Types of Videos

Types of Videos That Are Effective For Digital Marketing & Branding

Online video advertising is changing its way frequently with new types of ad formats and the new method of approaching with various themes. Video advertising switched from one platform to the other platform. Video advertising was running at its own pace with new implementations come up with different Types of Videos for Video advertising.

The power of video in a digital marketing campaign cannot be underestimated. When planning a digital video campaign, the creators will have first to decide whether to run native ads or pre-roll video ads in short form or Long Form content. Content creators and marketers should focus which type of content going viral now for video marketing.

Short Form Or Long Form Video? Which Is Best For Video Marketing?

As there are many different sources for each, we can say that in today s world, we have to hold our consumers very tight. Doesn’t matter how excellent your product is, before hitting the play button, your audience will determine whether to play it or not by two things:

  1. The thumbnail
  2. The length of the video

If you were given a choice to hit the play button of two videos, which one would you prefer. With reduced attention spans of human beings, the obvious pick would be the video which is of a shorter duration.

Emergence Of Mobile First Native Video Ads

Emergence Of Mobile-First Native Video Ads. The native video has excellent engagement level comparing to other ads. The future of the native video advertising is paving a way to new doors to unlock in marketing.

More than 70 percent marketers are following the native video advertising as their marketing practice. Even the audiences are also showing their interest in the native video ads, and marketers are observing excellent results with the native mobile video advertising and grabbing better impressions by practicing the mobile native video ads.

The native video ad formats are working well on mobile devices across the web and in-app. It is improving the brand metrics towards the success. Many brands have made its strategy with the native video advertising. More than 90 percent campaigns are driving natively via mobile video.

Quick Engagement Rate:

The native video ads have higher Viewability by the viewers. They can grab the viewer s attention very quickly before the viewer scroll. That means it can have the power to attract the audience at first three seconds.

These ads possess high engagement rates, and the advertisers or marketers can edit the video according to the viewer s interest with special video edits. By using the close-up and exciting images with a strong viewpoint, videos help the marketers to reach the audience natively.

Finally, native video helps the marketers to lift the brand by targeting relevancy and the viewer’s attention as main. Many brands got succeeded with the native video ads and startups also focusing on the same to increase their reach.

An Insight Into In-feed Native Video

More than 80 percent marketers are planning their budgets for the video advertising. Video advertising was designed with various names and with the different features in the market. Today, the online video adverting was divided or differentiated into Pre-roll and in-feed native videos.

The in-feed native video has greater engagement levels comparing to other native video ads today across the platforms. The in native feed video was generating considerable buzz on the web as many advertisers are predicting the formats which can perfectly match with the competitor to the pre-roll.

The pre-roll ads also have the higher engagement levels, but it made the audience to watch the ads beforehand. You can see some many pre-roll ads on YouTube platform while watching the video.

These pre-roll ads can be appeared during the video watching before and during the video watch on the YouTube platform. Infeed native video ads exactly target the consumers as it can make its effect on the expectations of the consumers.

The consumers and audience will not be forced to watch the advertiserís content. These ads can build the sincere relationship with the audience.

The in native feed advertising motivates the production of high-quality video content which can educate and entertain the audience. The infeed video content targets the audience with emotional touch.

Introduction To In-Feed Native Video Ads

Video advertising was running at its own pace with new implementations and update in the advertising practices. The video watching the behavior of the people also changed, and they are interested in watching the video content whenever they get time in their busy schedule.

This is the main reason behind the rise of video advertising and marketing across the web. The new in-feed native video ads are trending across the web today.

The in-feed native video ads can deliver the native ads to enhance the better user experience and the match the format of the publishers content. These ads are disclosed prominently as promoted or sponsored ads.

The major social platforms adopt the in-feed native ad formats like Facebook and Twitter and many other platforms. With the emergence of the mobile technology, the content can be organized in the feed format in the publishing today.

The majority of publishers are following the in-feed ads format to deliver their stories. They are also preparing the responsive design for the feed type formats to the mobile sites and as well as for the apps.

In-feed advertising will become a solution for the delivering the brand content to the audience without interrupting the experience of the users. In-feed advertising can increase the engagement level with the ad units.

The endemic in-feed ads deliver the branded content to match the stories that are surrounding and links to the page on the site. The static in-feed ads take the users to the brand page and enhance the brand exposure.

In-Program Video Ads – The Next Big Thing

The in-programme video ads are going to be the next big thing in the online digital video marketing today. The distribution of the online content will improve to the more significant extent.

The Television programs are interrupted by the new ads, and they became the big business for the marketers. Now the days have changed, and the modern digital world was going to deliver towards the audience with relevancy that can perfectly match the context of the content.

The better way of monetization of the content targets with the in program brand experiences in future. The on program ads are the best alternative to the pre-roll ads and the mid-roll ads.

The new type of ad formats is efficient in analyzing the video content and also use the data to find the right place for the overlay ads. It will not interrupt the viewers who are watching the content on the screen. These ads will display on the screen with interrupting the user.

The pre-roll ads have good demand in the market in which the users already know about these type of ads. The advertisements that are skippable have no better engagement rates.

The new ad type in-program video ads will bring a new change in the video marketing and marketing on videos with a different form of content formats that suit the things basing on the context.

The viewers were also showed their interest and liked the in program video ads as these ads are not at all interrupting the viewers of the content and delivers the brand or marketing message efficiently. So, these types of ads will become the next biggest thing in the video marketing in future.

Difference Between Native Video Ads Vs Pre-Roll Video Ads

Let us now find out the difference between native video ads and pre-roll video ads.

Pre-roll video ads are the ads those cannot avoid by the internet users. These are forced on the users before they can view a web page or a YouTube video. These are short in length.

Native videos are different from pre-roll videos. Native video ads appear in the social media feed. These are clickable and are longer. These are open only when the user decides to play them.

Native ads are more extended, and these can deliver the message more clearly than pre-roll advertisements and Which are short in length. Users have a choice to watch them or not. Pre-roll video ads interrupt the user experience and might be ignored by the users.

Native video ads used for storytelling about a brand. Pre-roll ads used for immediate sale benefits. Native video ads help to keep the viewers engaged, and these are also good for sharing.

These can be used to post on different websites. Pre-roll ads are used to deliver messages which are sharp and to the point. These are usually less than thirty seconds shorter. The goal of pre-roll ads is to reach the masses.

Pre-roll ads allow the marketers to target a specific audience, and use the tools such as conversation optimization, etc. But there is a high risk of people skipping these ads.

Both native ads and pre-roll ads are important to complete the picture of digital marketing for any brand. Both have their benefits. The marketers need to analyze the goals of the video campaign and decide the type of video ads that should use.

The Rise Of Long-Form Video [Study]

Video watching the behavior of the audience was changing day to day. People are interested in watching the short form of videos previously but, it changed to the long form of video viewing behavior.

The online business and marketers are mainly focusing on the video content consumption of the audience and designing their video marketing strategies by targeting the audience viewing behaviors.

From the recent studies, it revealed that people are watching the long form of content like movies, programmes, shows online. This made the long form of content to grow online.

The long form of content was growing its demand in the present market. The Videos up to 20 minutes are noticed to have tremendous growth. The long form video viewing also increased to the 70% compared to the previous year reports.

The completion rate of long-form content has high viewing rate when compared to the short form content. The long form of video content was increasing its popularity compared to the short form content.

The long-form video content watching via tablets, mobile phones indicates the substantial rise of the content in long form. More than 80 percent noticed with the medium type of content viewing. The study revealed the factors behind the rise of long-form video content.

The primary factor is the compelling and attractive nature of the video. The audience was likely to watch the long form of content of and only if they are relevant to what they are searching for with engaging content which raises the interests of the people to watch.

Reach More Mobile Users Using Short-Form Videos [Study]

Smartphones had become an integral part of the video marketing and targeting the audience towards the market. Short-Form Videos are the powerful element in the marketing today, and the advertisers had expanded their targeting and market and reaching the audience directly with the mobile video advertising and marketing.

More than 85 percent millennials are watching the video via mobile devices. Many survey reports have revealed that mobile video is the next big thing in the video marketing in future too.

Mobile is the most Convenient Medium:

The accessibility of the content pat a vital role, and it is perfect for the mobile targeting. More than 86 percent millennials had smartphones in their hands all the time.

Even many research reports and studies have revealed that people were watching the video content on the multiple devices at a time. And the majority of the video content was viewed using the smartphones.

Short Form Video on Mobile Devices:

The short form of video content has received better watch time in research reports. Consumers are approaching the brands after viewing the short form video ads on mobile phones.

The new apps have also boosted the growth of ad market and brand sales across the countries. The short form video content was easy to access by the viewers and consuming very fewer data without buffering the content which makes the viewers to get involved in watching the content.

This made the marketers and advertisers to target the audience with the short form of video content across the smartphones in a smart way.


Video is trending content in the present digital world. Mainly long form video and short from videos are trending in the market. This is all about the diffrent types of video forms currently used by marketers and advertisers.

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