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Snapchat Stories: How To Use Snapchat Stories For Brand Marketing

Snapchat launched a new feature to create a Custom Stories for your Groups friends and family. According to Snapchat, 39% of US traffic comes from the Teens, whereas Instagram and Facebook come under second and Third Positions. Snapchat has counters more than 166 million active users every day and still growing by numbers.

Snapchat is adding the best feature to the friends to create custom stories to the limited friends. This custom story feature is useful for some occasions to any of the friend from the group can create and post within 24 hours; otherwise, it disappears like regular Snapchat Stories. The new Custom Story feature can enhance the experience of who would like to share their daily adventures.

How To Create Snapchat Stories

This feature enabled for your Snapchat app you can able to create Global and Geofenced stories for your friends. You can use custom stickers for special occasions like Weddings, Birthday parties, and business profiles also. To start creating Snapchat Custom stories follow the below steps.

Open the Snapchat App and Sign In to them.

Tap On the “ Custom Story” icon which locates at top right corner of Stories screen.

Give the Name of your Story, invite friends wherever you want to include. If they are Global or anywhere in the world, it does not matter.

Snapchat creates one block who are near to your geofence location, and you can also invite them to see your story.

Create a Story, after completion of the Story you will see an option called “submit” story underneath your “My Story.”

Custom Stories available on stories page until anyone on the group posted a new story before 24 hours or if the user deletes the account.

You can create as many custom stories you can, but you can only create three custom stories at the allocated time.

How to Save Snapchat Stories For later

Sometimes Snapchat Stories come out beautiful without any efforts. But it will disappear after some time, and they don’t stay forever. If you love some stories you just want to save it for later you can do it now. Snapchat allows you to keep your Stories for later use without depending on any other external applications.

To save your story straightforwardly follow these steps on your mobile phone.

Open the Snapchat app on your Smartphone.

Go to the Stories Screen on a Snapchat app which appears on three dots option.

Tap on the three vertical dots icon and Tap on it.

To download the entire story Tap on the “Download “ icon which located right side of Mystory option.

If you are very particular about the one Snap, follow the previous steps to save the specific Snap.

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you find download icon save and download the particular Snap.

Snapchat Stories are Searchable By Content

Snapchat offers a new feature called Search over million Stories, and you can search the specific story just typing the name of the search.

The user can use search Bar on the Top of the main home page, to search for million of Stories.

Just Type a name like ‘football” game it will give the feature games select the one which you like to watch.

Snapchat Search tool relays on machine learning which works on Text, visual elements and Time. The search bar will allow and expand you to quickly chat with friends.

You can search for grand events, Puppies, Games by selecting the market. It helps the company to attract the new audience.

How To Hide Other People’s Snapchat Stories

If you want to hide someone’s stories on Snapchat? Yes, of course, you can do it. It is quite an easy task as many other apps. Sometimes you may feel to stop seeing some annoying posts from other persons. Here we have an option to unfollow that person altogether. Follow these steps to hide others posts.

Tap on the “ Settings” choose the setting wheel on the upper right corner of the main screen.

Ta[p on “My Friends” and tap on the name to whom you want to hide.

Then tap on the settings of their profile and select “ Block” to prevent them from sending snaps to you.

You can set only a few friends those who want to view your story then change the privacy settings to protect from unwanted usage.

To do changes on Privacy section tap on the right-hand corner of your profile, scroll down to the “Who Can ..” section and chose options and come back Save your settings.

Snapchat Stories For Brand Marketing

Live Events Coverage:

Snapchat stories offer a great second screen experience on significant events. It creates a community of users generated live events. Brands are eagerly waiting to create accounts on behind the scenes content and offer an exclusive preview for their audience.

Target the Young Audience:

Snapchat is the best platform for targeting the young audience. That means the audience is ready to expose to promotional content, Snapchat users have high expectations on brand content.

Growing Advertising Potentials:

Snapchat is not a full fledged platform for marketers to analyze their performance previously. But now Snapchat users and marketers can quickly create their Snap Ads for their Brands, and you can customise and measure the performance depending on their advertising goals.

Less Competition:

Snapchat has less competition compared other social media apps in the market, less crowd for playing in the field but boost stable growth. If the brand is new to the market, first create Snapchat stories to engage and communicate with the audience.


Engagement has always been a key for the Snapchat users, and Snapchat user spent more than 30 minutes on the Snapchat app every day. During that time you can engage with your Ads, and other authentic ways you can communicate with them.

Direct Links:

Direct Linking feature newly introduced to the marketers to include links to their stories. The straightforward linking process is the best to marketers who want to cross-promote their brands through stories.


Snapchat gives you a great way to communicate and connect with brands in small groups. Snapchat stories helpful to the marketers to brands their products through Snap Ads and Search Bar options. Start using new Snapchat features to create Custom Groups and share your stories all over the World. Just forget about the disappearing the stories you can save it for later also.

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