Snapchat for Video Marketing

How to Use Snapchat for Video Marketing

Digital marketing was changing with new innovative ways and methods in marketing. Every new social application and video platforms are becoming significant assets to the video marketing today. Snapchat is also going with a new way of marketing which named as an Ephemeral marketing. Many people may think that Snapchat is just a photo and video sharing application.

Snapchat for Video Marketing

The Snapchat is the most reputed and engaging application with more than 301 million users monthly. It has already generated the substantial video content and text every day. It is the most trending application on the web all the time with its new features and updates. The brands and marketers targets the Snapchat for their video marketing and many of them had received great success in increasing the sales leads.

Snapchat discovers a feature in the app has stepped forward with the new updated features. The latest update allows the users to get connected with the channels of the media outlets. Here the users can stream and share the images and videos as well along with the other app users.

Tips For Using Ephemeral Marketing And Snapchat

Users set a time limit which hides from the recipient device that was get deleted from the servers of the Snapchat. Users love Snapchat because their posts just disappear within seconds. The Ephemeral marketing tools are just like the Snapchat which uses the digital technology. It turns the clock back to the personal communications which are live un-recorded and fleet.

The marketing with the Snapchat provides a unique opportunity to the marketers in capturing the audience attention towards the products. The ephemeral marketing is essential for the company’s content and the digital marketing strategies. Because the temporary is termed as the “lasting for the concise period” just like the snaps on a Snapchat application. This type of marketing can enhance the marketing approaches and can sure shot the things towards success.

It has maximum impact on the marketing. When Snapchat has considered it is the best social media option which is the full-fledged with the standard marketing. At present, the Snapchat was boasting more than 173 million active users, and 3.7 billion photos are sharing every day on its platform.

Snapchat Vertical Video Giant

The vertical video becomes the most desirable format for the advertisers today. Even many smartphones designed for both horizontal and vertical viewing. You may observe that majority of people love to watch the video horizontally.

But, with the increase in the video watching behaviours, even the users felt uncomfortable to rotate their screen to vertical to horizontal and horizontal to vertical to watch the next videos. But, the vertical video revolution started with the Snapchat messaging app. That allows the vertical ads and the videos in the application.

With this impact, the apps like #periscopes which are well known for live streaming also allows the vertical video formats. With the increase in the usage of vertical video, even the large platforms like YouTube is also planning the vertical video viewing format for its users.

It also noticed in a survey that the vertical videos had nine times more engagement levels than the horizontal form of videos. It makes the brands to get entirely focused on to the Vertical video viewing.

The main issue with the vertical videos on the mobile devices is the large black space. It covers the screen on both the up and down on the screen which shorts the video size on the screen.

The company was stood firmly on the vertical video, and it was confident about its future vertical video. It also announced a partnership with the well-known advertising agency for the development of its plan. Maybe we can expect some events in the vertical video from the other platforms too in future.

Curated Snapchat Videos With Story Explorer

The platforms vertical video marketing approach has also inspired many marketers to follow the same, and even the video giant YouTube also made a plan for vertical video formats.Recently; it has announced the new feature.

The live stories on Snapchat are one of the most impressive features in the application. It was rolled out the new feature with video-centric discovery tab. The discovery tab allows the users to access the Snapchat stories with the new story explorer option.

The users can discover the user-generated content on the Snapchat application very quickly. The new story explorer was designed based on the latest technology which can provide the depth analysis on every snap in the story. The app users can see more snaps if they are interested in to explore more.

The users can also allow swiping to access the other photos and the video content. It also allows the users to experience the multi-camera view. The store explorer uses the algorithms on the computer and chooses content basing on the different objects in the videos and also basing on time, other Snapchat data. Snapchat application is going to knock high engagement levels from the users.

Guide To Create Snapchat Video Story

Once you have uploaded the Snapchat story, you can visit the My friend’s section in the tab. The username will be appearing at the top and the beneath of the icon in a circular fashion in the posts which recently posted. The menu can show the additional stories that published. The stories are available live for 24 hours and get deleted automatically in the feed.

Advantage of using the Snapchat stories:

Many apps are allowing the users to create a micro-video content. The stories are helpful to the users to convey their story of the entire day to their friends. It is an excellent option to convey the message which can be accessible for a day and deleted again.

Posting and creation of video story on Snapchat:

It is straightforward to post and create the video story on snap chat which can do in two ways.

The first way is you can go towards the snap or record screen after the creation of the video.

When comes to the production, the video must be attractive and clear to the audience.

It must be relevant to your them and reflects the message you want to convey to your friends and audience on the platform.

The video can create the excellent quality of picture and sound which can make a better impression on the people who watched it.

After the creation of the video story, you can go directly to the screen and there you can notice the Aucoin in a rectangular shape with a star that located at the bottom of the form on the screen. By clicking on it, you can add the story to your news feed.

If you are uploading the video story for the first time, then a box will pop up and display a message for the confirmation and also explains you about the icon.

You can click on to the Add to the stories icon and publish the video story, and there is no reversal process to edit again after posting.

The second way of posting your video story is directly pressing on to the send to a button on the screen and tapping on to my story.

There you can select your friends in the list you want to share the content.

Best Ways To Use Snapchat Discover Feature

Snapchat discovers the feature in the app has stepped forward with the new updated features. The new update allows the users to get connected with the channels of the media outlets where the users can stream and share the images and videos as well along with the other app users.

The new feature in Snapchat will not be depended on the clicking and sharing just like social media usage but, the tool allows the user towards the creativity of the community on Snapchat.

The tab on discovers menu is just next to the contacts menu, and at present, it has up to eleven channels along with the curated channel. “Snap Channel” by the Snapchat which included the posts by the other creators of the content.

The channels will get updated daily with the fresh, and new editions which were organised just like a magazine can compare to the Flip board. The pages contain a description of the first content on the platform which may include the videos, text or any other photos.

When the user swiped towards the downwards of the preview, then he can dive into the more story about, and when the users swipe towards the left side, then the next item will appear. Every channel owns ads and as well as the sponsored content.

The users can skip the pages and as well as the ads too. There is no chance to share the content outside the Snapchat like other platforms which have some sharing buttons.

12 Smart Ways To Rock with Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is one of the most engaging and most used applications which allow the users to interact with the live video call, text and chat with the users’ contacts. It has more than 68 million users in the US, and among them, 83 percent users aged between 12-17 years. Nearly 53 percent are 34 years old, and 28 percent students are college students age between 18-24 years.

There is no doubt that Snapchat is going to be the next big thing in the video marketing. More than 50 brands already succeed with the efficient Snapchat video marketing strategies. Here are some 12 quick tips for Snapchat video marketing. Here we go..

Tips for video marketing on Snapchat:

  • Be quick and memorable as the brand message must confine to a limited time frame
  • Go with creativity and long way in promoting the customers to get connected with the brand
  • Now your audience as the Snapchat has the majority of users between the age 18 to 34 years old.
  • Go with flash sales to leverage your content marketing
  • Snap out your followers with the Snapchat contests
  • Build up your following with the audience
  • Interact with the audience
  • Get speedy snap responses with secret menu
  • Inform the audience about exclusive discounts and sales
  • Capture the quick moments
  • Promote the behind the scene footages
  • Develop the content, invite the audience to become part of your marketing campaign, request testimonials with snaps. Add the call to actions.
  • Snapchat New Memories Features
  • Snapchat is a US-based messaging application which is the destination for brands and advertisers as the platform is advertiser-friendly. Snapchat introduced a new feature called Memories.

Snapchat New Memories Features

Accessed by swiping the camera just screen up

It is a personal collection of saved Snaps

It has search feature to find snaps easily

Snapchat users can also create new stories

Users can combine full stories for longer videos

Snapchat users can share Snapchat Memories with friends

Snapchat’s Significant Growth As A Video Platform

The minimum age of the users on Snapchat is 18 years, and the majority of the users are between the 13 years to 25 years also. Numbers of teen users are very high on Snapchat. It has more than 173 million active users per day as an average.

The platform was filled with a majority of Youngsters as it revealed that more than 83 percent students are posting the Snapchat across the world. Snap chat focused on the user’s privacy as primary, and it is one of the most attractive features as one can manage their privacy on the platform while sharing the pictures or video content etc.

Snapchat was Growing as a Top Video Platform:

Snapchat is a US-based messaging application which is the destination for brands and advertisers as the platform is advertiser-friendly. The ad performance of Snapchat on mobile is outstanding, and many brands are making their choice towards the Snapchat for their brand advertising as it is a comfortable platform.

More than 10 billion views recorded every day on the videos posted on the Snapchat application. This growth is the significant evidence to say that Snapchat is growing with a standard position on the web across the globe. Many people in the US like to read the Snapchat live stories rather than watching TV; this indicates the interest of the people on Snapchat.

The advertisements on the Snapchat application played in full-screen mode, and the majority of users like to watch the ads too. Full-screen mode made several brands and companies switched to the Snapchat marketing with the videos. Hence we can say, Snapchat was growing with its best features which are attracting marketers, brands, and users across the web.


These are the most effective strategies that help to do marketing on Snapchat in an ultimate way. If you consider these to apply, then these will help you to launch the strong branding powers to your services or products. Here is the compelling guide for How to Use Snapchat for Video Marketing.

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