it increases the rate of conversion.

Ad Pause:

When the video ad is paused, then it works by displaying creative. The Ad Pause feature shows the increment in Click-through Rate (CTR) on normal VOD.

Optimizing for Audience:

Through multiple ad creatives like ad pause, ad select, and ad bloom will offer insights to look out how the audience responds to various types of messaging.

You can find which ads are more useful for different age people interests by running A/B test in Demand Side Platform (DSP) like DoubleClick advertising. You can target the audience depending o the life triggers, demographics, and interests of customers looking for.

Benefits of Programmatic linear TV advertising

Few Errors:

The manual process of scheduling, media buying, and uploading the content to the legacy delivery systems will result in occurring the various errors. These are highly expensive and time-consuming issues that all the buyers and sellers face to eradicate.

The programmatic TV advertising offers the automation of avail requests, proposals, and orders, etc. Through a single dashboard, the buyers can take actions across multiple local channels and help ad inventory owners.

Massive Data:

The programmatic linear TV is entirely different from digitized order executions and real-life auctions. To reach a specific target, it provides new sources of in-depth data.

More Reach:

This platform allows advertisers to manage and connect easily with the local broadcast. It also benefits the businesses to reach huge by connecting with small and mid-sized markets.

Less Time:

It will not consume the time and effort during linear TV purchasing, and the process of automation takes place while bidding.

Why Is Programmatic TV advertising a billion-dollar platform?

Programmatic TV advertising is the next big thing that automates the buying, planning, and measurement across multiple channels.

Data-driven targeting:

The advertisers can target the audience based on their demographic data.

Real-time optimization:

It allows marketers to find real-time feedback that can be used to optimize ad campaigns.

Cross-screen Measurement:

Through this, we can measure the effectiveness of the ad campaigns over multiple platforms, including TV.

Unified Campaign Management:

Through a single platform, the advertisers can plan, buy, manage, and measure the performance of their advertising.

Programmatic Linear TV Advertising Statistics

  • 46% of consumers stated that they are served with more relevant ads.
  • 32% of marketers said that their industries are delivering personalization effectively.
  • 50% of marketers are either not satisfied or slightly satisfied with the level of personalization, and 34% shows moderate satisfaction.
  • Four of every five digital display dollars are managed programmatically in 2017, i.e., a total of $32.56 Billion.
  • Adobe launched the first 100% programmatic ad campaign on 13th November 2017.
  • The programmatic TV advertising budget increases from 28% to 39%, especially in the U.S. and U.K markets.
  • 65% of B2B marketers stated that they buy or sell programmatic advertising.


We can say that programmatic linear TV advertising is beneficial for both the brands and the audience. It is going to be the future trending advertising platform where the real-time audience engagement can be found.

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