Branded Video Content Strategy

Science behind Successful Branded Video Content Strategy

What is Branded Video Content Strategy?

A Branded video demonstrates a singular idea or idea that you need to own your prospect’s mind! Your digital branded video should be an extension of your company’s brand.

Obviously, marketers need to incorporate it into their content strategy to give most extreme exposure to their businesses. Following are the steps to make successful Branded Video Content Strategy

  1. Define your Goals
  2. Persona Development
  3. Creative Design
  4. Production
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Measure, Rinse, Repeat

Best Practices in Creating Branded Video Content Strategy

2016 must be the year of content marketing on the off chance that you pay attention to the top predictions by leading market analysts and advertising trade publications. Brand marketers are relied upon to twofold down on their investments in content, and in particular, video content – with the desire that branded content if done right, will create more noteworthy consumer attention and engagement than tradition pre-roll or display ads.

  1. Entertaining and share-worthy content
  2. Opt-in media offering consumer choice
  3. Pursuit of share of attention as the core KPI

How Big Brands are using Branded Video Content Strategy

Does this sound commonplace? You know YouTube is critical, yet you’re sure genuine success is reserved for big brands. So you settle for non-inventive Branded videos that don’t move your audience… leaving genuine success to those big brands.

1. Go Deeper than Product Pain Points

It’s an ideal opportunity to create further emotional connections with your viewers by showing them you get what truly makes them tick.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

2. Make the Familiar… Unfamiliar

Have you ever heard of the same messages reverberating over and over through industry videos, like art; marketing is fictional to make you feel.


3. Bring the Unfamiliar Close to Home

Occasionally your main target audience is aloof and doesn’t understand how what you’re promoting relates to them or affects them.

Save the Children

4. Evoke a Powerful Emotion

Product showcases are basic on YouTube. Emotional video shows how their technologies go past regular computers. They help a kid without any legs play sports, for instance.


5. Bring Humor to the Table

Creating the selfie stick, clarify the men, is “like when the sun turns the rain into a rainbow”.


6. Here Sing a Song and Dance for Your Audience


7. Music Brings People Together

It may get you & your audience together by sharing company spirit &civilizing your brand.


8. Ramp Up The Cute Effect

The cute effect is considerably more prominent now, that drags and drop animation software and stock video subscriptions are more accessible.


9. Make Use of Metaphors

The Metaphors creates surprising connections between two themes that unconnected our message.


10. Promote Customer Success Stories

Case studies of customer success demonstrate you can oppose the limits of perceived possibilities by showing you’ve done it sometime recently.


Ways to Create Social Media Branded Video Content

You’ve presented your company with an explainer Branded video, shared your product, & your content is building up a strong viewership, yet what’s your next release going to feature?

1. Start with a schedule

create a video production schedule. A roadmap scheduling releases keep your ideas sorted out, as well as provides a motivating sense of direness, especially if you communicate target release dates to your eagerly anticipating audience.

2. Discover your form and keep it simple

At the point when taking a shot at a video series, don’t overcomplicate production.

3. Package it up in parts

Attention spans are shorter these days & can create content go further by breaching it down into easily consumable pieces with just one major point for every video.

4. Use a current video to spark Q&A for the following one

What might your viewers want to find out about next? You can use your most recent video clips to arise& ask.

5. Move with a video type to coordinate your target’s requirements

You might make the awesome animated video with an informal tone, yet B2B sales to a C-level official may require a formal product demo with a whiteboard illustration

6. Give them a backstage pass

You and your team are part of your brand story and building an account around which you are can incorporate showing off what you get up to

7. Respond to issues in your industry

if you run a pastry kitchen and there’s a progressing wrangle on whether cupcakes are still a hot thing, your next video may feature your team of decorators saying something regarding the issue.

8. Partner with a specialist

Similar to a guest blog post, you can bring in a specialist to communicate your brand message.

Advantages of Branded Video Content Strategy

The video is an essential part of each marketing campaign. In the midst of the digital age, Branded video has turned out to be so natural in our regular lives. We live in a world dominated by social media where the video is constantly viewed, tweeted, retweeted, shared, and liked. Online Branded videos have turned into the best way to market your product and get your brand’s message out to the general population.

• Maximized engagement

• Cross-device targeting

• Higher Retention Rates

• Rise in Accessibility

• Brand authenticity and communication on a human level

• Stronger Consumer Attention

• Cross-promotion with digital marketing initiatives

• Increased Customer Conversions

Branded Video Content Statistics

• Original digital video content now accounts for 44% of the spending plan, up 38% two years prior.

• Video drives a 157%INCREASE in natural movement from search engines

• 80% of online video ads are deserted inside the first 50% of the ad

• half of the executives search for more data subsequent to seeing a product/service in a video

• YouTube users observe more than 3 billion hours of video for every month

• 20% viewers may click away from video with-in 10 seconds or less.

• Around 74% of the online market now supports HTML5.

• YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% consistently

Instagram is pushing further into video ad formats, adding video to the Carousel ads product it propelled a year ago. Carousel ads initially declared in March 2015, offered advertisers an approach to demonstrate different photographs on the same sponsored post.

Presently advertisers will have the capacity to add different recordings to the same sponsored post. Recordings can be up to 60 seconds long. The format dispatches in beta today and will be taken off wide in mid-May.

The move comes as Facebook, which possesses Instagram, has made a large push not just in portable in the course of the most recent couple of years, yet all the more as of late into a video, both for customers and advertisers. Carousel ads, however, offers advertisers the chance to be more innovative by the way they showcase themselves

Video will soon be accessible to all Facebook advertisers as an innovative alternative for Carousel ads. This gives advertisers the imaginative adaptability to influence the most captivating and effective format have in News Feed.

Carousel ads format is developing at a fast pace and adding video as an imaginative alternative can bring sight, sound, and movement to help advertisers enhance both their image and direct-reaction goals.

You’ll have the capacity to enhance your imaginative for the Carousel ads format by adding a mix of up to 10 photographs or recordings. As just five cards will be shown in an ad, you can choose the choice for a framework to naturally improve which imaginative will show up likely to work out; something else, the initial five photographs or recordings will show up in the Carousel ads.

Different recordings in a solitary ad. To help organizations show distinctive sides of their items in clear movement. Carousel ads are ten times better at motivating individuals to navigate contrasted with static sponsored posts on Facebook, as per another report. The Carousel ads, which give marks a chance to demonstrate different pictures and at last a connection to some activity, are driving ten times more movement to advertisers.

Bite, Snack, Meal YouTube Channel Content Strategy

YouTube is the only hub where the audience can find the relaxation by watching plenty of videos. The videos on YouTube should cheer up the users by considering all approaches. To do all these while displaying video content then it should have some specific strategies like a bite, snack and meal type through which it can engage the audience by fulfilling their needs. Bite, Snack, Meal YouTube Channel content strategy is explained here.

Advertising on YouTube will bring the ultimate creators to the screen by using video content. The story you narrate at the audience should make them watchfully.

What is Bite Video Content?

The video content which has been created in a very short form to deliver the entire message within 10 seconds to the audience is termed as bite video content.

This type of content will exactly reach the audience without consuming their precious time. Most of the audience will find no time to watch and catch the videos by spending a lot of time.

The most advantage of using bite video content is that it will get more shares on other social media platforms along with YouTube.

What is Snack Video Content?

10 to 30 seconds format of video content will be feed at the audience that is more flexible to watch on mobile as it has a huge number of daily users.

Along with the creation of ultimate snack video content gathers perfect keywords and titles to grab the viewer’s attention that leverage the creators to make invention on content creation.

What is Meal Video Content?

The meal video content is nothing but the long form of video content which will be played for more than 30 seconds.

This type of videos does not exist on small screens. This video content should be created in a far-fetched way that no one has generated before and it takes a little bit more effort and time.

But it shows the long time results through continuous engagement as the name implies. This type of highly qualified video content will be shared on all other social media sites.

How Brands can leverage this Bite, Snack and Meal YouTube Channel Content Strategy?

Whereas the bite and snack video content best fits to get more traffic on the YouTube channel.

These can be created in very less time which is most required for the brands to disperse at the audience as they are very short and simple.

The bite and snack type will be beneficial to produce multiple videos of varied content which enlarge the creativity of one’s brand.

Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Ultrasound:

This is absolutely mind blogging ad for ever and ever. In this video content, the Doritos has been featured in a hilarious way which never seen before. This has gone viral on YouTube on the account of Doritos and this has brought a unique image for the Doritos and explored innovative strategies of Super Bowl through 30 seconds ad.

By using the meal content the brands can establish the growth of the channel by getting more views, likes and tweets on social media.

Meal content will be generated through the insertion of unique and high-quality content which helps in exploring the brand by building a strong relationship with the audience.
All this happens that the meal video content will contain all information which leads to getting more search engine results as well.

COCA-COLA: The Last Customer

Here we can say that Coke has deliberately touched the hearts of the audience by landing emotional touch through this video content.


This can provide you the complete details of how bite, snack and meal video content play their unique role in feeding the YouTube channel by adding unexpected traffic.  It’s dependent upon you to build on your success by proceeding with research, adapting to trends, and creating new ideas to make your brand stand out. This is an ultimate guide for Science behind Successful Branded Video Content Strategy.

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