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Short Form Video Statistics and Marketing Trends for 2024

In the last three years, short-form video has exploded in popularity. It is now one of the top methods for marketing to consumers and a crucial tool for businesses and other organizations. In 2024, it will be even more popular than ever before with 85% of internet users watching videos online. This blog post will explore what this means for marketers and why you should use video on your website or social media channels today!

Short Form Video Statistics for 2024

  • The best short-form videos are usually less than 5 minutes in length
  • People like to watch short-form videos on their phone and tablet
  • Short-form video consumption is increasing each year exponentially
  • Short-form video ad revenue will exceed $10 billion by 2024
  • The average American spends 4 hours and 31 minutes on social media every day
  • 1 in 5 people will be a victim of cyberbullying at some point in their lives
  • In 2024, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to reach 2 billion
  • 20% of all internet traffic will be from video
  • Video will account for 80% of mobile data usage
  • Average time spent on a mobile device will increase to 3 hours and 45 minutes per day
  • Mobile video ads will make up 50% of YouTube’s ad revenue
  • Short-form video will be the most popular type of content on social media, accounting for 40% of all videos
  • By 2024, the short-form video will account for 80% of all mobile data traffic in North America
  • The average person watches 3 hours and 18 minutes worth of short-form videos per day
  • The average video length in 2024 is 3 minutes and 23 seconds
  • Short form videos are projected to make up 90% of all internet traffic in 2024
  • By 2024, short-form videos will be the most-watched type of content on YouTube
  • Mobile phones account for 65% of all internet usage by 2024
  • In 2024, there will be an estimated 1.6 billion people who use short-form videos to communicate
  • By the end of this year, Facebook’s algorithm will only show you videos from friends and family members if they are life or have been recorded in the past day
  • YouTube is expected to surpass TV as the most popular entertainment medium by 2020
  • Video will be the most common form of content, with over 90% of all internet traffic
  • Mobile video consumption will increase by 300%, and it’ll make up for almost 60% of all video viewing
  • People will spend an average of 2 hours per day watching videos on their phones
  • The number one genre in 2024 is “short form.”
  • Short-form video ad revenue will surpass TV advertising by 2024
  • By 2020, 50% of all digital video viewing time will be spent on mobile devices
  • The average person spends 1-2 hours watching videos each day
  • By 2024, the video will account for 80% of all internet traffic
  • Mobile video consumption will grow by 400% in the next 5 years
  • YouTube and Facebook videos will make up 50% of all mobile traffic
  • The average user spends more than 1 hour a day on social media
  • Short-form video will account for 25% of all internet traffic
  • Average watch time per video is 5 minutes
  • The most popular short-form videos are beauty and make-up tutorials.
  • Short-form video marketing will be more popular than ever, with over 70% of marketers using it
  • The average length of a short-form video is under 2 minutes
  • Videos on social media are expected to have the highest conversion rates out of all other channels
  • Live streaming video will be the norm
  • Brands will use their channels to push out content that is relevant to their customers and followers
  • The most popular type of video on social media will be short videos, such as memes and vines
  • Video ads will become more common, with mobile devices being the primary screen for viewing them
  • As a result of this shift in advertising methods, TV commercials may disappear entirely
  • More live video content, such as broadcasts by influencers or events
  • More interactive videos that allow viewers to engage with the content
  • Short form videos will be the most popular type of video
  • Videos with a length of 60 seconds or less will become more common
  • More people are expected to create short-form content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat
  • The use of augmented reality is predicted to grow exponentially in 2024
  • The number of video marketers will double by 2024
  • Video marketing will be used to increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • There will be an increase in videos that are live-streamed or recorded on-demand rather than pre-recorded
  • Videos with the best ROI will be short, less than 2 minutes long, and have the high production value
  • More companies will produce more videos for their customers
  • Video will continue to be a more important part of the marketing mix
  • Short-form video content will dominate, and long-form videos will become less popular
  • Videos will be shorter in length, with an average of 2 minutes per video
  • More companies are going to use influencer marketing
  • Videos will be shorter, with a total time of fewer than five minutes
  • More videos will be shot horizontally instead of vertically
  • Video content will be more personalized and targeted to individual viewers
  • There will be an increase in video content on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat
  • Personalized content will be the norm, with more ways to target specific audiences
  • Longer videos are on the rise because people have time for them now
  • Live streaming is becoming more popular as well, especially in smaller niches that don’t have a lot of resources or capital
  • Social media channels are still king, but other platforms like Medium and Tumblr are growing in popularity
  • Short-form video will be the predominant type of content
  • Brands will use short-form videos to promote their products and services
  • Businesses will use influencers, including celebrities and social media star, for marketing purposess.


The stats and trends we’ve shared with you today show a promising future for marketers looking to engage customers in new ways. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call or contact form submission so that we can help create an effective marketing plan that leverages Short Form Video Marketing Consulting techniques.

We have decades of experience crafting successful digital marketing strategies, and our team is always happy to answer any questions about the latest short-form video statistics and how they will impact your business down the road.

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