How To Stream YouTube Music To Google Home Device – Multi-Room Music System

The Google’s entertainment explosion through the gorgeous device “Google Home” has touched each individual. It is the home friendly and recreation device through which we all can say Good Bye to the stress after getting home from outside. As Google is the most trustworthy source since a long time in bonding strong relation with the users. Hence, it has strongly decided to be as one of the family members in each home through the launch of astonishing gadget “Google Home,” and it was designed to fulfill the dream of the users by making our home smart.

What does Google Home mean?

What can we more expect from Google Home than other brands?

The features of the Google Home will make resonance more than it sounds.

Google Home

The Google Home is the Wi-Fi speaker which works over the voice command that has been accessed through the service provider Google Assistant.

The user is enabled to give the voice command to the Google Home by saying ‘Ok Google’ to play music or to deliver the news update etc. from the library. The multi-room playback of music is possible through Google Home by connecting multiple Google Home devices to various speakers.


Everything goes ‘Hands-Free’ through “Google Home.”

How to stream YouTube Music through Google Home

Just open the Google Home App then go to settings menu.

Then choose the “Devices” from that menu.

Then a list will be generated then select the Google Home device from that list.

Now go to the Device settings menu by picking the three dots from the upper right side.

Then pick ‘Music’ from that menu.

It will display the list of online streaming music platforms like YouTube.

Then link up the YouTube account to Google Home by signing in to your account.

All this can be done clicking the link button on the music page.

Now you can tell ‘Google Home’ to play the YouTube Music that you want to play by saying ‘Ok Google’ play music.

Resonance of Google Home Music in all rooms

The Google Home can be used to play music on multiple speakers by setting up of speaker group at your home.

It is similar to above process the only minute thing you have to consider is

From the three dot button from one of your multiple speakers select “Create Group.”

The save the group name by checking the boxes available for the speakers.

When you choose your group, then it can shake your entire house by playing astonishing music albums.


Fill your family with fun and raise your voice to command your smart home devices.

Gigantic features of Google Home

  • The Google Home is the library to play the music that we need.
  • The most advanced feature is that we can make hands-free phone calls.
  • It can be used to find the information on news, weather, and traffic.
  • The Uber services can be accessed by using Google Home by linking Uber account with Google.
  • The varied recopies through the Google Assistant or Google search of your Android phone can be surfed and sent it to Google Home to deliver step by step cooking process when you are ready.
  • All family members can access the Google Home by adding their account. Then it can recognize the person who is speaking with it when you say ‘Hey Google and Ok Google.’
  • The lights of your house can be turned off or turn on by giving the voice command ‘Ok Google turns off or on lights.’
  • The opening hours of nearest stores, picture houses, and drug stores, etc. can be obtained.
  • With the installation of IFTTT the missed phone in your house can be detected by giving a command to the Google Home.
  • The list of shopping can be added to the Google Home.
  • The online streaming services like Netflix can be operated by linking Chromecast devices to Home by saying ‘Ok Google’ play movies from Netflix.
  • Google Home can easily deliver the Whatsapp messages directly when you dictate.
  • According to the sense of humor of Pixar and The Onion, the Google Home can make you laugh by reading humorous jokes.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is the software which performs commands that have been given to the Google Home.

It requires no special app to install on your smartphone. It is an inbuilt app which appears by tapping the home button your mobile.

All of your smart home devices can e synchronized with Google assistant by saying ‘sync my device’ on Google Home.

For example when you want to turn your dark kitchen then you can give a voice command to turn green.

Google Home Technical Specifications

The diameter of Google Home is 3.79 inches, and the height is 5.62inches.

It supports HE-AAC, MP3, LC-AAC, FLAC, Vorbis, WAV and Opus audio formats.

802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz) Wireless network is being supported.

16.5V, 2A power is required.

Micro-USB port and DC power jack are available through Google Home.

Google Home device specifications

We can find the microphone as the 4-dotted icon on the surface of the Google Home.

The power status can be recognized through the light appears on the side of Google Home.

The Mic mute can be used to mute the Google Assistant to access the Google Home.


We can buy Google Home directly from the Google store by signing in our Google account. This store can display all Google available devices according to the country to deliver the device.


Now taste the delicious recipe of YouTube music through Google Home that makes your party everlasting. Why you are waiting yet make every moment of your life must excite by adding ultimate fun from Google Home.

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