YouTube Channel Tips Tricks

Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel – Do’s and Don’ts

YouTube is the best video destination across the web. Starting a channel on YouTube platform is simple but getting identified among the millions of channels is a bit difficult task that needs a perfect strategy and honest efforts. The channel represents your niche on the platform which must be presented creatively to the audience in order to stay different. Tips for starting a YouTube Channel is given here.

Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel: Do’s and Don’ts 

Which helps you in the creation of your YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Do’s 

Do Collaboration and Tagging

Camera and Setup 

Camera and lighting setup are very important as an efficient lighting and camera play a great role in delivering the best quality video. So, once you have decided to start a youtube channel, make sure you have setup everything before your start.

Channel layout and other works 

Do spend your valuable time on channel banner as it worth it to gain the best identity. So, create a perfect logo to your channel which is simple and impressive that must reflect your channel.

Do Collaboration 

The collaboration is a great way to reach your audience across the platform. Communicate with other professionals in your niche and approach them by agreeing to host the guest videos. This way of collaboration cross promotion can work better to reach the result.

Do Tagging 

Video tagging is very important to attract the audience. But, the effort must be in an honest way.

Many people used to tag the videos with the keywords that are in search for the most. The audience can’t find the tagged videos and concluded them as fake. Don’t follow this type of tagging and do tag honestly to increase your fame.

YouTube Channel Don’ts 

Don’t publish all videos at a time 

If you are ready to start your channel and very excited to post a videos set which you have already setup readily. But, it is not a smart move. So, post them once per day or once a week and be consistent. Don’t ever post a number of videos at a time because they may lose the audience

Don’t Neglect the Interaction 

The best interactions with the consumers are very important. So, never neglect the feedback given by the audience and other professionals. Take it as their suggestions and go along with a perfect planning.

Don’t follow Black Hat :

Don’t ever follow the black hat SEO as increasing the likes, subscribers by buying them with some unofficial techniques. It may effect on your channel for a long term and may keep an end to your channel too. So, don’t ever follow the black hat SEO for your Channel.

Things to Do After You Create Your YouTube Channel

Video content has a more significant influence on the audience than any other form of material on the web. The video content is shared among the audience at a more substantial level when you can research on the statistical data of the video usage. When comes to the word ‘Video’, everyone struck with the Youtube platform only, because it is the most significant video destination across the web. Everyone was using Youtube for their video watching and spending lots of time on videos. When comes to the creation of the Youtube channel for the brands and business, one must remember the things that must be kept in mind after the creation of channel for your name

Creation of Branding graphics

Organization of the content on the channel was very important after the creation of the channel along with the designing of the brand graphics. The Youtube channel can be customized with the branded graphics with the background image. The creative Brand Graphics attracts the audience towards your channel. You can add the background image by customizing the colors and by basic design set up by saving the graphical file in JPEG format and add a new layer to behind the Youtube screenshot and highlight the color of the background. Return to channel and display your channels template and go with advanced options in colors tab.

Create thumbnails

  • Create attractive thumbnails for your uploaded videos on the Youtube channel.
  • Click on to the “My Videos” tab which is present at the top right corner
  • Find out the video from list
  • Click on to the “Edit” option
  • Click on to the selected thumbnail and scroll down to save it

Adding Channel tags, Links and descriptions

The channels tags help the people to find out your content. In order to add the tags to the channel with the keywords included in it, you have to go to “My Channel” and select settings. Create better links to your Youtube channel videos to create identity. Descriptions were also played an important role and go with good, short, clear description of your channel and videos.


The channel must be promoted by adding the various links to the social media platforms as they are the best way to promote the channel videos and grab good exposure on the web. Promote your videos on social media platforms by describing the video content in blogs too.

10 Critical Visual Design Elements Every YouTube Channel Must Have

Designing of YouTube channel is very important to your audience. The channel designing is the first impression to every visitor on your channel. So, it is essential to take care of critical Visual Design Elements in the channel designing. Here are the top 10 Visual Design Elements you have to focus on while designing your YouTube channel.

Top 10 Visual Design Elements

Channel icon

The channel icon is the square type of image that generally seen in the top left of the channel on Youtube. The icon will show on every single video of your channel. It must be clear and attractive as it is considered to be the best visual element.

YouTube Channel banner

Your channel banner must be fit with the dimensions and it must be optimized accordingly. Banner generally spreads on the channel page at the top.

Video thumbnails

Thumbnails are the most important elements which help you to boost your video clicks. Create attractive, relevant and informative thumbnails.

Popular video Thumbnail

Create best popular video thumbnail to the video. Popular video thumbnail creation is nothing but the creation of thumbnail which can raise interest in the viewers. But, it must be relevant.

Playlist thumbnails

Create best thumbnails for your playlists. Make sure your playlists must organize in a right way that audience must not mislead. So, create relevant playlist thumbnail that matches your saved playlist theme.

YouTube channel trailer thumbnail

The channel trailer is the key video for the channel growth. Try using the special logo or any other specific image as your thumbnail. It helps your audience to recognize your channel in the best way.

YouTube Channel Facebook Page covers

YouTube channel Facebook page covers must design targeting the balance of Facebook and YouTube priorities for your business or brand online.

Twitter Profile Cover of YouTube Channel

Collaborate the logo of your brand or company in the Twitter profile cover design for YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Google+ Cover

YouTube channel Google plus cover must be designed by taking your audience point of view in designing the Google plus cover for YouTube channel.

Website Design for YouTube Channel

The website designing plays a great role in the YouTube channel success. So apply good website designing for your YouTube channel to drive better traffic towards your channel and get successful.

Therefore the above critical Visual Design Elements play a great role in the success of YouTube channel at 360 degrees.

How to Build YouTube Channel Fans with New Social Community Feature

YouTube has been able to retain its supremacy in terms of viewership. The 2nd largest search engine offering video information on the varied subject (from the world’s largest search engine Google) has been lagging in just one way. To overcome this limitation, YouTube ventured to add ‘social community’ feature to its platform.

YouTube’s beta trial version is presently running. The addition of social community features is done by adding one more tab for channels. This simple addition has made a great change in the interaction between the publisher and viewer (of content). This step (from YouTube) is mainly seen as a fight to competition like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

How this social community feature is going to benefit the creators is that the creators will be empowered to build a mini social network (connected to their channels) and there will be a continuous interaction (between the viewers and the creator). It is also beneficial to the viewers with its ‘notification system’ indicating the latest updates of the content in the channels for which they subscribed for.

This attempt of YouTube to bring creators and subscribers together in one place (though in its trial version) has already started receiving many favorable comments and the channel is quite excited about the same.

Now the question is how the marketers can enhance their YouTube Channel viewership using this new addition (of social community feature). The creators can make use of the feature to ensure that the targeted audience, who want to receive relevant notification regarding updations of their subscribed channels, receive the needed, updated and curated content. The marketers/creators can post a stream of text, photos, GIFs. To enhance the popularity, this facility is also being offered on YouTube mobile app as well. Besides offering the wonderful platform, YouTube is also taking necessary precautions to ensure that there is the least misuse of the technology.

YouTube’s community will only allow creators to post items on their pages and users can comment only on those posts. Users can’t comment on each other’s comments (which is presently happening on many platforms), and also the comments are subject to moderation. The community is also an added advantage to the creators as they are required just to comment and provide an update (there is no need for the fresh posting of content).

Despite all the advantages of the community, the marketer has to ensure that his content is accurate, updated and curated as per the requirements of his targeted audience.This will ensure that the marketing strategy is a grand success.

Advanced Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

You have already known how fun and efficient YouTube to reach the millions of people at one roof. But, it requires your efforts with the video as your weapon to wage war for success. Many new YouTubers who upload video content on YouTube may feel with a dilemma of getting views and subscribers within a short period. It may turn for fear of not getting the views and subscribers when months were crossing. Many other channels on YouTube grow faster by following the various tips that can boost channel growth. Here are some advanced tips for the growth of your YouTube channel.

Consistency can Bring you Fine Results

Always be continuous with your video uploads. Because the audience likes to watch the other videos if they like your first videos and if you just left the things incomplete in uploading a video week then you may lose your existing subscribers as well as the future subscriptions too. So, always be consistent with your video uploads.

Go with Better Quality in both Audios as well as Video

Many of us just focus on the high definition and pixels of the video quality during the creation of the video. But the audio has a great impact on the viewers comparing to video. Both audio and video have their mark to get a high number of views and subscribers.

Go with Good Editing Software

Good editing tools can help you to get better output video. Utilize the best tools that are available on the web. Be Careful about the content during editing by keeping the YouTube guidelines to avoid the account terminations and copyright strikes.

Title, Description and Tags

Go with the good title which must be catchy, attractive and relevant to your content. The description plays an important role to bring good exposure to your channel. Always add your blog address and URLs within the description along with the keywords included in it. Add attractive tags to your videos to grab the subscribers to your channel.

Create Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first impression on your video. To create the best thumbnails that are relevant to your content. Don’t just go with irrelevancy to attract the audience with fake thumbnails as it does not work longer and can affect your channel growth for a long period.

How To Track YouTube Channel Performance With Google Analytics

How To Track YouTube Channel Performance With Google Analytics

Have you ever concentrated on the performance of your YouTube channel?

Do you want to find the video content that goes viral?

Google Analytics is the only solution to analyze the overall performance of a particular video content. It generates the high traffic for the YouTube channel and to find the relevant audiences for the channel. The reports of traffic and watch time can be identified by this tool. The metrics that have been provided by the Google Analytics will lead to having the branded YouTube channel.

Linking YouTube account to Google analytics

  • Initially, log in to your Google analytics account.
  • Then choose the ‘admin’ option.
  • Hold the drop-down menu in the account column to choose the account for which the property has to be added.
  • Choose the ‘create new property’ from the dropdown menu in the property column.
  • Now assign the channel name.
  • Add the YouTube channel URL.
  • Then choose the reporting time zone, industry and category.
  • Then hit on tracking ID and then copy it.
  • Now login to your YouTube channel account.
  • Then pick the YouTube advanced settings and then hit on creator studio.
  • Now select the channel.
  • Tracking ID can be added to the Google Analytics property tracking ID.
  • Now just click on save.
  • Clutching only YouTube on Google analytics:
  • When you link Google analytics and YouTube channel, then the data from the website and YouTube will be available.
  • Now create a new view by going through the Google analytics.
  • Then assign the ‘YouTube channel view’ by selecting the time zone.
  • Now hit on ‘save.’

Fetching the data from only YouTube channel by applying filters to the YouTube channel view.

  1. Insights that are being tracked on YouTube channel by using Google analytics:
  2. The audiences that are visiting our YouTube channel can be identified.
  3. It can display the interaction of audiences with our channel.
  4. The conversion rate reports can be obtained.
  5. Videos that are playing a vital role to gain the audience traffic can be identified.
  6. The all pages report can be obtained by using Google analytics on YouTube.
  7. The users visiting time can be identified.
  8. The audience geographic location can be displayed.
  9. The devices which are being involved to browse your content is possible.

10 Ways to Engage your audience on your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a marketplace where the marketer can exhibit his products and promote the same. But, if the marketer is not able to get the required viewers or unable to convert the visitors to purchase decisions, it is a great loss for him and as such he needs to ensure success for his ad campaign. One of the best ways to achieve this objective is to engage the audience on his YouTube channel.

As the channel is offering tremendous potential, there is stiff competition for the promotion of the products and the best strategies being the only way to engage the audience, let us briefly understand the ways to engage the audience.

1) Create great titles:

Title of the video is the primary indication that can create or destroy the success of the video. The title needs to be shortest possible and descriptive as well. Keywords also have equal importance in titling.

2) Good thumbnails:

Optimum thumbnail is another way that can engage the audience. Thumbnail gives the viewer an idea about the content of the video and creates interest.

3) Video SEO:

Content marketing is always dependent on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO factors include the tag, audience retention, tags, video length, likes etc.

4) Optimize the channel in terms of color, logo, social media icon, background & customer banners and layout.

5) Organize contests to your viewers & offer gifts. `

6) Collaborating with competitions in a similar line of activity is another way to engage the audience. Collaboration can be through guest appearances, guest blogs etc.

7) Creation of playlists involving relevant videos is another way whereby the viewer is harnessed till he views all the relevant videos and this ensures engaging the viewer.

8) Regular interaction with the audience through QA session ensures that the viewer is engaged in the channel.

9) ‘Call to Action’ is the trump card that the marketer can never ignore. The options under this heading include like, share, subscribe, forward etc.

10) Promotion of channel across different platforms is required as there has to be awareness among the users of various platforms. For example, your YouTube channel can be promoted on other platforms like FB, Linked in, Pinterest etc.

The ultimate aim of the marketer is to ensure that his ad campaign is a grand success and for this, he has to ensure that constant updating of his content as well as provision of accurate data, as well as contact details, will ensure that he is able to engage his audience.

Awesome Design Hacks for Building an Effective YouTube Channel

Over 800 million people visit YouTube once a month, 72 hours’ worth of videos uploaded every day, and, in 2011, YouTube had 1 trillion views. YouTube is a huge opportunity for content marketers to tap. But just setting up a YouTube account, recording some videos and uploading them isn’t enough to get people to subscribe and follow you on YouTube. You need some hard-hitting strategies that will draw people in and convince them that you are somebody to watch and follow.

Monitor “Attention Score” To Measure Good Storytelling

YouTube executive Bing Chen says, “Another thing that cannot replace is good storytelling. We recommend you go to your dashboard and look at your attention score.” What exactly is your attention score? That shows you the level of attention and the length of time people spend watching your videos.

There are two types of YouTube content: entertainment and information.

Entertainment videos pull people in with good headlines or enticing thumbnails, so the attention level is high at the beginning but drops off towards the end.

Here’s what makes a great entertaining video:

  • Five-second rule : A great entertaining video must grab people in the first five seconds. You can use questions or put yourself into an unusual situation. And don’t forget the conflict. People have to get a feeling of suspense immediately.
  • Storytelling : Bing Chen says this is essential. Learn the tricks of weaving a good story so that people will hang with you through the duration of the video. You can use gimmick or conflict to achieve that.
  • Short : Entertaining videos can’t be too long. Between one and three minutes is ideal for video, we’re looking at your attention score is critical. Where are people dropping off? Is that the upper reaches of attention span?

The other type of video is the informative video. These are your tutorials and how-to and do-it-yourself clips. The thing about these types of videos is that their attention scores will be just the opposite of an entertaining video.

  • Early attention score is low : Most of the traffic drops off early. People decide quickly whether they will learn what they want to learn from a video.
  • Late attention score is high : Those who stay past the two or three minute mark will typically stay for the entire video.
  • Steps : Great informative videos pull people along by giving them systematic steps to accomplish a particular task. In fact, people may tend to pause the video and write notes or actually perform the task. Think about how you would learn to fold a paper airplane or fix a sink.
  • Length : It doesn’t matter how long your informative video is as long as you are giving people the answers they need.

YouTube Channel Team for an Outstanding Output

YouTube channel manager

It’s ideal if the channel manager is certified by youtube. YouTube confirmation is offered by YouTube to its accomplice channels and guarantees a base-level of information about the YouTube stage, programming system, and asset management. In a perfect world, the YouTube channel manager is a trusted colleague video production experience, a solid comprehension of your organisation’s publication voice, and an eye for information and investigation. If your organisation doesn’t have the assets for a committed YouTube channel manager, the representative at present taking care of video operations is the following best alternative.


  • Advancement and creation of YouTube-particular videos
  • Channel and show strategy
  • YouTube video uploads and optimisation
  • Everyday channel gathering of people engagement
  • Association and collaborations management
  • Asset and copyright management
  • Examination reports

Script Writer or Idea Creator

Script writer and idea creator provides creative ideas for the description of videos and the channel in a unique way to attract the audience towards the channel.


Cameraman plays a significant role to get the quality video output that is going to publish on the platform. The video quality plays a vital role in success.

Lighting and makeup crew

From Lightman to Makeup man every member of the team must be efficient and skilful because best lighting can attract the viewer’s attention and the people in video can look more natural with makeup which makes them photogenic and colourful on screen.

Video Editor

Video editors edit the unnecessary parts of the video and cut down the things and rearrange to get a perfect output of video. Video editor plays a crucial role in video success.

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are a must for creating wonderful Custom YouTube Video Thumbnails.Without a graphic content, it can’t be impressive to the audience.

Video encoder or technical person

The video encoders encodes the video and make it compatible of the formats to play the video on different devices which can increase the exposure and ease of playing the content efficiently.

To Learn more on Video Encoding for YouTube click on this link YouTube Video Encoding

Search Engine Optimizer – SEO

Search engine optimiser works on Video SEO to improve the rankings on various search engine results and make your video noticeable among the millions of video content online. Without perfect SEO operations, your video cannot be reached to audience.

Content Writer

Content writer helps in producing and providing the various varieties of content on multiple niches to improve the content quality and rankings. The writer offers the best and unique content for your need.

Social Media Promoter

Video cannot be reach without proper promotions. So, a social media platform plays a great role in promotions a social media promoter carry on with efficient promotions of the video and increases the exposure.

Playlists,Annotations,Cards Creator and Comments Moderator

Annotations, Cards can increase the views and subscribers to your videos the playlists and annotations team organise and reorganise the various videos according to the genres and make the access easier for audience and visitors.


If you want to benefit from the ultimate service from Google, then step out quickly to merge the ‘Google Analytics’ at your YouTube channel. It is the most significant category for all the creators and publishers while launching the video content, especially on YouTube.

To grow your YouTube channel account fast, follow the above tips. This is an ultimate guide for Advanced Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast.

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