360˚ Video Production

360˚ Video Production: How 360-degree videos are reshaping Business growth?

Technology has made dramatic progress in the last few years. With the advancement in technology, we have witnessed the birth of 360˚ Video Production. These kinds of videos are also referred to as panoramic videos or even immersive videos. The content recorded in such videos is often distributed through VR devices by consuming the 360-video streaming directly on a device or platform like YouTube, Oculus Rift, and Facebook.

Formerly, the number of companies that are interested in 360 video production is on the rise. Why? Because there are many benefits for the business owners to invest in this type of technology.

A 360 video is a type of video / digital media that allows side-by-side imagery without special glasses. It achieves this effect by recording all the action within a field of view similar to that of the human eye. The result is that when you watch a 360-degree video, it feels as though you are present at that place and time.

VR videos creating an overwhelmingly positive responsive from the public. 360 videos leaving a memorable experience for the users and offers a unique brand engagement. VR or 360 Degree videos are great for educational institutions also. They speak the people’s imagination with exciting and engaging content.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube supporting 360-degree video viewing and easy shooting. VR videos can lead potential brand awareness to reach millions of people.

How to make money from your 360˚ videos?

  • Making money from 360˚ videos is harder than most people realize
  • You need capital to start a business
  • You need equipment and editing tools

The future of video content depends on one thing

  • 360˚ video content must be easily shareable
  • Every platform must support 360˚ native videos
  • 360˚ needs to play out of the box in the player
  • Video ads need to be made available for production at scale
  • VR headsets need to be easily accessible

Tips for awesome 360 video

  • Shoot in 4K
  • Keep it steady
  • Take panoramic photos
  • Edit your panoramic photos into 360˚ video clips in Photoshop
  • Add text or images to your 360˚ photo

Three reasons why you need to produce 360˚ videos

  1. You can directly target the platforms where your customers are.
  2. You can create a YouTube channel focused on a specific topic.
  3. It’s the new ‘blog’ for businesses to connect with their audience

You don’t have to be a famous YouTuber to make money from 360 videos

  • Creating 360 videos is easy – anyone can do it
  • They’re compatible with any software and platform
  • The blank canvas of 360 videos allows for crazy creativity
  • The industry is brand new.

Buyers guide to 360˚ video production

  • Get a drone
  • Find a 360˚ rig (for the camera)
  • Produce rotatable video footage
  • End with a call to action (CTA) for viewers to join your mailing list and stay in touch.
  • Link to your blog or site so viewers can find out more about the process.

You want to know how to shoot 360˚ videos

  • Add users manually
  • Shoot with a gimbal or tripod
  • Plan the camera settings ahead of time
  • Stabilize the camera
  • Shoot from multiple locations at once

These are the best 360˚ cameras for brands

  • GoPro Fusion
  • Insta360 One
  • Theta V (Pro)
  • Nokia Ozo

Here are some 360˚ video production tips

  • Create a short script
  • Focus on the action and the story- less on the background
  • Think about including relevant sound FX -rain falling
  • Use a GoPro or buy amount for your phone to capture the action
  • Don’t forget to shoot that Medium shot (useful for editing)

Learn how to create immersive videos like this

  • 360video content is on the rise
  • Know who your audience is before you create content for them!
  • Don’t go overboard with a 360˚ video. Focus on the story and let it unfold.
  • 90% of viewers watch 360 videos using their phone in a vertical position.

You really need to know about 360 video production

  • What is it, can anyone use it, what are the benefits
  • 360 Camera options, what are they, and how much do they cost.
  • 360 editing software explained (free and paid options)
  • 32 Best practices (things no one told you)
  • How to track your data for more effective marketing.

What are 360 videos?

360-degree videos are also named spherical videos, or immersive videos used recordings where the footage is recorded in all directions, i.e., 360º. Omnidirectional cameras are used for these types of recordings, and many people use a set of cameras for recording 360-degree footage. 360-degree video allowing users to look around them in all directions, such as 360-degree view just as they can in real life. 360 Degree can be used for many purposes, video shooting, production, including pilot and driver pieces of training. We have different types of 360-degree Live streaming for capturing real-time video, 3D games, and computer graphics imagery.

Everybody wants to know what are 360 videos!

  • They’re totally different – how do you shoot?
  • I struggled with this, too, until I got the free guide.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or a photographer.
  • You need to know how to use it so you can entertain or sell.

Find out what are 360 videos and how are they different from normal videos

  • 360 videos make you feel like you’re actually there
  • You can experience stuff without leaving your house

What are 360 videos, and why should you be making them?

  • Engage your audience
  • Tell a story in an immersive way
  • Take your viewers on a trip
  • Share experience / share a story
  • Make it fun / make it interesting

How 360 videos looks like?

  • They’re cool. You have to see them
  • It’s a new form of visual storytelling
  • They look like photographs
  • A lot of people don’t know what they are yet
  • Here’s what happened when I tried one

Steps of 360 Video Production

The video production of 360 Degrees video follows several steps. We must know it is unique to the VR filmic language comes under the proximity. Get ready with the 360-degree camera seems to be essential and must focus on the attention-grabbing subject. The second thing is viewers can look anywhere in 360-degree space. Creating a spatial audio experience and post-production pipeline are two significant steps involve here.

  • Hire a 360 camera
  • Shoot a vertical video
  • Use tripod
  • Prepare for audio
  • Get in position and start shoot
  • Edit the video by making the center part bigger than the sides
  • Gather 360 Video Production Equipment
  • Prepare the production equipment
  • Shoot the video
  • Transfer and post-production software
  • Edit and publish 360 video
  • The Script
  • Storyboard and Pre-visualize
  • Set up the Camera Gear
  • Finalize your 360 video production plan
  • Plan your shoot
  • Understand equipment
  • Set up the camera
  • Watch the 360 videos (preview)
  • Share and promote it
  • Pick the Right Equipment
  • Determine Shooting Angle
  • Capture the Best Video and Sound Possible
  • Select Your Editing Tool and Set Your Timeline
  • Edit and Add Effects
  • Optimize 360-Degree Videos for Sharing on Social Media
  • Distribute Your Video Campaign Across Multiple Platforms and Channels
  • Go with an action camera v/s an interchangeable lens
  • Buy a tripod
  • Get professional equipment
  • Use panoramic mounts
  • Go outside and pick the right location
  • Get the right lighting
  • Record in highest possible resolution: 1080p or 4K UHD video
  • Keep your camera steady throughout the shooting process
  • 360-degree video requires specialized editing
  • 360 camera selection
  • VR camera pros and cons
  • 360-degree video formats
  • Immersive audio systems
  • 360 video editing software
  • Editing for headsets
  • Distribution of 360-degree videos

Choosing the right equipment to mount your 360 cameras

360 Degree video was on the rise again, the social media networks usage also into the funnel. YouTube and Facebook launched their support for VR or 360-degree playback that corresponded with the rise of 360 consumer-level gears. Live video needs to stitch together 360 videos instantly. The process involves powerful internal software’s that special features cannot be found on every 360-degree live streaming camera. Not all 360 cameras can offer excellent live streaming content. If you want a 360 live streaming or video production camera feature, you need to choose the right one among all.

  • A tripod is not a good option for 360 cameras
  • Using an adapter for a regular tripod might break your camera
  • Smartphone holders are flimsy and won’t last
  • External battery packs extend the life of your camera much longer than batteries alone
  • Choosing the right tripod
  • Where to stick the mount
  • The need for a heavy tripod
  • The benefit of a 360 mount
  • Buy tripods and gorilla pods for static shots
  • Use a random stick for motion shots, and make sure it can’t be seen.
  • Use a broomstick or boompole for overhead shots (just move the camera).
  • Play with framing, depth of field (blurry background rocks), and panning. `
  • You should figure out where your optimal camera angle is
  • Be confident that your tripod sturdy enough as camera holder
  • Make sure that your phone has a high-quality gimbal and that you are using it correctly
  • The important thing is that your camera’s index line must be level

Choose the right mounting equipment for your 360 camera to avoid damaging it.

  • Stick your tripod into a ziplock bag to change camera setting without risking damage
  • Use in-camera settings while shooting with a lens adapter to minimize risk to your camera
  • Be careful when mounting a DSLR as they might have wider lens flares
  • Always use rubber bands on expensive

How to mount your 360 camera

  • Get a tripod with a ball head
  • Buy a leveling head for the tripod
  • Secure your camera and lens
  • Use one or more Wi-Fi Extenders to avoid loosing signal when recording
  • Use an AC adapter when possible

360 Video Formats

VR video production supports two types of footage Monoscopic and stereoscopic. Like regular videos, we can view the Monoscopic video, which is specially producing for social media networks. Stereoscopic video can be displayed in two different types of images, one for each eye. These can only view with the help of VR headsets. Here we are compiling several 360-degree video formats for video uploads. Below is the list of video formats that supports a 360-degree video covering that every videographer would like to know.

  • MP4 360
  • VR File/ZVR
  • WMV 360
  • MPEG TS 360
  • PSP (Playstation Portrait)
  • Vdash (video dash)
  • Mono 360
  • NIKON KeyMission 360 4K

How much does it cost to make a 360 video?

Viewers are increasingly demanding more control over 360 Degree content as the popularity of VR or 360 Degree videos comes as no surprise. 360-degree videos feature to have a tremendous engaging mean of communication on the web. 360 Degree video is the perfect blend of both the graphics and audio elements. In recent years marketers using it as one of the powerful and engaging tools for video marketing.

360-degree Video production costs have dramatically come down over the past few years. On average most businesses use quality videos. The cost also dropped significantly because of advanced technologies updating day by day. When it comes to corporate video production, the advertising and marketing video agencies charge more for producing innovative HD quality videos.

Anybody who has a 360 camera can produce a promotional video for their business. It is a bit difficult to get more challenging for firms for more lead generation. As a marketer, you need to determine your budget before reaching the video production companies or Video Production Agencies.

360 Video Production Tactics

360 videos are overgrowing, virtual reality and a major expansion of video content networks such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. Suppose you are not related to the videography industry of any sort; you will definitely feel a variety of terminology for 360-degree video forms. It is complicated to assess the vendors working on 360 video projects. So, here are a few facts and techniques for 360-degree video production, experience the immersive video and know its potentials.

  • 360 video is a hot new trend in marketing
  • 360 video is great for real estate and travel
  • Get consumers to use your product long after the purchase
  • Use a special 360 Camera
  • Create a shot list
  • Record with a tripod
  • Showcase the location
  • Pick a photographic background
  • Use a stand-in microphone for recording
  • Creates informative content
  • Understand the purpose of shooting – experience, education, or entertainment
  • Choose equipment and shoot 360 with a digital camera
  • Use video editing software to stitch and process the footage, add your own story
  • HD 360 Video gear
  • Map out space
  • Lighting and action
  • Plan for Movement with Spherical Shoot
  • Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Convenience
  • Keep Perspective in Mind
  • Pick The Right Camera For Your Production
  • Know your camera and software
  • Stabilize your shots
  • Use a second camera
  • Record audio
  • Avoid dark places with low light conditions
  • Have extra batteries and memory cards handy at all times
  • Connect with professionals who know about 360 Video production
  • Learn how to create a 360 video
  • Know the pros and cons of a 360 flip camera
  • Create a social media package for your business
  • Learn to build a budgeting strategy for your 360 video
  • Have a script and storyboard
  • Use professional 360 cameras
  • Keep it mono
  • Work with a post-production company
  • Use more than one camera
  • Shoot at a slower frame rate
  • Connect with viewers on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • 3 Winning Strategies for a Successful Small Business
  • Fade the audio
  • Follow all of the cardinal camera rules
  • Be mindful of lighting
  • Experiment with close up shots


The 360 videos are growing to be a popular and preferred choice for businesses worldwide.

360 videos are gaining traction with businesses. Here’s why!

360 video production is a niche that is still finding its way. It offers an exciting opportunity to be on the cutting edge of media creation and catches the viewers’ attention.

Consider running your videos on YouTube or Facebook, and see how they do before you invest in expensive professional equipment.

There are many different benefits for businesses that use 360˚ video production. There is so much that can be done with the technology and is leveraging VR.

Cost-effective ways of having a 360 view of your business.

Stand out on social media with immersive videos that get your target customers talking about you and generating leads.

Make sure you don’t over-extend. 360 video production is hard but fun!

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