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10 Ways To Hack The YouTube Video Recommendation Algorithm

YouTube video algorithm has been going through different challenges in the system. Here are the ways to hack the YouTube Video Recommendation Algorithm to rank your videos at the top of the YouTube search results.

1. Personalized recommendations

YouTube Algorithm is based on personalized recommendations based on content retrieval and the discovery of the content. The search querying and the browsing allow the users to navigate through the information on the platform. The recommendations are generally featured on the home page and the browser page.

2. Objective behind the personalized recommendation system 

The main goal or objective behind the customized design is to provide the users with high-definition relevant video content. It is the formula to keep the audience engaged ad interested in the platform content. Another primary goal is maintaining user privacy ad control over personalized data.

3. Recommendation challenges

Making personally relevant and engaging video content is a unique challenge. The users with poor metadata cannot be displayed in the algorithm recommendation because the algorithms need relevancy and depend on the video corpus size.

4. User interactions

The short user interactions are given preference in the search algorithm on the youtube recommendation algorithm.

5. Recommendations for designing

The youtube recommendation algorithm generally targets diversified and relevant user actions during the search. The algorithm generates the recommended video set.

6. Watch time

The recommendation algorithm also takes on the watch time of the individual videos and recommends based on the videos has the maximum watch time.

7. High viewing  

Some video content picks up views within the first few hours, which can have the high video viewing velocity recommended by the youtube recommendation algorithm for videos.

8. Poor viewing

Poor viewing affects the further video content, and the algorithm pushes down five percent back if you have a low subscriber rate.

9. Short form

 The short-form video content has a more significant number of views as people like short-form videos compared to long-form video content online. Youtube video recommendation algorithms also vote for interactive short-form content in search results.

10. Long form

The long-form content will no longer work. To hack the video recommendation algorithm, users must focus on short-form content. If you are going with long-form content, make sure you hack the algorithm by following the first few minutes as an essential time to attract the audience.

YouTube Video Recommendation Algorithm Hacks

  • Be consistent with your upload schedule
  • Make sure you have a video for every niche
  • Optimize your titles and descriptions to include keywords relevant to your videos.
  • Create thumbnails that stand out but don’t distract from the content of the video.
  • Appropriately use tags.
  • Add a video to your playlist that is similar to the one you want to be recommended.
  • Watch videos in total, not just snippets.
  • Engage with other channels and users by following them, liking their videos, commenting on them, and sharing them.
  • Keep your video short; YouTube recommends videos of a similar length to the one you’re watching.
  • Add a title that is catchy and easy to remember
  • Use high-quality videos with good lighting and sound quality
  • Find videos that have high engagement and low watch time
  • Like a lot of videos from the same channel to show your interest in their content
  • Comment on popular videos with a link to your video
  • Use tags, titles, and descriptions that are relevant to trending topics or current events
  • Use YouTube’s video editor to create a thumbnail that stands out from the rest
  • Upload your video in 4K resolution for an extra boost of views, even if it isn’t meant for 4K viewing
  • Add annotations to videos with links back to your channel or other content you want more viewers on
  • Add videos to playlists that are already popular on YouTube
  • Please create an account and upload videos to your channel, following all of their guidelines
  • Make sure you have enough views, subscribers, and comments before uploading new content
  • Create a YouTube channel that is different from your one
  • Fill the trough with videos related to your niche but not too similar to each other
  • Include a thumbnail for every video in the playlist and make them all different from each other
  • Make sure you have at least ten videos before promoting it on social media or elsewhere
  • Repost your video to different channels
  • Place the same content in multiple videos but with various titles
  • Use keywords that are trending or popular on YouTube to get more views and shares
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail and attention-grabbing
  • Include links in the description box on YouTube to other videos you have created or ones relevant to the topic of your video
  • Connect with influencers who may be interested in what you are promoting
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload videos on the same issue as your video
  • Comment on other people’s videos with links to your content


All these above points reveal the working of the youtube video recommendation algorithm. Knowing these points, you can hack the youtube video recommendation algorithm and boost your search visibility and rankings.

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