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Top 7 Reasons you must use Premiere Pro as a YouTuber!

Films and videos are not just a job for Hollywood movie makers and long-studied professionals. Video editing can now be done by just about anyone who wants to share quality posts on YouTube, other social media platforms, and more!

Today, editing a video can be as simple as just dragging-and-dropping your raw footage into an editing program.

Basic solutions like iMovie, Blender, Lightworks or YouTube’s editing software allow you to do simple techniques like cuts, transitions, and adding music.

If you’re serious about taking your YouTube editing game to the next level and elevating your channel, using a higher-end video software like Final Cut Pro 7, Sony Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Studio 8, Pinnacle Studio 20 or, our favorite, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, will make your videos drastically better.

With merely a decent camera and access to a good video editing software, you can create high-quality videos in record time, and share your creations with the world.

Premiere Pro for YouTubers is the best tool available, whether you’re a technology, lifestyle or comedy YouTuber wanting to attract a bigger audience.

Top 7 Premiere Pro Features for YouTubers

There are a ton of great features that makes Adobe Premiere Pro CC the top choice for editing software when it comes to creating amazing YouTube content, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 great features that make your editing experience the best

Shot Comparison and Matching

Adobe Premiere Pro’s superior video editing software allows you to use shot comparison and matching features to make your footage flawless. For YouTube creators wanting that full consistent look in their videos, Premiere Pro will help you create that.

The shot comparison feature allows you to compare your current shot to any shot on the timeline, so that you can compare the look and feel of the footage. Premiere Pro’s matching feature allows you to match the color of your shots, which is especially great in the case of matching skin tone shot-by-shot!

Better Performance and Faster Rendering

While your performance and rendering capabilities depend highly on the computer or device you’re working on, the software you use can also have a huge impact. Premiere Pro is a top-performing product that has superior performance and rendering capabilities — meaning you’ll work faster and better.

Multiple Lockable Projects

Being able to lock projects means that you can give others access to review your current projects while you’re still working on it without worrying about them making changes. Likewise, you can copy footage or elements from another locked project without worrying about making accidental changes.

This helps greatly when it comes to sharing workflows and passing projects off.

Essential Graphics Panel

The Adobe Premiere Pro essential graphics is the editing tool beyond all editing tools. This panel is capable of turning your basic YouTube video into a professional one. It’s powerful with the ability to add in graphics, spice up your transitions, change your coloring, and turn a basic project into video magic.

Automatic Audio Ducking

Adobe Premiere Pro has a handy automatic audio ducking feature that can help you transition between sounds with finesse, without a ton of manual edits. The automatic audio ducking feature allows you to add keyframes to a particular sound clip and have it automatically duck (lower or cut out) under other sound clips.

360 Video Editing

When it comes to editing larger projects that require a 360-degree view (like when it comes to VR), Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to edit that easily. You can stitch together different angles and shots, and edit them as one, adding multimedia elements, trim clips, and even change color.

VR Editing: Spatial Markers & Theatre Mode

When it comes to editing VR components, Adobe Premiere Pro makes it easy. If the Premiere Pro program encounters 2D footage, it switches into theatre mode within the Adobe Immersive Suite for ease of editing.

Likewise, the program allows you to point to different areas within your footage, so you can add a visual spatial marker for easier editing!

Using Premiere Pro as a YouTuber

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re well on your way to becoming a pro, Adobe Premiere Pro will help you take your YouTube videos to a level of much higher quality.

If you’re working on a VR project, want to add some creative and fun graphics, or are looking for faster editing performance, Premiere Pro has you covered.


Better yet, these 7 features are only a mere taste of what Premiere Pro is capable of. In addition to making more sophisticated editing process for you as a creator, Premiere Pro can also export your project directly to YouTube, save presets, and templates to make your workflow faster and better!

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