Perfect Soundless Video for business engagement

The Ultimate Guide to Make a Perfect Soundless Video for business engagement

There is no secret that video content consumption has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last decade. People love to watch videos, not only on YouTube but also watch on social media. Social Media platforms rewrote their algorithms for search-friendly so that the popularity of Soundless Video is growing daily. Most businesses use videos as a part of their content marketing strategies by knowing they will catch the visitor’s attention and be more likely to share with their friends.

Silent videos: What they are and why brands should care:

The soundless Video seems to be a bit odd to today’s younger generations. Most people would expect a video with some sound that may be a background sound. The earliest movies play without sound, so it is not new. Soundless Video is again starting to trend and gaining more popularity on social media. These silent videos create a new way to communicate with each other. Marketers can use soundless videos to keep their audience engaged and ensure they receive and embrace the message.

These are the four reasons why silent Video can speak louder than words.

Brings More Views and Shares:

The purpose of posting the videos on social media is to advertise and promotion of their brands. Typical social media videos with sound are getting passed up and scrolled through the feeds. Silent videos will get more shares and views as the audience receives information through captions and visual components.

Easy to Coordinate with Media:

A lot of work goes on to produce sound for your videos. Silent videos only need a bit of superior visual communication. Plan the visual approach for effective communication on social media.

Get Ahead of the Game:

Facebook said that more than 41% of the videos mean less without sound on Facebook. Silent videos for consumers to the brand are paying more attention to audience behavior and statistics, which is trusted and appreciated.

Most videos become Silent on Social Media:

Watching or browsing more videos with loud sounds in public places is unpopular. Leveraging a silent video on social networks allows audiences to view popular ads without disturbing them publicly.

Why silent Video works:

As per the new study, 85% of the platforms are watched without sound. Facebook study shows that most popular times, people watch videos under circumstances where distracting noises are frowned upon. So for the fakebook users, the brands think and attribute to the ads when the video ads pop up on your phone.

Marketers and business owners create videos for their brand promotion regardless of the customer’s needs. Advertisers should take care of creating video ads, ensuring that video ads or stories do not require sound to communicate with their audience. MEC North America reported that branded videos from clients are watched more than 85% of the time without sound.

A sound is still an option on Facebook. It does not require any sound, only if you create a compelling video without needing people to turn on sound. This is a simple and important fact that every silent video maker should remember.

How to optimize videos without sound:

Fortunately, Facebook’s silent video viewing is the default and has been around long enough to emerge for marketers using its platform. Here are some of the top tips and Optimization techniques to ensure that your video ad content delivers the best possible experience for viewers without sound.

  • Make sure to focus on engaging visuals.
  • Think about adding the Good Text and its Fonts.
  • Lead the Video with Bold Visuals.
  • Remember to add Subtitles to your Videos.
  • I am using the animations in Videos for better understanding.
  • Add the Sound effects and background music.
  • Plan and create the script.
  • Plan self-explanatory videos

Tips for creating watchable silent videos for social media:

Silent videos are one way to stand out above the crowd, and a well-made, Soundless video can bring considerable audience engagement, a kind of approach to your video marketing. Follow the excellent tips to create meaning through silent Video:

  • Share the simple information in an easy-to-read and understandable format.
  • Tell a moving, compelling story through visual aids using animation and graphics without sound.
  • Regardless of sound, it is the best way to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Make use of every second of the Video with quality video content.
  • Silent Videos Clearly show the captions, including the logos, products, and captions.
  • Reinforce your brand messages in a simple format.
  • Take advantage of the first 5 sec of the Video. That means nobody will guess what will happen in the next second.
  • Create imaginary entertainment through your videos.
  • Watch the old silent Video for more inspiration.

Tactics Behind Every Successful Soundless Video:

The silent videos grab more users’ attention and gain more engagement. The silence adds an extra layer to the difficulty and has its advantages for marketing. Crating more accessible, visually exciting videos brings ample opportunity to make a significant impact. Actions that speak louder than words and Text that’s smarter than speech are the two primary reasons for increasing the growing popularity of soundless videos. Let’s dive into it.

Title Cards:

Title Cards are another element to make every piece of information stand out for silent Video. Title cards are used to introduce the product, how-to steps, insert sharp transitions, and pause for comedic effect.

Call to action:

Your silent Video would not reach new customers without a prominent Call to Action. Include the social media CTA button on posts to redirect your viewers to your company’s site.

Showing facial expressions:

Putting the faces in your Video can help build familiarity and steer people toward the actions.

Product-focused design:

Simple design that includes Simple design elements like typography, animation, color, and illustration goes a long way towards the eye towards important information.


The video Captions make your content more accessible, boosting the website’s SEO. Reach millions of people via captions, primarily deaf and not speaking English, to understand the content better.

Examples of silent videos That Work: won the shorty award for best Facebook use in 2016. This Video is one of the excellent videos for getting the point across through silent videos. This example shows how books existing s with no need for sound.

BuzzFeed’s Tasty:

BuzzFeed Tasty videos get millions of views per month from their channel. BuzzFeed Tasty is well known for its short videos and informational how-to recipes. This channel launches videos so eye-catching and most watchable regardless of sound with its delicious-looking foods.

Squatty Potty:

Squatty Potty is good at wild visual elements that do not disappoint. This Video is unlike others, including talking by Prince Charming. They have cleverly used captions so that viewers don’t miss a word. It shows that ads with many words do not matter if you leverage the right visuals.


Businesses can make the most out of marketing efforts on social media if they follow the above guide to make Soundless Videos. Let’s start leveraging Silent Video’s full power as a promotional medium for your brands. Marketers and Advertisers must remember to optimize their videos for silent viewing for higher engagement rates and longer watch times. Get higher ROIs and better conversion rates from your campaigns on social media.

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