Google Jump Virtual-Reality

Ways to use Google Jump Virtual-Reality on YouTube for Marketing

If Cardboard was Google’s way to democratize virtual reality, the company announced the next step to make it more accessible with Google Jump. Google Jump made up of three parts: The first is the camera. Google provides free specs on how to build a 360-degree camera rig, including schematics for 3D-printing components.

The second component is the assembler, the software for converting that raw video into VR. Much of the difficulty of shooting VR video is getting the camera geometry just right, and syncing the frames and the exposure. Ways to use Google Jump Virtual-Reality on YouTube for Marketing can found here.

The assembler takes the video from the 16 cameras and synthesizes a stereoscopic VR video. It takes a “whole lot of computers” to do it. What appears to distinguish Google Jump from the traditional surround-still and video technologies that have been kicking around for well over a decade is the stereo information in the imagery.

In the demo, Bavor gave Google I/O shifting your head to the right or left would appear to move your head in the scene and have objects in the video shift as your perspective would. Most virtual reality still and video, such as Samsung’s milk vs., are fairly static on movement, or they rely on 3D-rendered scenes such as those in a video game. Google’s Jump appears to take it to the next level.

Now for the third and final piece: This is where to view that video. And if you guessed YouTube, you win a candy cigar. YouTube will support stereoscopic VR video. Google is making Jump videos viewable on YouTube, so you’ll be able to view the 360-degree videos from within the famous web player and app, and likely through the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer as well. With newer and newer forms of video appearing, YouTube will once again gather enough steam for business to market in this manner. The use of Google Jump Virtual-Reality on YouTube marketing helps you find better ways to reach real-time customers.

Google Daydream VR – The Next Big Thing in VR Video

Google rolled out it’s much talked about product i.e, DUO (video calling app). The users are excited, and the initial reviews for the product are quite encouraging and are on the anticipated lines.

Now people, as well as marketers, are anxiously looking forward to Google DayDream VR. Though Google went public announcing the launch of this yet another exciting product way back in May this year, the product became available only during the fag end of August 2016.

As there are huge expectations that VR (virtual reality) is going to be the next big thing in the fields of media and entertainment, huge investments are happening in both software and hardware. One of the milestones in this journey is Google Daydream VR. The components of this program are going to be games & apps, shooting 360-degree videos, licensing sports leagues, etc.

Despite the promise becoming a reality, there is a lot of journeys still pending regarding VR-compliant headsets (it may note here that the initial launch is for Android 7.0 Nougat OS). It is believed and reported earlier that names like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Asus, Alcatel, LG have huge plans to support VR regarding smartphones.

VR is having names like Samsung, FB already playing an active role and now Google also joined the bandwagon creating much heat in the sector.

As other players are lagging much behind, Google is planning to launch its hardware & software platform – i.e., Daydream to help any Android smartphone manufacturer create a VR headset themselves. It can be a guiding principle as Google can extend the similar facility for other platforms as well in coming months.

Google, in partnership with Android, is planning to launch a high-end smartphone + new version of Android with a dedicated VR mode. Lightweight headset & accompanying motion controller (designed by Google itself), and this can be a starting point for the big journey towards VR on the large and commercial scale.

Google already gained expertise in VR through its Cardboard, and it can further improvise it to give the viewers the best of VR experience. What exact Google wants to deliver is “the best smartphone-based mobile VR experience to the viewers.”

As Google, the launcher of Daydream, is having high expectations and the lot more hardware suppliers are trying to place their hats in the fray. this segment is going to witness the high level of activity, and we can expect that VR is going to be the next big thing in this field.

Top 10 VR Apps for Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is the simplest and affordable device to enjoy Virtual Reality content. Cardboard is the do it you virtual reality headset with a software platform, and this works with both Android and iPhones. Here are the top VR apps for Google Cardboard.

1.VR was earlier called the VRSE. It is one of the best apps to watch short movies, documentaries, and other content. Use a pair of headphones for an immersive experience. It is a free app and downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

2. VR Cave takes you inside a cave. The detailed exploration of the cave leaves you wanting for more thrills. It is, however, is short. It is a free app and can download from Google Play.

3. VR Crossy Road is another free app that can be downloaded from Google Play and also from the App Store. A sequence of roads crossed hoping and trying to avoid getting splattered.

4. Hidden Temple is most popular with Google Cardboard users. The game control by turning the head. The player looks for items in an ancient temple. It can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play and priced $3.99.

5. In Minos Starfighter VR, the payer blasts other ships, and the enemies become stronger as the game progresses. Download this to see how VR can be decent on affordable headsets such as Cardboard. Download this from Google Play for $0.99.

6. Full dive VR allows searching for 3D and 360 photos and videos on the internet as well. Stream 360 videos of YouTube; take VR photos are few things you can do with this. It is also compatible with Netflix, Hulu, and Roku. It is a free app and available for download on Google Play and App Store.

7. In Proton Pulse, a bat is used to break the bricks. The head movements control the bat. Download this for $1.99.

8. Within features, high-quality commercial films that the user can download or stream. The app also has music videos. It can download for free.

9. Jaunt VR is another app that offers more than 150 pieces of premium content for Google Cardboard users. It is also can download for free.

10. GoPro VR app allows enjoying videos such as paragliding across Chilean deserts, swimming with sharks, etc. This app also is available for download for free.

There is also the official Google Cardboard app that teaches you the basic things about virtual reality. The favorites may be different for different people. Find the apps and games that help to discover the power of Google Cardboard headset.

YouTube VR App for Daydream View [Review]

Everyone utters the word YouTube as it is the most commonly used social media site to watch the videos regularly. This is the only YouTube VR App which fulfills the user requirements by introducing the advanced features to the audience at the each moment they watch.

Now it has blown its video strategy by launching the YouTube VR App for Daydream view. These headsets have been developed by the Google, and it wants that each user should have VR experience of real-time when they are watching the video content of YouTube.

YouTube VR App Features

The combination of YouTube VR app with daydream will bring the user dreams into reality by giving VR experience at their hands. The built-in VR app of YouTube will especially for virtual reality.

Through this, the users can watch the videos though they are 360 degree or normal videos in a virtual reality mode.

With the help of this app, the audience can make voice search and as well as can subscribe to the different channels.

The searching of video content can be done in a simple way with the involvement of keyboard and voice.

After using this app the player controls can be used surf and watch the video content simultaneously.

While using this app it seems like YouTube mobile app which is very simple to operate.

With the help of this app, we will be pushed to the theater mode option to have the picture house experience which impersonates the real mode of theater.

The special audio feature will bring the real theater environment while watching.

The 360-degree videos can also be watching just by moving the controls to view all surroundings.

Most of the popular figures are partnering with this YouTube VR services like Buzzfeed, StyleHaul, SWoozie, Tastemade, CollegeHumor and Curiscope.

YouTube Video Encoding Settings & Best Practices

Video encoding is the process of making the video compatible to play on different browsers, players, and the mobiles. The video becomes the essential and vital component of the marketer’s strategy while targeting the video as their main medium for advertising the things. So, the video must be reached to the audience whatever medium they used to watch that particular video you have created.

That means the video can watch by the audience through various web players, mobile device players, etc., so if your video cannot play on mobile because of compatibility issues. Then the whole effort of creation becomes waste and of no use. So, the video encoding is very much essential for the creators, marketers and the individuals to reach the large audience.

Best practices for YouTube Video, Encoding Settings

According to the YouTube platform, it offers the two types of standards for the video content, one is standard quality, and another one is professional quality content. You have to know clearly about the various settings while going with the video encoding on YouTube.

The YouTube platform only takes the multiple formats, which include Mov, Avi, Wmv, Flv formats to its platform. So, before uploading the video on to the YouTube platform, you must test the formats that were compatible with the platform. The frame composition on YouTube is 4:3 native and 16:9 resolutions with a frame rate of 24p. YouTube delivers up to 1080px high quality resolutions for your audience.

Video Codecs and upload Time on YouTube

Sometimes, many users keep their video files in the same format and will not get encoded to the format. But, it will not always work, and especially for the starters, YouTube uses more than one codec, and every codec encoded with the various resolutions. The upload time is also based on the quality of the content as the quality increase the size of the file increases and hence requires more time and patience. But the results favor you.


The YouTube VR app and Google daydream headsets are inter-related each other. To have the complete entertainment with full of fun just make sure to use of both at the same time.

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