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Cloud-Based Video Transcoding: The Ultimate Guide

Depending on the varied specifications of desktop browsers and mobile devices the videos must be existable to play on each device. But it is not possible to create multiple videos of the same content. Most of the VOD streaming providers are looking to reach the user expectations by providing the extraordinary service to the consumers. Cloud-Based Video Transcoding techniques are specified here.

How to overcome all those issues?

The only solution is cloud-based video transcoding.

What does it mean?

How does it work?

To find everything about the cloud-based video transuding just go through the below phrases.

Cloud-based video transcoding

The videos that can be played on different media players, browsers, devices, and operating systems by converting those videos into various file formats and this can be done by using the cloud-based video transcoding.

The cloud-based video transcoding will enable the most seeking features like parallel execution abilities, scalability, producing the user demanded output with high quality, managing the content library of the media, customization and editing features, closed captioning, facilitate the entire setup and digital rights management, etc.

Cloud-based video transcoding will evade the redundant use of resources, existing R&D and investing in infrastructure at which the users use it as the service by paying to the transcoding volume.

Cloud-based video transcoding models

SaaS (Software as a Service):

Depending on the usage the payment is done that allows uploading the video files into the cloud. This cloud computing software service completely accessed through subscription basis. The applications of it are hosted by the third party who delivers the video content to the internet users.

Private cloud SaaS:

It can be used to access the cloud SaaS where it provides the complete control and security while distributing the video content on the private network.

PaaS (Platform as a Service):

It allows the users to launch, develop and manage the applications by avoiding the unnecessary resources and infrastructure that is involved.

Public cloud Saas:

The data that can be shared and accessed off-site over the internet that allows connecting online.

Zencoder Video Encoding System

The Zencoder video encoding system will help in transcoding and encode the different video file formats that run on mobile devices with needed video editing features for free. The API of cloud encoding shows the quick performance by managing the most expensive software or hardware which can be obtained for free of cost.

Features of Zencoder

The HD quality video content can be encoded or transcoded quickly than the real time.

HTTP live streaming on Apple:

The video with the high quality can be played on all iOS devices that are to stream on iPad and iPhones by supporting the Apple’s HLS standards.

Infinite scalability:

The activity of transcoding video files in bulk can be possible with higher scalability. When the cloud server is being inactive will allows no payment.

Trouble-free API integration:

The simple use of API request builder and the integration of media libraries will take place with dedicated support.

Supporting any video on any device:

99% of video encoding success rate has been owned by the Zencoder that supports to access any video on any device.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

The video files that can be transcoded in the cloud with high scalability and cost-effective way. It allows playing the video on different devices like desktops, smartphones and tablets.

The automatic media transcoding process can be managed by the Amazon Elastic Transcoder by considering all aspects. It requires no special transcoding infrastructure, scale hardware, tuning the performance and manages the software.

AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, and service API will help in accessing all services.

Services provided by Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Integration of AWS:

Especially on AWS, the end to end media solutions can be generated by launching the building block of media. The master video content can be stored on Amazon Glacier, and the CloudWatch will help to monitor the performance of the transcoding files.

Cost effective:

The payment can be done depending on the transcoded media files, in minutes and distribution of the output length.

Flawless Delivery:

The video content can be transcoded, stored and delivered to end user by using Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon S3.

Trouble-free management:

Instead of managing the software in the cloud-based environment it allows the users to focus on the content.

Elastically Scalable:

The transcoding of large volume and sizes of media files can be handled through Amazon Elastic Transcoder.


The video content that takes place in the cloud transcoding will be in our control with high security that has been provided by the Amazon Elastic Transcoder that protects all those assets through Amazon S3 bucket.

Live Video Transcoding

The word Transcoding refers to the process of converting a media file or a media object to one form to another format to gain the compatibility of the device or an application.

This happens only if the file is not compatible with the size, or another format. The transcoding resolves the problem of file size, memory and device compatibility.

Features of Live Video Transcoding

  • Live video transcoding will increase the experience by delivering the live stream in multiple bitrates to match the viewers live connection speed.
  • It will make your videos to cross-platform compatible and increase the audience engagement.
  • It provides multiple output streams lines to provide viewers free streaming across the internet and mobile devices.
  • Live video encoding provides adaptive bitrate streaming to increase viewing experience by matching the viewer’s connection speed.
  • Customised preset encoding profiles will provide to target the set of devices or a single targeted device.
  • There is no limit for live video transcoding; you can stream 24X7 live events or continuous streaming and deliver any number of Viewers.
  • Live video transcoding supports Cloud transcoding, dedicated server transcoding which will limit the server uptime itself.

Free Online Video Encoder

The essential things for live streaming are video encoder software. The encoder software or encoder tool transcode video from one form to another form.

The encoder software captures the video from the webcam, camera or the source and transforms that video into online video content to stream from any of the platforms.

There is number of online video encoder software available in the market, depending on the requirement of the streamer and depending on the streaming medium selection of encoding software or tools varies.

It is a challenging thing to choose a proper encoding software for the live streaming beginners.

They should be the first check with the free trials which including basic functionality and all other required features.

Every online video encoder must have the following features such as –

Multiple bitrate streaming:

Every free online video encoder should reach the viewers streaming speed. Viewers must satisfy with the internet speed having multiple bitrates streaming for the better viewing experience.

24X7 helpline support:

The encoder software should have 24X7 support from the server side if any issue occurs during live streaming they must be present at the time to resolve the issue to continue the perfect streaming.

Platform compatibility:

Video encoding software should support or compatible with any device or any streaming platform. YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and some other streaming platform stream in different ways.

Video conferencing:

The way of broadcasting the event by communicating the many people in one place. When the event is running if you got any issues you must context the support through video conferencing. So your video encoder should support video conferencing software like Skype.

Support your Budget:

Finally come to the budget issues. But the budget is the primary matter for buying the video encoder software. All the free online video encoders do not support all features what we have discussed above.

OBS Software, FFsplit, Xsplit, Game Show and Adobe Flash media encoder are the top 5 free online video encoders. First, go with the trial version to check the best features.

Video Transcoding Server

The video transcoding server provides reliable video processing based on the smooth workflow.

Many of the open source video transcoders provide reliable, best performance video compression and provide quick conversation for the various video files and delivers good output quality with multiple adaptive streaming.

Wowza transcoder can simplify the server side requirements for live streaming the high-quality video to reach the viewer’s speed.

There is a massive difference in transcoding server and open source server –

The new transcoding servers provide better quality streaming compared to open source server-side streaming.

It includes parallel processing of incoming jobs, and a single video transcoding includes additional factors improve the speed of transcoding.

Cloud-Based Video Encoding and Transcoding

The process is also called video transcoding or video conversion.

Since different computer browsers and mobile devices have different specifications, it is necessary to encode or convert videos from one format to another depending on the end user’s device.

All encoding vendors, cloud and otherwise, claim superior quality; perhaps it’s in their DNA, or maybe they just assume it expected.

Other vendors have been competing with x264 and other H.264 codecs for years, and have achieved similar quality.

Leveraging the power of cloud-based transcoding means items like scale, quality and simplicity are no longer possibilities, but realities. cloud-based transcoding system has been designed to enable the elastic scalability required in today’s landscape, produce the high-quality output demanded by today’s viewers and all while simplifying the entire setup and ongoing maintenance of a complex media content library.

Online video consumption is surging. And simply put, the existing hardware-based resources that exist in most of the today’s content preparation workflows just aren’t up to the scalability that content service providers must achieve for success.

In order to get content online as fast as audiences demand, a veritable army of hardware-based resources is required. To meet deadlines sacrifices are being made.

Quality, ongoing capital expenditures and simplicity are all being forgone to feed the constant demand to get content online and consumable.

No matter what business you’re in, the benefits of cloud encoding are so compelling, that the next time you face a major encoding purchase decision, you should strongly consider a cloud solution.

Multi-Device Live Transcoding

What is Transcoding? Transcoding is the direct conversion from one encoding to another. Transcoding can be from analogue to analogue or digital to digital conversion. Multi-Device Live Transcoding is Transcoding across the multi-device when some of the devices do not support the existing format or want a reduced file size. The best practice of Transcoding takes place when the original format converted to the intermediate format and subsequently converted to target format.

Transcoding is applicable in many areas, but it has the specific requirement about the use of content on mobile phones. Mobile phones come with a variety of features and also on different platforms. The hardware and software of mobile phones differ from brand to brand and from version to version.

This diversity in phones makes it necessary that the Transcoding is carried out to ensure that the content can view across many models/brands of mobile phones.

While talking on Multi-Device Live Transcoding, the important concept that comes for discussion is Adaptive Bitrate. Multi-Device Transcoding a technology that enables the audience to have the best possible viewing experience irrespective of the platform that they might be using. The varying platforms can be android phones, Apple devices, Windows phones etc.

Banking heavily on the live Transcoding many companies are venturing into this segment. The services of these companies, in general, include Transcoding the content from the formats such as flash media; flu motion (in software) and View cast & Digital Rapids Encoders (in hardware) and their output can be in the formats like windows video media, etc.

Video Source : Wowza Media Systems

The stream manager, tool offers features like “preview” the quality of the live stream before publishing them, “settings” to modify the content to suit any of the formats, “start/stop” to have control over inputs & outputs.


To make your video content that is easily accessible on devices, browsers and operating systems just go on using the Cloud-based video transcoding approach. This type video transuding will reach user expectations by providing the all required services that every user needs.

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