YouTube Channels in United States

Top 10 YouTube Channels in United States

The United States is home to some of the top YouTube channels in the world. These are great entertainment sources for all people, especially for young adults and teens who might not always have access to cable television or DVD players. Here are ten of the best U.S. based YouTube channels that everyone should check out! This list will be updated as new popular videos come out on these channels!

In recent years, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites to watch videos. It is the second-largest search engine globally and the third largest website overall after Facebook and Google. It’s no wonder that people from all over the world are trying to get their own YouTube channels going! If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here are some tips about how to make a successful channel.

1.Justin Bieber VEVO:

A young Canadian singer and songwriter started this channel. Justin Bieber is well known for pop albums with two instruments vocal and guitar. He got awards called fan-voted awards. His videos have a unique style and mesmerize the audience with his fantastic voice. Channel includes all types of videos like Live, recorded albums, world tours, special interviews with Justin Bieber. One of the first YouTube stars gets the highest income from this channel. It has 26,188,375+subscribers and 13,716,231,179+views.

2. WWE :

WWE gets streaming services from WWE Network. Channel include Wrestling Live Events, Documentaries of WWE superstars, Current shows, and upcoming events. It showcases live video matches of wrestling superstars, award-winning events, exclusive interviews of WWE superheroes, and the highest of matches. This channel has 13,618,776+subscribers and 12,393,275,122 + views.

3. Fun Toys Collector:

Fun Toys Collector is kids best YouTube channel which includes the huge collection of toys. Videos describe how to play with that toys, how to open them, reviews about toys, and get instructions to arrange. Especially for infants, toddlers, pre-school kids, children of all ages. Mainly include Disney toys and dolls reviews, clay videos, colors, surprise toys. This channel has millions of views only from kids. It has 8,614,732+subscribers and 12,205,302,358+ views.

4. Rihanna VEVO:

RIHANNA an American pop singer, Rihanna VEVO is the first YouTube channel that got 5 million views from Rihanna‘s Albums. She has become the first billionaire’s YouTube star. Her channel uploads more than videos, she gets high traffic for her ideal singing.

She has launched more than 24,000 videos, ten TV shows and acted in six films.

This channel got 23,703,288+subscribers and 10,515,951,966+ views.

5. Katy Perry VEVO:

Katy Perry is an American singer, actor, did television shows and commercials. She launched music albums, her autobiography documentary named Katy Perry: Part of Me. Katy Perry has started her career with gospel music. She has released her albums in different languages. Her videos are entertainment, fun action, fashion. It has 20,333,563+subscribers and 10,202,186,959+views.

6. Taylor Swift VEVO:

Taylor Swift VEVO music channel includes Taylors 73 video’s top albums are Blank space, Bad Blood, Shake it off, Begin again, and much more. Taylor Swift red carpet interviews, official shows are also included on this channel. 20,653,359+ subscribers and 10,168,358,296 + views.

7. BuzzFeed Video:

BuzzFeed is an American news and Entertainment channel. This channel includes videos like funny, sharable news, digital media, and technology videos. They mainly focus on viral content according to the viral news. This channel has 11,435,561+ subscribers and 8,741,887,883+ views.

8. The Ellen Show:

The Ellen show is well known for its comedy channel to make you laugh at his signature movements. Ellen Show is a television channel started by Ellen De Generous.

This channel broadcast videos of TV Shows with guest stars. The channel has a lot of stuff including TV shows, Exclusive Interviews, fun with kids, dance shows, and Ellen Life-Changing sessions. It has 18,217,145+ subscribers and 8,015,587,758+ views.

9. Family Fun Pack:

Family Fun Pack includes five kids named Alyssa, Zac, David, Chris, and little one Michel. All videos have fun with food, clothes, vlogs, toys, and challenges with kids. Children-friendly YouTube Channel having awesome fun by watching. This channel has 4,293,684+ subscribers and 7,909,065,674+ views.

10. Eminem VEVO:

Eminem is an American best-selling hip-pop artist, record producer, and actor. His top albums are Infinite, shady LP, the Manson, etc. He has got the best rap song artist awards, diamond certification awards. He composes albums with his unique direction and style and posters. This channel has 20,366,268+ subscribers and 7,744,942,074+ views.


If you’re looking for a new YouTube channel to watch or just want to see what’s popular right now in the United States, we’ve compiled this list of our top 10 favorite channels.

Some are well established and have been around since before YouTube was founded. At the same time, some are newcomers who have quickly risen from obscurity on the platform with their unique perspectives and content offerings.

All offer something different that will entertain as long as your tastes run towards videos about animals doing funny things! Contact us today if you need help setting up your video marketing strategy or consultation on creating better engaging content that will grow an audience.

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