Videos on Pinterest

Videos on Pinterest – The Next Big Thing

More and more users are saving videos online, and this is the reason platforms are trying to improve the user experience by introducing new features. Videos in any format can help increase conversion rates and boost customer engagement. Pinterest is not behind, and in a few days, it is going to debut a native video hosting.

Using Videos on Pinterest video hosting it will be possible for some companies and experts to create and share videos.

This is the first step of Pinterest to let the experts and other partners companies make how-to videos and share them on the site.

The video is growing medium and Pinterest is going to focus on videos.Pinterest has more than hundred million monthly active users and it is now planning to introduce video ads as another revenue source apart from other sources such as e-commerce.

This is not surprising as the consumers are now able to watch videos everywhere and anytime on their mobile devices with the availability of fast and cheap internet service and this is the reason why companies are now seeking more revenue through videos.

Pinterest is updating search tools and the native video player being built by it is going to change the way users engage with pins.

This also will allow social media users include Pinterest, a part of the digital strategy. The search tool will be able to categorize and search the native videos.

It is also expected the Pinterest will expand the feature of directing the viewers to buyable things related to the video similar to the feature it offers for the photos.

According to surveys, videos influence the customers to take action. Capturing the attention of users with video is also important for the advertisers and Pinterest, with its native videos can place ads on the videos.

Pinterest Video Advertising : Tips for Pinterest Video Ads

Pinterest is a popular pinning and sharing platform in Social Media. Advertisers choose plenty of options to advertise brands. Many Brands using Pinterest autoplay promoted videos in their business. Pinterest Video Advertising option introduced to bring more views to the markets.

We know that video brings more value rather than blog posts on social media platforms. Pinterest is the fourth-largest source of getting traffic after Google. Pinterest offers images and videos to advertise on the market.

It has moved images to Videos and then is now one step forward in addition to auto-play video ads in-stream, and it is a significant approach from Pinterest. 75% of the content on Pinterest coming from Businesses although it is easy to find any business on Pinterest.

Videos are the powerful tools for brands, people over 2.7 times more likely they buy products through video ads.

Tips for pinning the Videos on Pinterest

  • Pinterest videos pinning is the same as pinning images, as the video plays automatically when we scroll down over them.
  • Pin Video From YouTube, Choose your videos from YouTube and pin them to get more traffic and audience to your websites. We can pin videos in two ways from other social media networks.
  • Use Pin it browser to pin directly from the video page. When you click on it browser button, it will save video instantly on your Pinterest board with the thumbnail images.
  • Drive Traffic from Other Platforms, and We can pin videos directly from Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. So you can use Call- to -action button to drive traffic from other social media networks.
  • When you were advertising your videos on Pinterest, businesses can directly funnel users viewing the experience from the point of conversion.
  • Pinterest video ad products do not have any restrictions on dimensions, and it works for multiple sizes.
  • It introduced cinematic pions only work for mobile when you scroll down it will show like Gif file formats. The short videos will play scrolling of the page can move to skim back and forth rather than watching entirely.
  • Native video ads are the new feature on Pinterest. Autoplay video ads only play in mobile ads. There is no doubt to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Promoted video ads brought to the per-impression basis, and every impression will lead to more views. Here the audience views are raised, and the cost per view goes down.
  • If you would like to show your pricing tags on your promoted campaigns and for cooking videos, use Rich pins that have price embedded in your descriptions.
  • Run ads on a budget of $5-$10 per day
  • Create a plan for your advertising campaign
  • Target specific demographics, interests, and locations with your ads
  • Use the right hashtags to target users who are interested in what you’re selling
  • Use short videos that are less than 30 seconds
  • Keep your video clips to one idea or product
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of the video
  • Make sure you have a good description, tags, and keywords for your videos
  • Make sure your video is short- around 30 seconds to 1 minute long
  • Include products in the video, but don’t have them too prominently displayed
  • Use bright colors in your videos, so they stand out on Pinterest’s feed
  • Use bright colors and include subtitles for the text in your video
  • Include an overlay with your company’s information, including address, phone number, website, email address
  • Consider using a catchy song or popular tune to go along with your video
  • Create a video with a call to action
  • Keep the video short and engaging
  • Include an offer or coupon code in the description for viewers to redeem
  • Create a video that is engaging to your audience
  • Use eye-catching imagery and animation in the background
  • Consider using clickable text or overlays on the video for viewers to interact with it more
  • Keep your videos short, ideally less than 2 minutes long
  • Create a video that is less than 30 seconds long
  • Make sure your product or service can be demonstrated in the video
  • Include a call to action at the end of the video, like “shop now” or “sign up for our newsletter.”
  • Share it on all social media channels
  • Use a catchy title that gets people to click on it
  • Include keywords in the description of the video
  • Make sure the video is less than 15 seconds long
  • Be clear about your offer and what they need to do to get it
  • Use a call-to-action in the video, such as “click here” or “shop now.”
  • Include an image of your product or service with any text overlaid on top of it
  • Create a visually appealing video
  • Include text overlay to increase engagement and conversion rates
  • Use an eye-catching thumbnail image
  • Keep the video under 10 seconds long for maximum impact

Different Types of Pinterest Advertising Campaigns

Use different types of Pinterest ads for advertising on Pinterest. Pinterest allows different types of video ad options to promote videos.

Promoted Pins Campaigns:

Promoted app pins divert the users to download the app without leaving you to close Pinterest and take you to an app store to download. The Promoted Pins is an excellent way to use for newly launched apps.

Promoted pin campaigns create user engagement when you meet the pin videos, the primary goal of the engagement campaigns user engagements get to know the Brands.

Cinematic Pin Campaigns:

Cinematic pions only work for mobile when you scroll down it will show like Gif file formats. Video content should move when you scroll, and it does not play entirely move as your movement of Scroll.

Traffic Campaign Or One-Tap Pin Campaigns:

One tap pins allow users directly to the websites when they tap once on the One-tap pins. As standard image pins show only the image with description, but One Tap pins take you to the site. Traffic campaigns inevitably take viewers to the website that leads to raising the traffic.

Benefits Of Using Pinterest Video Ads in Business

  • Reach the broader audience with Promoted Pins.
  • Grow more followers to your Pinterest.
  • Drive more traffic to your website using traffic Campaigns.
  • Pinterest video ads convert audience to buy the product to increase the revenue.
  • It brings referral traffic to the website and draws the new audience.
  • Pinterest is the beautiful content marketing tool for the content marketers.
  • The boards on Pinterest will tell client stories rather than explaining an blog posts.
  • Pinterest video ads are a new way to showcase your products
  • They allow brands to create visually appealing videos with sound that can be shared on social media and other platforms
  • Brands can target their audience by demographic, interest, location, or device type
  • The cost is reasonable when compared to Facebook or Google Ads
  • You can target your customers by their interests, location, and more
  • The ads are easy to create- you just need a video and a short description
  • They’re cost-effective
  • You don’t need an account or be logged in to see them
  • Build your brand’s awareness and recognition
  • Reach a wider audience than just Pinterest users
  • Target the right people with specific interests, demographics, or behaviors
  • Create video ads that are personalized for each viewer
  • Allows you to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise know about your store
  • Helps increase conversions and sales
  • Increases the number of impressions on your posts
  • Reduces costs- video ads cost less than other types of advertising
  • Pinterest is a social media site that is primarily used for sharing and discovering images, videos, and other content
  • It’s estimated that more than 200 million people use the site every month
  • Video ads on this social media platform are 15x more likely to be watched in their entirety than regular ads- meaning your message will get across much better with video
  • You can also create a custom ad by uploading an image from your computer or using one of their templates


Pinterest has it’s own path while advertising your products. As other social media platforms embed some features from other platforms, but Pinterest has a unique way of Promoting. Follow the above tips and different types of campaigns to promote your brands using Pinterest video advertising.

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