Ultimate Guide to Vlog

Vlogging 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Vlog

Video, Video and Video… It is what you might listen everywhere across the web. Yes, the importance of video content made the bloggers turn as Vloggers today. So, have a deeper look on Vlogs, Vloggers, Vlogging and much more. The Ultimate Guide to Vlog is given here.

What are Vlog, Vlogging and Vlogger?

A Vlog is just like a blog which is a place of sharing the content to the audience with videos. The blogs generally contain written script on various topics to engage with the audience. Whereas, the Vlogs generally contain only video content to convey the story to the audience in order to get connected with them.

Vlogging and Vloggers

Video content has great demand and video can convey beyond the words. So, it is the best way to get more traffic and good engagement across the web. people who share their content for the audience in the form of videos from a platform like YouTube are called as Vloggers and the process is well known as Vlogging.

Vlogging platform

There are several choices of platforms for vlogging. All you need is a video platform where you can upload and share your video content and can embed them in your Vlog.There many other alternatives like Vimeo etc to start your vlogging.

How to decide that Vlogging is right for you?

Vlogging needs a lot of patience and effort with your skills comparing to blogging. As a Vlogger you need to consistently deliver the best content to your audience to stay engaged on your Vlog. So, if you have the ability to speak in-front of the camera, comfortable sharing your thoughts to public, comfortable to interact and committed to learning the things. Then vlogging is right for you.

Get started with a right direction!!

How to get started with the YouTube platform for vlogging?

Five things you have to remember before starting your YouTube channel for vlogging

Learn more

YouTube is like a video ocean and everyone who is going with honest efforts and smart work can definitely get identify. All you have to do is to learn the things in your own niche. Yes, if you are a beauty Vlogger, search for the latest trends that are happening on the YouTube platform.

Filming and editing tools

Get ready with the best filming equipment and editing tool software to get started with your vlogging. Vlogging needs good quality output to keep the audience interested in your content. so get ready with a good equipment.

Be social and committed

YouTube allows its users by helping them reaching millions of audience on its platforms and beyond its platform. So, be social on other social media platforms too in order to gain large audience and community towards your content. Planning is very important to become a successful Vlogger.

Know your short term and long term goals

Develop your channel with a good strategy from the naming to each and every video publishing. Yes, you must be relevant, good and informative to start your vlogging on YouTube platform.

YouTube channel Branding

After getting ready with the tools to create efficient content for initiating your vlogging work, you should start branding your channel by creating good quality content along with the little marketing your channel across the platform.

Maintain good social interaction

Create social media pages for your Vlog across different social networking platforms online. It helps you to share your content with your friends, mutual friends and to the vast audience database across different platforms which increase the reach.

Building YouTube community towards your vlogging channel

Building good YouTube community is essential and important for the development of your Vlog. The creation of the YouTube community can enhance your view count and increases your channel popularity.

Choose the right name for your channel community

Choose the relevant and best name for your YouTube channel community by including the catchphrases and other cool names. The first thing after the creation of your channel community is to acknowledge the community with mentioning your posts on social media. Let them know how important they are to you.

Engage and interact

Engage and interact with the audience consistently to stay connected with the audience. Respond to their comments and take their suggestions. Ask them for good vlogging ideas and topics and create a better social presence around your Vlog with YouTube channel community.

Build good relationship with your audience

It is very important to maintain good relation with your audience to improve your channel standards and to develop your channel. Ask questions and conduct some polling. Also, do respond to their queries and interests. Host a Google hangout or a live stream and try give-Away. Get detailed feedback from them to stay engaged and connected.

Collaborate with YouTube collaborations

Collaboration is the most effective form of marketing to get the more views and subscriber base. Try collaborating with fellow YouTube who is relevant and have similar audience base. It can double your reach and let you expose to the large audience base. Try guest appearances, collaboration videos, and guest vlogging to make it more effective. Always choose your collaboration partner who is hardworking and is relevant having similar audience base.

Tips to make your YouTube vlogging channel more engaging

• Don’t act like a Robot which was like throwing some content on the audience. Be conversational, your content must be like an interactive one.

• Know your audience and what they are expecting from your niche.

• Ask them to post their suggestions in comment section

• Analyses the social media comments, likes and interests of the audience and act accordingly with your content to stay engaged.

• Go with attractive titles. The titles must not be plagiarized and it must be catchy and interesting to your audience.

• Respond to your comments and build a good connection with the audience.

Finally, follow this definitive guide and try to be a good Vlogger and get successful on YouTube and beyond as a Vlogger.


If anybody interested in Volgging, this is an extraordinary guide to the You Tubers how to start volgging, what measurements need to maintain good social community in YouTube, how to engage and interact with audience to grab attention. The Ultimate Guide to Vlog can give you a detailed idea.

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