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How Virtual Reality Will Transform Video Advertising

Virtual Reality is the latest technology that will significantly change the digital world in the coming years. Facebook brought the audience’s attention to Virtual Reality when it purchased Oculus. After this, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony followed Facebook and invested in this technology.

Online video is compelling, and marketers will spend more on digital video ads in the coming few years. The Virtual Reality live video offers a high degree of interactivity with consumers. The broadcaster can get insights into how the audience responds to their content.

Virtual Reality video at the low end was introduced to the masses in 2015. People realize the value of VR in digital marketing. The mobile-driven Virtual Reality will introduce the technology to more people in the coming days.

The first VR cinema will be set up in Amsterdam this year. Similar locations will open in various cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, and Berlin. Another trend in Virtual Reality is drone races. Many games are going to come out on VR platforms.

Major technology companies are gearing up to develop VR content, and a tech war will begin. However, it is good for the consumers as the VR product releases will accelerate. Another trend expected this year is the headsets going mainstream. These will hit the consumer market, and many options will be available. Smartphone-based headgear VR will also be made available to consumers.

How Virtual Reality Will Impact the Video Advertising Market?

Virtual Reality offers excellent opportunities to connect directly with the audience from the brand perspective. Many famous brands are using VR to create successful video campaigns. The common problems of brands in digital video advertising campaigns are failing to engage the audience, customers not recalling the marketing campaigns, and slight advantage over competitors.

Virtual Reality solves all the above brands’ problems related to digital advertising. To view the Virtual Reality content, the user has to wear a headset, which will prevent distractions and help pay more attention to the message. Virtual Reality delivers the message powerfully and can result in behavior change. The VR experience will be in the user’s memory for the longest time. Since VR is a novel idea in digital advertising, early adopters can benefit more than the competitors who have yet to adopt this technology.

The growth of video in the past few years has been very rapid. Marketers using Virtual Reality is a new trend in video advertising. Retailers of any size are using Virtual Reality to provide their customers with VR experience and thereby get benefits. Test drives are essential for automotive brands. Virtual Reality will be the next generation of test drives as it fulfills the feeling of consumers experiencing the vehicle personally on the digital level. Volvo was the first to adopt this technology. It developed a Volvo reality app that allows taking a virtual test drive of one of its models.

Food and Beverage is another industry that is adopting Virtual Reality to satisfy the craving and novelty of the consumers. McDonald’s embarked on Virtual Reality. A complementary app requires a download, and special meals can be purchased.

Virtual Reality is a marketing tool for brands for many brands. Virtual Reality allows brands to increase consumer attention to their content. The consumer is transported to a fascinating world through Virtual Reality, which captures the consumers emotionally and drives them to take action.

Browse Web In Virtual Reality Video Using WebVR API

Virtual Reality was changing the world in new ways. The VR applications and the cameras are still trending with new concepts across the web. When it comes to VR on the web, it is a beautiful experience when it comes to the web as it powers the web to work across the browsers and the hardware that can be accessed with one click. The VR developers plan to see the new virtual web world with multiple ways to reach things with headsets using a single application.

Developers are testing the beta for Android with Chrome 56, and web developers are focusing on the origin trail and WebVR API. The Web VR API provides complete access to the input and capabilities of the output of Virtual Reality supporting devices.


The new WebVR API is the JavaScript API that provides access to Virtual Reality devices in the browser, like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc. It is considered the central API for information capturing across VR devices on computers and headsets. It converts the information to user data, which can be utilized for gaming and other apps efficiently.

The webVR API can be utilized with two concepts: one is to send the stereoscopic images to the lenses in the headset and the positional data receiver for the head from the sensors, which the HMDVRD can handle.

It is presently available in the Firefox nightly builds and can get the latest device, which enables the builds.

To add the WebVR to the mobile-compatible site, you must use the WebVR polyfill to support the cardboard mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms.

A-frame and visor are some platforms that utilize the webVR technology.

Therefore, web VR is evolving with new changes according to the developers’ Feedback to enable the default pages and is extended to the desktop platforms and supporting devices in the future.

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Virtual Reality Camera [Review]

Every day, we look for new and creative trends that ultimately differ from the used versions. Kodak has brought up the highly fantastic Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k virtual camera device in that view. By comparing others, this is entirely uniquely designed by adding special features.

The name defines Virtual Reality in 360 degrees and contains a high resolution of 4k service. We can have more support from this than we ever experienced before.

Features of Kodak Pixpro:

It supports Facebook 360 degrees and YouTube 360 degrees.

The circular video resolution is 2880×2880 30fps, 1072×1072 30fps, 1440×1440 fps and 2048×2048 30fps.

We can find vast angles with the unfolding of an image to explore 360 degrees.

It can be helpful to fix any tripod that we want to use.

It has the facility of NFC to exchange data with nearby devices.

We can use a standby remote control to operate in a moving position.

It has a 235-degree lens to view the field by covering all angles and supports the UVC of the USB while recording.

The additional feature is live streaming through Wi-Fi.

It is more flexible for recording selfies and has ports like a battery, USB, and micro SD of 128 GB.

We adjusted the perfect sound alignment for the video we made.

Wireless operation can be done with device apps of iOS and Android.

Stitch software of Mac and PC are fixed in it.


The Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k Virtual Reality Camera is available in two categories pr: the premier pack and the dual pro pack.

Premier pack:

We can get an SP360 4k action camera, standard housing-B, bar mount, suction cup mount-A, protective covers, accessories tool, curved and flat adhesive mount-a, and cleaning cloth.

Dual pro pack:

2-SP360 4k action cameras, remote control, battery, nylon wrist strap, cleaning cloth, suction cup mount-A, protective covers, standard housing-B, dual camera base mount, selfie stick, and remote control mount are available while purchasing.

To have a high-quality video to elaborate the tours by visiting exciting places, get the Kodak Pixpro SP360 4k Virtual Reality Camera. This might be helpful to the vloggers to grab the audience.

Advantages of Nokia OZO 360 for Virtual Reality Video Creation

With technical advancement, there is a hue and cry about 360 degrees of Virtual Reality. Also called VR, this concept has been gaining momentum. As the viewers will enjoy better, VR is viewed with high expectations. So many hardware makers are already competing for their share in the VR hardware market. Nokia introduced its new hardware product called the Nokia OZO 360.

One of the initial launchers of VR-enabled devices is the Nokia OZO 360. Fully understanding the requirements of 360-degree VR, Nokia included the following exciting features in the Nokia OZO 360.

Advantages of Nokia OZO 360:

Video sensor: progressive scan

Video sensor array: eight synchronized, 2Kx2K sensors

Video area coverage: Full spherical, 360 x 180 degrees.

Minimum imaging distance: 0.5 m/ 20″ (spherical video coverage)

Lens angle of view: 195 degrees per lens.

Audio sensor type: Omni-directional, solid-state

Nokia OZO 360 went on record to claim that their ultimate goal for VR is to create tools for the most brilliant, creative people in the world. A quick look at the above specs indicates that the Nokia Ozo has all the features required to make the VR experience one of the most exciting. The device comes with inbuilt features – both video and audio – suitable for presenting the best VR experience & and also enables the creators to tell their stories through VR.

To make the product more widely available, Nokia is launching this product in other parts of the world, including China. China will be able to enjoy Nokia Ozo as early as next month (expected shipments). Nokia is proud to claim that no other professional VR solution can offer this depth of solution: OZO software suite, OZO live, OZO camera, and OZO Player SDK, as well as making a complete platform readily available for streaming 360 degrees VR content.

Not to be left behind, the Nokia OZO is also loaded with 500 GB of solid-state media with 45 45-minute record duration per media module. Thirty fps capture frame rate makes the Nokia OZO all the more attractive. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack and a passive (fanless) cooling system enable the user to use OZO for longer without disruption. Nokia, being one of the superior technology-based companies, can expect more and more advancements for the excitement of VR creators as well as VR viewers.

HTC Vive – Virtual Reality Headset [Reviews]

We are much awaited to see the fantastic HTC VIVE Virtual Reality system. Now it’s launched into the market with an unbeatable demand that wouldn’t be any other. Are you willing to know much more about HTC VIVE before buying? Just go ahead and get a clear picture of it.

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System:

This is designed to move freely in Virtual Reality by having the real-time experience as a room-scale device.

This HTC VIVE can be used to get the Virtual Reality of being in the real world and to have the much through it use it for gaming.


If the PC is disconnected, it won’t stop working as it has a supporting battery to play continuously.

The motion controllers are easily fitted in hands as a remote controller.

The more comfortable adjustments are made to the headsets while using it on the eyes. It maintains sufficient distance from the eyes to the lens.

We can get the ultimate enjoyment while playing by sitting, standing, or any position with the help of Steam VR tracking.

The controllers are made very strongly though we make any accidents with the walls or furniture it could be unbreakable.

The four versions of Steam can be used to customize the computer by setting many features.


It consists of an accelerometer, placed laser, and gyrosensor to get the perfect point of the head.

Two wireless Cameras of Infrared lighthouse-like base stations will be offered at the corner of the room to go behind the 37 headset sensors.

It has an 1800×1200 screen resolution, especially for the eye.

The buffering rate of the cam is 90Hz.

HTC in Branding for Promotion:

As we know, the HTC has been the brand ambassador of branding in the electronic industry for a long time.

This concentrates on providing highly qualified devices with advanced quality rather than making devices at low cost.

Now, Virtual Reality is a Global trend for which everyone is enthusiastic about getting innovative services compared with other devices.

By keeping this in mind, they are launching new components with additional services that no one can offer.

It has built an intense basement of trust in the customers’ minds to buy any newly released product from HTC.

This HTC VIVE is more helpful for the hunters of video gaming to get the feeling of playing in the real world by doing adventurous things in the game. To have much fun and thrill while playing the game with the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality system, just go and get it soon.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras and Tools

Virtual Reality has changed the world, and new improvements and implementations are being carried out globally. GoPro is one of the most famous companies in Virtual Reality firms in the world.

GoPro Virtual Reality:

GoPro Company is officially launching the Virtual Reality channel for 360-degree video play, which is named GoPro VR. The company also founded HERO Cast Wireless, a streaming tool for Virtual Reality videos called Live VR.

GoPro VR consists of a Virtual Reality Headset that supports iOS and Android platforms. The platform plans to host curated GoPro VR video content similar to the on-demand video channel, which works as regular footage. The spherical or Virtual Reality video content initially covers the sponsored athlete and other artists. It will cast the user-generated video content, and technically, the GoPro Virtual Reality platform has acquired the Kolor eyes and the video stitching software.

GoPro Virtual Reality Omni:

GoPro has revealed the final design of the Omni, which can cost up to $3000. The package may cost up to $ 5,000, including memory cards, cables, Kolor editing software, etc. You can own a rig that costs $ 1,500 if you have six cameras. The rig is the frame for the Cameras, and it has the hardware that helps the six cameras operate simultaneously with a remote system. The Omni VR has an aluminum rig and six Hero4 cameras, which cost under $ 5,000. The device is light in weight and can be suitable for action shots which can capture 8k videos.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras

360 Hero cameras

360 Hero cameras are expensive cameras with 3D rig configurations. The main problem with the Go Pro camera is the choice of the head for the 360-degree video camera, which is unreliable as it cannot handle the data rates continuously. The users need a live stitch from the micro HDMI outputs, which can easily break.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Tools

Live streaming has become the most ongoing trend. From live-streaming apps released to present Virtual Reality, live streaming has become the most significant buzz across the web. There are various live streaming tools in the GoPro VR live streaming camera. The GoPro VR is a new tool for wireless streaming called a live VR. The VR headset is friendly for both platforms of iOS and Android applications. The platform mainly features curated Virtual Reality, providing 360-degree video content.

All these above are the specifications of the new GoPro camera and the information about the new channel by GoPro for Virtual Reality content.

NextVR – Broadcasting Live Events in Virtual Reality [Review]

What is NextVR:

NextVR is the world’s best Virtual Reality live streaming technology device. It was launched in 2009, headquartered in California. NextVR is the world’s first live-streaming of Soccer games.

This was first launched in Lounge Beach, California. Next VR has partnered with the International Champions Cup tournament Live Telecast for the Soccer.

NextVr is one of the live-streaming devices that has given high-quality Virtual Reality Videos. It was specially designed to shoot 360-degree Live streaming.

This can broadcast live and recorded video and has partnered with technological products like Samsung and Oculus Rift. NextVR is the official partner of the NBA league pass.

NextVR and Live Nation Virtual Reality Concert Streams:

Live Nation, Citi, and NextVR have started binding a partnership with some Concert series for music lovers. This has become a business opportunity; people can virtually enjoy anywhere, anyone in a Virtual Reality world.

It allows the world’s most prominent artists to claim their backstage performance to see through Virtual Reality technology devices.

NextVR app is coming soon to watch a live performance of the “world’s biggest artists” in Virtual Reality devices.

Music, sports, and live events are the most considerable income from the audience. As we all know, Next, VR is well known for live streaming sports and live events and has partnered with Live Nation channel, NBA, which telecasts DJ events and artists’ performances in Virtual Reality view.

This NextVR company has also partnered with Thievery Corporation, which can promote live DJ and music event tickets. Live Nation also introduced a new website for 360-degree videos and Virtual Reality events.

NextVR has allowed the broadcast of Cutting Edge performances, boxing matches, and Democratic debates in Virtual Reality worldwide.

Advantages of NextVR:

NextVR is the best Virtual Reality Device Broadcast live Streaming of Sports and Concert Streams.

NextVR has also broadcasted Netflix movies and Live TV.

It has launched Next3D for 3D television viewers.

It provides an impressive 360-degree view for Live streaming of Soccer and Football tournaments.

The NextVr is beating the Live Concert, Sports, and all internationally famous for streaming Virtual Reality events and getting more technological.

NextVR is now Live Streaming Highlights of Boxing in Virtual Reality.

All industries are waiting to partner with NextVR to bring Virtual Reality views.

While viewing the NExtVR live streaming, you can feel and get you watching in the front row experience or even better.

Combination of NextVR and Sports:

NextVR presents the platform for Live Streaming Sports like Soccer, Football, Hockey, and Golf tournaments.

NextVR partners with United States Golf Tournaments on Fox Sports Live Streaming Channel. Viewers are watching the game through Samsung Gear devices.

NextVR will launch the NextVR app for the audience of sports to get access to all Virtual Reality devices.

NextVR became a new platform for broadcasting boxing Highlights; the audience can see the fights fall live. They sit in the front row of the event.

NextVR is getting high professional partnerships with big companies and TV Live broadcasting.

NextVR has partnered with the NBA, Netflix, International Champions Cup of Soccer Tournaments, NHL, and Fox Sports.

Samsung Gear VR headsets next allow the NextVR app to give Live streaming and earn more income through this app.

Getting Started with BBC Taster Virtual Reality App

The BBC is experimenting with Virtual Reality, Converting BBC content into VR videos. BBC recently launched a Virtual Reality mobile app, “BBC Taster,” which broadcasts all BBC content to 360-degree videos. BBC Taster Virtual Reality App is going to be the trend.

The BBC Taster Virtual Reality app is free on iOS and Android mobiles. The British media network has the best 360 video content in a YouTube playlist. This app was developed by “Taster,” BBC in-house. They used “EEVO “to publish BBC videos and news content in Virtual Reality.

Best Features Of BBC Taster Virtual Reality App:

BBC first experimented with the nature documentary “Planet Earth II” to give nature experience to the viewer, with more content expected to be soon in a BBC Taster app. The app allows users to choose their path to enjoy it.

It has also experimented with VR animated videos, interactive 360 videos, Branching narratives, and Dynamic Binaural. They are “One Deadly Weekend in America” and Planet Earth II. If you are using mobile VR headsets, you can experience it correctly and choose the path where they go.

BBC is experimenting with live events like the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, planning to broadcast at least one event every day on iOS, Android, PCs, and Samsung Gear VR and planning to give up to 100 live hours for the Taster VR app from dedicated PCs and mobile devices.

Taster app videos include Rio Olympic 2016 opening and closing ceremonies, sports like Basketball and gymnastics, including facing, also promise the ringside view of boxing. Here, one limitation happens: the UK kept Geolocation locked for others.

The broadcaster says that the user can choose any videos from the Taster VR app and any adventure-style programs. This is an entirely different approach than traditional TV services from the BBC.

The BBC Taster app is available for iOS and Android mobiles outside the United Kingdom. If you are an Android user, download the app from the Play Store, and if you are an iOS user, download the BBC Taster app from the App Store.

After downloading it, the app, by default, has two videos, “One Deadly Weekend in America VR” and Planet Earth II videos. Just download the videos and watch them. Planet Earth II is taking a little bit late to download it.

You are allowed to watch the videos through Google Cardboard and compatible devices. You can select your destinations and travel routes from Deserts, Jungles, Grasslands, Islands, Mountains, and Cities.

To develop this platform, BBC Research and Development included 120 different pilots, working from all various departments of the BBC, and thousands of Feedback from other departments in the BBC.

You can watch BBC sports through Your computers using Beeb’s Experimental BBC Taster site without any help from VR headsets scrolling the mouse and moving around.

There is an app for Samsung VR Gear, so you use it through your mobile to watch 360 degrees VR content in this, “C stated, “Now they are pushing boundaries to get closer to the action than ever before.”

This is the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with the BBC Taster Virtual Reality App for everyone. People who are not aware of this app make use of this valuable information. With a closer look, enjoy the Virtual Reality experience from the Popular British Media BBC News, Documentaries, and Sports Events.

The Ultimate Guide to Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu Virtual Reality allows you to experience watching movies or programs with 3D effects on your Samsung Gear VR or other Samsung mobile devices that support the Oculus Rift. Hulu VR app subscribers can access the Hulu 2D library and enjoy the 360-degree environment.

Introduction to Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu Virtual Reality allows you to stream select Virtual Reality content. Launch the Hulu app, choose the Virtual Reality content main screen, and access the videos to enjoy the immersive 3D experience. Those without a Hulu subscription can also use the app, but they can only access a limited number of Virtual Reality videos.

The Hulu app can be used for free, but access to the content is limited. There will be no content limit for the subscribers.

The content can stream to mobile devices, game consoles, televisions with web-enabled, etc. But when the subscription is only essential, they must see the same amount of ads as free users. Paid services streamed in 720 p HD.

The Hulu app can be run on Android and iOS mobile devices. The Hulu app can be downloaded from Google Play stores and Apple App, and it is free. For full access, there is a need to subscribe.

How to Experience Hulu Virtual Reality

Hulu Virtual Reality can be experienced with Samsung Gear VR, and other supported devices are Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, and others.

  • Connect the Gear VR headset, and the latest Oculus software is automatically installed.
  • The Samsung mobile which you are using must run on Android 5.1.1 version.
  • Go to the Oculus home screen while wearing the Gear VR headset. Select the Oculus store, select Select All or the Samsung, and select Hulu.
  • Go to the Install or Free options using the on-screen pointer. Confirm the selection by tapping the touchpad.
  • To log in to Hulu VR, there are two options. One is to use the Hulu mobile app, and the other is to use the website activation code.
  • When using Hulu VR on Oculus Rift, you must have the latest software version of Oculus and one supported computer.
  • Go to the Oculus store and highlight the free option with the on-screen pointer.
  • Click the select button so that the Hulu app downloads.

Advantages and Specifications of Hulu Virtual Reality

The Hulu Virtual Reality app is free. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS, Windows XP, and Windows 7. When it started services, it seemed that it was going to fail, but now it has become essential for the media lives. There are some advantages and disadvantages to Hulu.

  • Hulu is a free app, and it gets the content very fast.
  • Hulu offers the latest television shows the day after they air. Hulu VR is available on many platforms, including mobile devices, set-top boxes, and consoles.
  • It is possible to link the Hulu app to Facebook and share what you are watching.
  • There is no limit on how much content can be watched on Hulu.
  • Hulu allows accessing its content for free on the desktop computer.
  • Hulu subscription is suitable for those who want to watch full seasons of the shows on different devices.
  • Hulu can be watched on the television also.
  • The experience of watching Hulu content on smartphones and tablets is excellent.
  • Hulu is the best for those who want the best of the internet and television.

Getting Started Guide to YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube launched a dedicated Virtual Reality app for video content. Virtual Reality app was part of Daydream, a mobile VR operating system based on Android. The app will work for Cardboard and Daydream Viewer.

YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube Virtual Reality app allows viewing Virtual Reality videos and 360 video content using the headsets and devices it supports.

YouTube VR App turns the videos on the Virtual Reality platform into a beautiful experience. The YouTube VR app works well with the Daydream View headset. When using the VR app for a long time, it is recommended to use the Daydream View headset for more comfort.

THE YouTube VR app can be enjoyed with Google Cardboard, Day, Dream View headset, and others. The app supports Pixel or Pixel XL devices; soon, more devices will be made to keep the app. This app is available for the device that runs on Android 7.1+.

How to Install and Use YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube VR app can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Virtual Reality apps can browse all the videos on YouTube. Immerse yourself in the 360-degree experience. Use the theatre mode to watch the videos on the virtual big screen.

Users can watch the videos and enjoy the lean-back experience. You can switch to voice and keyboard controls.

Best Features of YouTube Virtual Reality App

The YouTube Virtual Reality app allows exploring the site. All the 360 3D videos on YouTube can be browsed and watched. Subscribe to it and manage the subscriptions, playlists, etc. Before this, you must sign in, go to Account, and choose the Account you want.

Scroll up and down to browse the videos on the home screen or in playlists. Click the App button on the controller and click the Grid icon. There are two ways to search for specific videos on YouTube VR – voice search and keyboard search.

For Voice searching, click the Search button and select voice. Say the search term. For the Keyboard, click the search button, select the Keyboard, and type the search term. The selections include 360 degrees, Live, 3D, and 4K.

The VR control content can be controlled with the VR app button on the controller or by clicking the touchpad. This way, you can access the player buttons. Using the player controls, you can increase or decrease the sound, go to the previous or next video, or adjust the viewing settings. The user can also turn off the captions or choose the desired language for captions.

Video quality, the curved screen on or off toggling, and changing the environment are also possible with the player controls. Player controls are also used to zoom in or out the videos that are not 360 degrees. Slide the finger down on the touchpad to zoom out and up to zoom in.

The YouTube VR app that will be available for the first time on Daydream can turn any YouTube video content that is not built for VR viewing into an immersive experience. Theater mode is used to get this experience.

According to Google, the VR format will be a popular means of storytelling. Most of the video created in the format is now in the experimental phase. You will require a Daydream-ready phone like Pixel and the headset to use the YouTube VR app.

The app presents a bigger screen than the television screen about ten feet from the user. Few users found YouTube video streaming when the internet connection was not strong. Some users say that the drawbacks of YouTube VR are the streaming and advertising.

Virtual Reality Video Statistics 2020

  • Virtual Reality is expected to provide $150 B in revenue in 2020.
  • The USA spent $6.4 B only on VR in the year 2018.
  • 22.4 million users in the USA are VR consumers.
  • 90% of VR headsets are based on mobile.
  • 66% of customers are interested in VR shopping.
  • 77% of VR consumers expect more social engagement.
  • In 2016, almost 11 million Virtual Reality headsets shipped.
  • VR games added 55% of Virtual Reality software revenue in 2017.
  • More than 3.1 million audiences are subscribed to the YouTube 360 channel.
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