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Video Production and Editing Trends and Predictions for 2024

Just as technology changes, so does how we produce and edit video. What will video production and editing look like in 2024? Here are some trends and predictions to consider. Forecasting is an inexact science, but by considering current industry trends and developments, we can make some informed guesses about what the future may hold. So, what should you be watching out for when it comes to video production and editing? Keep reading to find out!

So, what video production and editing trends can we expect in the next five years?

We’ll explore some of the most likely changes and discuss how they benefit your business.

    • Video will be used for all types of media, not just social media
    • More people will start using video to tell stories and document their lives
    • There will be a greater focus on making videos that are compelling and memorable to capture attention spans
    • Videos with higher production value may cost more money, but they’ll have better quality images and sound
    • Video content will be more personalized and interactive
    • Videos will be shorter because people are getting tired of watching long videos on their phones
    • More attention to detail, including the use of color, lighting, and sound design
    • Videos will be shorter- the average video length has decreased from 5 minutes to 1 minute
    • Video production quality will increase, but editing time will decrease due to new technology
    • YouTube influencers are being replaced by YouTubers who have more of a personal connection with their audience
    • The use of 360° videos is becoming more popular as people want to feel like they’re in the scene
    • Video will be a part of all marketing efforts
    • The average video length will increase from 3 minutes to 5 minutes
    • The use of 360-degree videos and virtual reality will grow exponentially

    • Video will be the most popular form of communication on social media
    • Videos will be longer, with more time spent on production and design
    • Brands will create more video content to show their products in action
    • New technology like AR/VR headsets and 360-degree cameras will allow viewers to experience videos in new ways
    • Video production will become more accessible to the average person
    • Editing software will be easier to use and more intuitive
    • Live streaming video will grow in popularity, with platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories becoming increasingly popular
    • People are going to want to see their favorite celebrities’ day-to-day lives, so we’re going to see a rise in vlogging (video blogging) on social media
    • Video will become an integral part of all companies
    • Live video streaming will be the norm
    • The use of 360-degree cameras for videos will increase drastically
    • The production value in videos will continue to grow, with more professional equipment being used
    • Video will be more personal, with people sharing their lives and interests through video
    • People will start to use augmented reality to make videos more interactive
    • As the cost of high definition cameras goes down, people will produce higher quality videos
    • The number of video tutorials on YouTube is expected to grow exponentially
    • Video content will be more interactive
    • Videos will be shorter and more concise
    • More people will use video to promote their business or personal brand
    • People of all ages will produce, consume, and share videos on social media
    • Video production will be more accessible to the general public
    • The use of 360-degree video, virtual reality, and augmented reality will increase
    • Voice recognition software will allow for easier editing on mobile devices
    • Video will be more immersive, with 360-degree video and virtual reality
    • More high-quality videos will be available to the public due to the rise of 4K cameras
    • Live streaming videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will become increasingly popular
    • The quality of video content will increase substantially because people are becoming better at editing their footage
    • Video content will be more accessible and less expensive
    • More people will watch videos on their phones, tablets, and laptops
    • People will use video to create a personalized experience for themselves instead of trying to appeal to everyone
    • Videos that are short but entertaining or informative will become more popular than long-form traditional videos
    • As more people become interested in video production, the demand for skilled editors will increase
    • In response to this, colleges and universities will offer courses on video editing as a major or minor
    • Video content creators will be able to make money from their videos by becoming YouTube Partners with Google AdSense
    • Virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro will lead to new types of immersive storytelling experiences that viewers can experience at home
    • The video editing industry will grow by over 20%
    • Video production studios are going to have a hard time finding new talent, as more and more students are opting for arts-related majors instead of film or media studies
    • Marketing videos will focus on storytelling to connect with customers emotionally
    • The use of video in education will increase as schools invest in high-tech classrooms and devices
    • Content marketing will continue to be a key focus for video production
    • Short-form content will become more popular, with shorter videos being released every day or two
    • Video production budgets will increase as people realize the importance of video marketing
    • More businesses will use live streaming on social media channels like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories
    • Video editing software will be more user-friendly

  • Videos will become even shorter, with the average length being 1 minute or less
  • More people will start using video to tell their stories and sell products
  • AI will produce more videos
  • Video content will be more personalized to the viewer’s preferences, location, and device type
  • Videos will become interactive with viewers able to choose what they want to see or do next
  • There will be a rise in a short-form videos on social media platforms like Instagram
  • The number of video ads will increase
  • Video editing software will become even more accessible to the average person
  • People are going to be watching videos on their phones for longer periods
  • There’s going to be an increased focus on making videos that are short and concise to capture people’s attention spans
  • Video will be the most popular form of content on social media
  • More videos will be created with smartphones than professional cameras
  • Videos will be shorter, with less attention to detail and more focus on the message


It’s an exciting time to be a video producer and editor. The demand for high-quality videos grows exponentially as more people want to buy products and services online. But what will the future hold? How can you stay ahead of trends in this rapidly changing industry? We have some predictions that may help you decide how best to invest your resources now so that they pay off when 2024 rolls around.

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