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How to Launch Social Media Video Contests to Grow Brand Awareness

Are you in search of fast and easy ways to grow your business? One of the best ways to be strong on online presence is hosting a Social Media Video Contests. Social Media Contests are the ideal video marketing strategy to boost your brand awareness and product promotions. Running a great Social Media video contest gathers the qualified leads for your business. Let’s dive into it.

Why use social media contests:

Every business needs to come up with a different strategy to grow their business. More Brands and small companies create engagement in social media platforms with various kinds of videos and posts. Entrepreneur to a specific type of online business get benefited from this type of activity. It starts increasing ROI once marketers realize social media contests are essential.

How to run a social media contest:

To host a successful and engaging social video contest, you will need to consider all variables primely depending on the contest type. These steps help to run successful social media video contest in the holiday season.

  • First, outline your marketing goals, such as Conversions, Sales, Website visits.
  • Consider your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Decide the Prize that the winner will get.
  • Come Up with the perfect Hashtag approach.
  • Draw up the Contest terms and conditions.
  • Launch the Social Video Campaign.
  • Promote your Video with Hashtags, social media posts, emails, Websites, or Blogs.
  • Revisit your goals and keep a summary of Key folding to the next contest.

Characteristics of Video Giveaways:

Giveaways are a great way to engage users, collect useful marketing data, and find new customers. If you have a plan on hosting a Social media video contest, ensure that follow the below rules and promotion guidelines.

Relevant to your Business:

Your promotional items need to be must be relevant to the company’s products and services. Maintain the strong connection between the function of your giveaway and your brands. The relationship between the promotional item is relevant to business and establishing proper context.

Useful for Viewers:

Useful information will always grab the audience’s attention, especially saving your branded videos from being tossed out. The prize item is relevant to your business services, that targets an audience who need those products and services as it is beneficial.

Tailored to the Audience:

The best characteristic of useful brand giveaways is, the contest is specifically tailored to a company’s target audience. The promotional video will not appeal to everyone, and it should be designed for a particular group of people who require your Offred products or services.

Why do a video contest on social media?

Quality video content generates huge engagement and shares on social media. The social media video contest can broaden your digital media reach that goes viral and effective to increase reach and engagement. Hosting an online contest makes a lot of sense to social media followers and find new followers.

The social video contest is only as successful as you promote it. Compare both the current follower’s list and potential customers of the contest to see how effectively boost your target audience through a Social video contest. Make sure that look for creative types of Contest and Giveaways to engage with your target audience through social media.

Social video Contest builds hype to launch contests and generating excitement among the audience. You must create and promote the entertaining invitation and lets seamless methods for collecting online video submissions.

Benefits of Hosting a Social Media Video Contests:

Increase Sales:

The primary goal of organizing any contest is to increase the visibility and sales of the brands. If you would like to convert visitors into customers, this is the best technique to build up a massive email list of prospective clients.

Increase Engagement:

People are not going to engage with the brand If you are posting something interesting with values. If you start posting valuable content, people begin to spread the word and contribute to the conversation. Leveraging the social media video contest will increase the number of customer engagement.

Give a Reason for People:

Give a good reason for the viewers and followers of your brand. Running a social media contest is an ideal way to motivate people to follow your brand. It offers a grand prize for everyone talking and creates fun and attractive to draw new people to their products/services.

Free advertising:

Go for free advertising; this type of sharing is a caring approach that does not show an intrusive form of advertising. Tell the people the contest has worked and won the prizes. This nature of your contest encourages people and share your post to maximize awareness.

Expand Brand Awareness:

Hosting a social media contest is a straightforward way to expand brand awareness, and new visitors have a chance to hear about your brand. It will increase the other opportunity to see your brand name, and mouth publicity works well by including unique shareable links to different social media platforms.


Consider that your Social Video Contests should be worth participating in, engaging, and the prizes should be relevant to your brand. Hopefully, these guidelines help to keep your content entertaining and fun. Please make sure that it would be useful to the attendees before creating and promote your social video content. Remember to promote your Contests across all platforms and take advantage of all potential social media platforms.

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