The Amazing Story Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime vide is a video-on-demand service provider owned by The television viewing was transformed into the internet space.

VOD viewing was shifted to the internet using video on-demand services. The VOD providers are offering various television channels and other special programs for the subscribers.

Amazon has undergone several changes, hurdles, and transformed to Amazon Prime video step by step. Let us go through the journey of Amazon achieving today.


Amazon started its VOD services from 7th September 2006.

It was named its VOD service as ‘Amazon Unbox’

The service first started in the United States.

The service was slowly developed and expanded its video library.

At first, Amazon VOD service used to provide the video and other DVD;s for rent or purchase basing on different titles.


After expansion of its library, Amazon changed the name of its service as Amazon Instant VOD.


After five years of its journey as a rental or purchase service provider,

It was acquired a DVD by mailing service named LoveFilm in the year 2011.

The Prime video was started in the UK.

The Amazon Instant video was started in February 2011. The Amazon prime members are allowed to access more than 5k movies and other television shows on Amazon instant video


The new prime video subscriptions and services were started in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Amazon had made a deal with the Pay TV channel and started featuring the movies on streaming service.

A great rival was started between the Amazon and Netflix.


Amazon has started its premier comedy archives like an exclusive original series via Prime instant video services.


The prime video was started the streaming services with the LoveFilm as an instant video service from February 26th in 2014.


In January, Amazon was released its first own show named

“Transparent” produced by its own which had grabbed its first award on golden globe television services awards.

Many other shows were launched and produced by Amazon video and achieved great popularity across the countries.

Amazon started expanding its services and features and started the same in India.

Again in September, it was withdrawing its name ‘Instant’ from Amazon video.


It had persuaded its streaming rights for US sports leagues and differentiated its services from others.

On December 12th, the Amazon video was expanded its services to 200 countries and stood as the strongest competitors to Netflix services.

A Guide to Amazon Prime Instant video

Amazon Prime Instant video is somewhat like a puzzle for nonusers and who have no idea about the present online VOD services.

Amazon prime video services are similar to the Netflix streaming services. Amazon somewhat confused the people with its Amazon Prime Video and Amazon prime instant video services. But they both differed in some terms.

The Amazon instant video is available for subscribers as well as for the nonsubscribers just like in iTunes store where you can get the video for rent as well as you can buy per title. Amazon Instant Video has more titles comparing to Amazon instant video.

The Prime video can be accessible for both Amazon prime and prime video members. The users can access some thousands of video titles for free.

The users can also purchase the video subscriptions and the showtimes.

The prime video is available for the premium Amazon Prime members and the prime video users. They can also avail a 30-day trial.

Advantages of using Amazon Prime video services

What do users get when signup to Amazon Prime video?

• Delivered in one day with no extra costs

• Videos, movies and TV shows can be downloaded to watch offline.

• A 30-day free trial will be provided to the subscribers.

• You will get Prime photos where you can store unlimited photos in the cloud.

• Ad-free music on Amazon Prime Music.

• Amazon Prime costs 79$ and the complete Amazon prime services can be avail at 7.99$.

• Special offers for students. They can avail six-month trail.


• Amazon Prime didn’t work with the chromecast

• It requires FireStick or Amazon app in Smart TV to be compatible

• amazon prime video apps are not available in multi-lingual.

• No location based content is available on it.


Sometimes comparison has its own worth as it helps you to choose the best out of the rest. So, lets start comparing the these services with other VOD service providers.

The primary rival of amazon prime video is Netflix. So let’s start our comparison with Netflix to know more about this comparatively.


When comes to pricing both Netflix at $9 and amazon prime video at 8.25$.

Video quality

Video streaming quality is very good at amazon prime comparing to any other streaming services. It has better quality comparatively with Netflix.

All the three services can stream the videos in high definition with 1080p resolution.It will not charge any extra privileges.


The majority of devices are now compatible with all devices. But, some streaming services are not. Amazon prime was not compatible with chromecast and need specific apps to run.

Service value

When it comes to pricing and the services under the pricing, Netflix charges $9 per month whereas Amazon charges 99$ per year. Which is 8.25$ per month with complete high definition quality. So, prime video services are cheaper than the Netflix services.

Amazon climbed step by step with the combination of failures and success and reached the audience with its global video-on-demand services like amazon prime video.

Finally, Amazon will stand as the best if it can overcome some disadvantages like localization of content and availability. We can hope the best service upgrades shortly from these services. But, the services are a good deal if you prefer the best quality content at best pricing.

Amazon Prime Video Statistics

  • 25% of Prime members utilized prime video service in the last three years.
  • This is the second most growing video-on-demand service provider with above 26 million subscribers in the United States.
  • ‘The Man in the High Castle’ was the most popular Prime Originals, which produced $ 8 million in the United States alone.
  • 37 million enjoying the prime videos globally.
  • It is available in more than 200 countries.
  • The movies of Amazon Studio grossed above $ 240 million worldwide.
  • Two third of US homes have Amazon Prime membership.
  • 65% of Amazon Prime members in the UK watch prime videos monthly.
  • 95% of Amazon Prime members renew their membership.
  • 51% of US households will become Amazon prime subscribers at the end of 2019.
  • It shows that in March 2019, the Amazon prime membership has grown to 103 million while compared with subscribers in 2018 i.e., 95 million.
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