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50 Vimeo Statistics & Tips To Boost Your Marketing Strategy For 2022

YouTube and Vimeo are the two most popular video platforms Globally. Vimeo offers high-quality video services to those who want quality over quantity. Vimeo hosting services let the users store, publish, and share the videos with the world. Vimeo offers a bunch of security options to the published video. Vimeo is a professional video platform for a huge community. Here are the 50 Vimeo Statistics and Tips to boost the Video marketing strategy in 2022.

Vimeo Statistics To Boost Marketing Strategy

  1. More than 1.24 million subscribers to the Vimeo by 2020.
  2. A total of 3,806,836 websites using the Vimeo for video sharing include location information, hosting data, but 641,404 websites are live currently.
  3. More than 2,842 sites in India using Vimeo for video sharing and live videos.
  4. Vimeo is the second most used online video platform in India.
  5. Vimeo charges $11.99 as a monthly subscription.
  6. Vimeo has over 973,000 total registered users.
  7. Statista reported that over 30% of the user are aged between 18 to 34 years.
  8. As per the retail eCommerce sales on Vimeo, predicted to be 6.5 trillion U.S dollars by 2023.
  9. As per the SMB report 2020, 50% of the video creators used the Video.
  10. 22% of the video creators revealed that cost, time is the biggest barrio in Vimeo.
  11. Vimeo has over 150 million active users Globally.
  12. Totally 150 countries are utilizing the Vimeo video platform.
  13. More than 28% of the user using Vimeo for Live video streaming.
  14. It is a prediction that over 91 million subscribers use Vimeo for Live video streaming.
  15. Over 1.1 billion hours of live streaming content consumed on Vimeo.
  16. Over 715 million monthly active views for the Vimeo platform.
  17. 20% of the B2B marketers in North America use Vimeo as a Video content distribution platform.
  18. Over 70% of the Vimeo users are from the outside of the US.
  19. More than 65 million active users for Vimeo in the US.
  20. Filmmakers earn 90% of the income through the Vimeo.
  21. 70 million creators use Vimeo for Film making, music creators, and animators.
  22. Vimeo users access more than 3,341 plays on its platform.
  23. Vimeo users finish more than 1,724 most popular videos on its platform.
  24. Vimeo platform received 510 comments at the Glance.
  25. Vimeo generated over $160 million revenue from B2B marketing.
  26. More than 1000 subscribers for the Vimeo OTT subscription platform.
  27. Vimeo growing its subscribers count 30% year by year.
  28. Vimeo is growing it’s revenue by 20 to 30% routinely by subscribers.
  29. 32.92% of the traffic to the Vimeo comes from the US.
  30. Vimeo revenue increased by 54% by the last two years and is expected by 70% by 2022.

Vimeo Tips to Boost Marketing Strategy

  1. Create HD quality thumbnails for better video promotions.
  2. Most of the subscribers are from business, choose the best professional profile pages.
  3. Create a sharable content and upload it on the Vimeo platform.
  4. Add video to the Groups on the Vimeo platform. Make sure to share the videos with the relevant groups.
  5. Create the best description for your video that explores the total video content. Descriptions should be well written for every video.
  6. Customer engagement is the main goal of the Vimeo platform. Vimeo is a community-focused video sharing platform.
  7. Vimeo is an exclusive video sharing platform with features that generated with fully loaded video clips directly from Google.
  8. Channel customization is one of the latest tricks for video hosting sites.
  9. Content is king for video marketers. Brand marketers should upload and publish quality content for better marketing.
  10. Create a series of videos that act as a teaser or introduction material.
  11. Market Vimeo in both ways inside and outside of the Vimeo by targeting the audience.
  12. Use the Vimeo on-demand services to charge. The right number of subscribers with the right price point can boost revenue.
  13. Use third-party apps to create excellent video content and store, uploading in the Vimeo platform.
  14. Consider the product placement options and use the in-video sponsorship opportunities to develop your sponsorship opportunities.
  15. Video Monetization is one of the best techniques to promote Vimeo videos.
  16. Focus on the Target marketing techniques to enhance b2b video marketing.
  17. Become an affiliate to your Vimeo account as a quick tip for marketing.
  18. Upload the video content that well optimized to mobiles, tablets, and desktops.
  19. Privacy is an essential thing using Vimeo. Vimeo offers a lot of helpful features to control your profile ad videos.
  20. Create a conceptualized video for better video marketing.


If anyone is looking for a platform to upload and share the video, and there are lots of factors in mind. Vimeo has some restrictions in its storage, cost, and privacy issues. Here we compiled the 50 Vimeo Statistics and Tips to boost your video marketing strategy for 2022.

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