Strategies and Ideas for YouTube Ads People Don’t Skip

In a world where ad-blocking software is on the rise, you might be wondering if advertising on YouTube is still worth it. After all, an estimated 26% of people use ad blockers, which could mean that more than one-quarter of your target audience won’t see your ads at all.

But before you write YouTube advertising off entirely, consider this, even with adblocker usage on the rise, 96% of online users still watch videos.

So yes, advertising on YouTube is still worth it but you need to make sure your ads are ones people won’t skip. Here are some tips for creating engaging YouTube ads your audience will want to watch.

So how do you make sure that your ad is one that people won’t skip? Check out the strategies and ideas below!

Strategies and Ideas for YouTube Ads People Won’t Skip

  • Use a catchy headline or slogan in your ad
  • Make sure your video is exciting and engaging
  • Use strong visuals to capture the attention
  • Keep your videos short- around 60 seconds long
  • Target your ads to specific demographics
  • Use Call-To-Actions (CTAs) to encourage viewers to take action
  • Test different ad strategies until you find what works best for you
  • Monitor the performance of your ads and make changes as needed
  • Keep your videos short- people are more likely to watch a shorter video
  • Make sure your videos are interesting and engaging
  • Use strong visuals to capture the attention
  • Add subtitles if necessary
  • Try using humor or celebrities to get people’s attention
  • Test different strategies to see what works best for you
  • Use attractive visuals to capture attention
  • Appeal to viewers’ emotions
  • Tell a story
  • Be creative and unique
  • Make sure your ads are interesting and relevant to your target audience
  • Use catchy slogans or phrases in your ad that will make people want to watch it
  • Produce high-quality videos that are both entertaining and informative
  • Place ads at the beginning of videos, so people are more likely to see them
  • Target specific demographics with your ads
  • Test different strategies until you find what works best for you
  • Keep your branding consistent
  • Monitor how well your videos are performing
  • Use a catchy headline and thumbnail to get people to watch your ad
  • Don’t use too many words keep it short and sweet
  • Incentivize viewers to take action for example, by giving them a discount for clicking through to your website
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Start with a strong hook
  • Make sure your message is clear
  • Target your ads correctly
  • Test, test, test!
  • Keep your branding consistent across all videos
  • A video with a catchy song
  • Videos that tell you how to do something
  • Videos of animals doing funny things
  • Ask viewers to subscribe or follow you on other social media channels
  • Give a discount code for first-time customers
  • Offer free shipping, especially during the holidays
  • Include an attractive photo of your product
  • Show a problem that needs solving
  • Offer an exclusive deal for the first 10 people to sign up
  • Use humor or shock factor to get attention
  • Make it personal- talk about what you’ve been going through and how your product can help
  • Offer a free trial or a discount on a product or service offered in your video ads
  • Use humor that is appropriate for the audience you are targeting- don’t be afraid to push boundaries if your target audience will appreciate it
  • Use a countdown timer to create suspense and get people’s attention
  • Put your company logo in the upper left corner of the video, so it is recognizable when someone sees it on their feed
  • Create an ad that features one product, not multiple products or services
  • Make sure you have a website where people can purchase your product after they are interested in it from watching your ad
  • Use humor to get people’s attention
  • Include the benefits of your product in the ad
  • Promote a product or service you offer
  • Give an exclusive sneak peek of something new
  • Give away prizes to viewers who watch the whole thing
  • Put the ad at the beginning of a video
  • Use an eye-catching thumbnail to get people’s attention
  • Make sure you have intriguing text that will make people want to click on your ad
  • Give viewers something free if they sign up for your email list or follow you on social media
  • Give them something they can use, such as an offer or giveaway
  • Include a tagline that gives viewers an idea of what the video is about
  • Tell viewers why they should care about your product or service and how it will make their lives better


If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably looking for ways to create more effective YouTube ads. And if you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to sit through ads that are boring or irrelevant.

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