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Theme Park Video Marketing & Advertising for More Attraction

As theme parks compete for attendance and market share, they turn to new and innovative ways to get the word out about their attractions. Increasingly, that means using video marketing and advertising. Highlight the best parts of their parks with short videos, and amusement parks can attract more visitors and boost profits. Here’s a look at some examples of how theme parks use video to promote themselves and what you can learn from them.

Are you searching for different ways to make your theme park more popular and attract more visitors? You can’t ignore video marketing and advertising. By creating video content that showcases your park’s attractions and appeal, you can reach a wider audience online and bring in more guests.

How to Boost Your Theme Park’s Video Marketing

Boost your theme park’s video marketing with a consistent content strategy and YouTube channel. Use open-ended questions to encourage guests to ask you anything, even after they’ve left the park!

Now that you have a great theme park, let’s talk about boosting your video marketing.

If you’re trying to attract more visitors to your theme park, consider investing in video marketing. There are several ways to use videos for marketing your business and increasing traffic.

Boost your theme park’s video marketing by using a variety of social media platforms and tools.

It’s a great idea to get more business; consider creating an original theme park based on your brand.

The best way to boost your theme park’s video marketing is through social media. At first, it can be difficult to break the ice and make engaging videos, but once you get started, it will come naturally.

You’ve got to create unique video content that is valuable, easy to share, and connects with your audience.

What are the Video marketing Tricks used by theme parks?

Grab people’s attention at theme parks is through extensive and colorful advertisements.

One of the best strategies theme park marketers use to encourage guests on a ride is to post their experiences on social media. This helps them acquire new customers and drive more business, especially during the low season.

The theme of a park can be seen in the rides it offers. The rides are made to fit the theme and vice versa.

It’s a known fact that theme parks have the best marketing. They make sure to capture their audiences’ attention by having fun and exciting videos available on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Theme parks use several video marketing tricks to attract more people. Disney, for example, uses personalized videos in the queues of their theme park because the visitors are bored and willing to watch a short video before continuing with the queue.

Video marketing is an integral part of theme parks’ strategies because they know that videos encourage people by visiting their site.

They use one trick to ensure the rides are at least two-thirds full before opening them. If you turn up and there’s no one in line, that means they’re not very good.

Theme parks need to be creative to attract customers. This includes creating a unique experience, using social media to spread the word about promotions and events, and offering free samples for people who visit their website.

Family Theme Park Video Marketing Ideas

  • Introduce your family theme park and what it has to offer
  • Show off the different areas of the park, from the thrill rides to the kiddie rides
  • Give a tour of the park, highlighting its features and attractions
  • Share stories about your family’s experiences at the theme park
  • Highlight special events that are happening at the park
  • Share tips for making the most of a visit to your family theme park
  • Encourage people to come and experience your park for themselves
  • Share footage of people enjoying themselves at the park and smiling children on rides
  • Share interesting facts about the history of the creation of your family theme park
  • Encourage people to visit your family theme park by giving them a sneak peek at some of the fantastic things they can expect to see there
  • Give a tour of one of the popular attractions at your park.
  • Share user-generated content that guests have created at your park
  • Offer exclusive discounts and deals to viewers who watch your video marketing content
  • Thank viewers for their support and encourage them to visit soon
  • Interview guests about their experience at the park and get their thoughts on what needs improvement
  • Share interesting facts about the park’s history or design
  • Create videos that showcase special events held at the park throughout the year
  • Highlight new rides or attractions that have been added to the park
  • Show off the different areas of the park, from the rides to the food options
  • Share some photos and videos of guests enjoying themselves at the park
  • Appeal to parents by sharing ways they can save money on tickets for their children
  • Share stories or experiences from people who have visited the park
  • Share pictures and videos of people enjoying themselves at the park
  • Share interesting facts about the park or its history
  • Give a sneak peek of new rides or attractions that are being planned
  • Appeal to families with young children by sharing footage of them having fun in the play areas
  • Encourage people to visit by giving discount codes or promo codes
  • Talk about the attractions and why they’re great for families
  • Share funny or heartwarming stories about visits to the park
  • Highlight how affordable a day out at the theme park can be
  • Share fun footage of people enjoying themselves at the park
  • Share interesting facts about the history of the creation of your theme park
  • Encourage people to come to visit your park by sharing pictures and videos that capture its beauty
  • Answer common questions about your theme park that people might have
  • Show off different areas of the park, such as the amusement rides, waterpark, and arcade
  • Give a tour of the park’s accommodations, such as the hotel and campgrounds
  • Offer a glimpse into what life is like after leaving the park (e.g., returning to work or school)

Video Marketing Strategies for Your Theme Park

  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Create an email marketing campaign
  • Engage with your customers through surveys, coupons, and contests
  • Run online ads on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to reach new potential customers in the right demographic
  • Video marketing is an effective way to promote your theme park, but there are some important things you need to consider before you start creating videos
  • You’ll want to create a video that has the potential of going viral and reaching a large audience- make sure it’s exciting and interesting enough for people to share on social media
  • It’s also important that your video resonates with your target demographic- so if they’re 18-25-year-olds, then don’t use an older person in the video
  • If you are good at making videos or editing them, ask for their help! They can be a valuable resource for getting started
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy to reach potential customers
  • Create an online video that highlights the theme park’s newest attractions and shows people having fun
  • Promote your videos on social media, like Facebook or Twitter
  • Post videos to YouTube and make sure you have a good SEO title for them
  • Share your videos with bloggers who may be interested in writing about them
  • Build a website with an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Host contests that are relevant to your theme park’s audience (e.g., photo contest) and promote these contests through social media channels
  • Leverage influencers in the entertainment industry by partnering with them for special promotions or giveaways
  • Promote discounts by creating deals that can only be found through social media
  • Send out weekly newsletters with pictures, coupons, and updates about new events at the park
  • Offer exclusive deals for subscribers to your email list
    are they on social media or through email campaigns
  • Videos also allow you to show off the newest attractions, like rides and events, which will help bring in new customers
  • The cost of video production has become more affordable over time with new equipment and software coming out all the time- it’s worth considering hiring a professional videographer for this project
  • Create playlists of videos that show the different rides, attractions, and other features of your theme park
  • Upload photos from past trips to the parks on Instagram or Facebook with hashtags like #Disneyland, #UniversalStudios, etc., so people can search by location and find out about your theme park
  • Create a video that introduces the theme park and its attractions
  • Have a “Behind-the-Scenes” series of videos where you show how your rides are made, what goes on in the control room, and so on
  • Promote upcoming events with videos about them
  • Use the video for customer service inquiries (e.g., if someone has an issue with their ticket)
  • Use call-to-action videos to encourage people to buy tickets or get on the waiting list for rides
  • Make a video about your theme park’s history and values, including its commitment to safety
  • Showcase seasonal events with promotional videos
  • Put together an “about” page on YouTube with information about your company.


It is time for theme parks to start using video marketing and advertising to attract more guests.

Animated videos are best to show off what the park offers without giving away all surprises.

They can also be used as commercials or trailers leading up to the opening of a new attraction. Parks need to start using video content to stay ahead of their competition.

For help creating an effective video marketing strategy for your amusement park, contact us today.

It would be great and happy to discuss your options and help get you started on the path to success!

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