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30 Clever and Free Ways to Promote an Entertainment YouTube Channel

People access videos in different categories on YouTube. YouTube video sharing platform has the widest selection of content.   People go to YouTube for entertainment also. The entertainment channels on YouTube can have movie trailers, web series, funny video clips, and much more. YouTube has millions of user base that log on to the platform every day to check the entertainment videos and also to know information about the latest entertainment news.  Entertainment companies can use YouTube for promoting their business and also to improve their branding.   Here are few tips that can be followed to promote entertainment YouTube channel.

Ways To Pramote Entertainment YouTube Channel

1. Make your videos more visible by using the tags properly.  Use the tags carefully and use them in more numbers.

2. Make a playlist of your entertainment channel so that it appears organized and makes searching easy for the viewers.

3. Add a good profile picture and banner image to your YouTube channel. These must be unique and appealing.

4. Pinterest is a great place to post your video.  For this, you have to use the video functions and you can expect lots of hits for your entertainment videos via this site.

5. The popularity of Twitter is increasing and entertainment channels can utilize this platform so that people will talk about it and share the videos.

6. Make Facebook a part of your social media marketing strategy.  This can increase traffic to the entertainment channel as more and more friends and followers will share the videos.

7. Post content regularly on the YouTube channel.  This helps to grow the fan base.

8. Use offbeat video titles to attract the viewers.

9. Do not forget to use the keyword in the title.

10.  Identify the most searched for keywords related to your niche by using the Google Adwords.

11. Use the keywords carefully and not just for the sake of SEO optimization.

12. Do not exceed the limit of 66 characters while naming the entertainment YouTube video title.

13. Let people have information about what the video contains by reading the title itself.

14. Use images or annotation as thumbnails for the videos in the channel.  This will increase click through rate.

15. Have a channel trailer and let it autoplay when visitors come in.

16. The channel trailer should be of 30 to 60 seconds long.

17. Ask the viewers of your video to take an action such as subscribing to the entertainment channel.

18. Make sure that calls to action annotations are not obtrusive.

19. Collaborate with other YouTubers and this helps to get new followers

20. Interact with the audience. Reply to their queries and this help to connect with the audience.

21. Be active on other social sites and upload your content on multiple platforms for better reach.

22. Conduct contest and give away offers, discounts etc to the audience. People love to have free stuff.

23.  Know what is trending and make a video on the related topic. This is sure to increase the visits.

24. Allow subscribers to share and embed the videos. This helps to get more exposure.

25. In Video programming feature is very beneficial to promote a particular video of yours.

26. Post the videos on the official website and also on the blog.

27. Email marketing is very effective and you can share the links of the videos to your customers.

28. Use public relation techniques such as press releases to reach the target audience.

29. Focus on SEO strategies to get into highest search engine rankings.

30. Use the Entertainment YouTube Channel link in brochures, catalogs and other promotional material also.


Entertainment videos help in promoting the business though the process is a bit slow. People will share the videos and also subscribe to the Entertainment YouTube Channel if they find the videos interesting.

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