Cord Cutting

What is Cord Cutting ?

Cord cutting is referred to as stopping the costly cable subscriptions and switching to the internet or any other clients for television channels.

It is the act of canceling or disconnecting one’s TV cable subscription.  Cord-cutters are the new generation of revolutionaries. They’re fighting for their right to watch TV on their own terms – without any contracts or commitments. And they have a favorite weapon in this fight that keeps them from being chewed up by greedy corporations: over-the-air antennas.

The reason I love over-the-air is that it doesn’t cost me anything to install at my house, and it’s something I can use for life without an end date! So if you want something simple and to be able to pick and choose what shows you want – an antenna might be your best bet!

Cord-cutting, also known as cable cutting in the US, is a recent trend of canceling multiple services provided by traditional cable and satellite television providers for cable TV, land-line telephone service, and broadband internet.

People are increasingly turning to Netflix or other streaming services to watch movies and play games. As these technologies become more mainstream (and affordable!), they’re making cord-cutting easier than ever.

Cord-cutting includes a wide range of activities, from canceling specific services you no longer want or needing to unsubscribing from marketing information sent via email or postal mail after purchasing only the content you want online.

Cord-cutting is the process by which a television viewer currently subscribed to cable or satellite TV cancels their subscription in favor of an internet-connected media source (e.g., Netflix or Hulu) that doesn’t require them to pay for expensive TV subscriptions.

Cord cutting is typically undertaken by millennials, who are less locked into tradition than older generations. As such, cord-cutters often cite generational differences as the main reason for their decision to opt out of traditional televisions services. They also believe they are saving significant money through cord-cutting since it no longer requires them to buy expensive cable boxes, and they can get all the content they want from providers like Netflix instead.

Cord cutting refers to the process of a customer canceling their TV subscription in favor of streamed content such as Netflix, iTunes, or Hulu.

It’s not losing a cord. It’s cutting one. Right? You get rid of TV and replace it with streaming services that provide on-demand movies and shows. With these services, you can watch what you want when you want without having your whole schedule dictated by network executives who think they know what’s best for you better than you do (because they don’t).

This refers to TV cord-cutting.

Introduction to cord cutting

Cord cutting is a way of watching your television without a cable wire, which means cordless. People can watch the television using the internet and other services to watch TV. Many other services are available for people to watch the television on different devices without any cable wires. Drastic effect on the cable providers.

Previously Cable TV is an ultimate entertainment to the people across the globe. But people are searching for useful and trending content. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some of the other cordless television providers who hit the heads of cable providers today.

Cord-cutting is the process of discontinuing cable television through satellite, streaming, and broadband services, as well as a class of consumers who use those technologies; an individual who participates in cord-cutting is called a cord cutter.

For many people, having access to more entertainment with significantly less commercials outweighs any drawbacks they might encounter with these other solutions.

For experienced technologists and professionals within various industries or related fields, the flexibility and freedom offered via streaming options present opportunities for potential new jobs that were previously unavailable outside of traditional broadcasting or cable distribution companies.

Significance of Cable Cord Cutting

  • The first most advantage of cable cord-cutting is saving the money without sacrificing your favourite television shows.
  • There are different streaming services and devices in the present market offering good services to the people which are comparatively cost effective than the cable providers.
  • So you can save a lot of money by cutting the cable cords.
  • The streaming devices provide you with the latest information about the must-see shows instantly when connected to the internet.
  • There will be many options with the streaming devices where you can also access the new movies and premium content within the device.
  • All options are very cheaper than cable television when compared to the market prices.
  • Cable cord-cutting is the act of canceling a cable TV subscription and relying on streaming services to view content
  • The average cable cord-cutter saves $1,000 per year by not paying for a cable package they don’t use
  • There are many reasons why people have decided to cut their cords with cable companies, including high prices, poor customer service, and too much screen time
  • One study found that the average American watches 5 hours of television each day- which adds up to an entire month in just one week
  • Cable TV is expensive and has a lot of commercials
  • Content on cable TV can be censored or edited for television ratings
  • A lot of content, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Instant Video, YouTube Red, is available online without the need for a cable subscription
  • Cutting the cord can save you up to $1000 per year in unnecessary fees
  • Cable companies have high monthly fees
  • Cable companies charge more for premium channels than other streaming services
  • Cable companies are slow to adapt to the changing media landscape
  • Streaming services offer better value for money and provide a wider choice of content
  • Cable TV is expensive
  • Streaming services are cheaper and more convenient
  • Cable cord-cutting saves money
  • You can watch your favorite shows online on other streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and Showtime Anytime
  • There’s a variety of content to choose from with the streaming as mentioned earlier, services
  • Cable cord-cutting is the act of canceling cable or satellite TV subscriptions in favor of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu
  • The number of people who have cut their cords has increased by 8% from 2017 to 2018, with over 3 million households now using internet-based services instead of traditional television providers
  • This trend can be attributed to increasing dissatisfaction with traditional cable companies’ prices and service levels, as well as the availability of online alternatives that offer a more comprehensive range of programs

Disadvantages of Cord Cutting

  • The first disadvantage of cutting your cable cord is losing access to the live events, news live streaming etc.
  • The users cannot be able to watch the other live sports events and games across streaming devices.
  • Only national games can be covered in the streaming sticks as they can be available for free of cost across the web.
  • There will be some delay of watching the television series if you are a dedicated follower of some series.
  • If you are a hardcore follower of television series of episodes, then it is really a great challenge to them to wait for the next episode which is really difficult.
  • There will be some cable locked channels like HBO which you cannot access all the things as it limits access.
  • You’ll have to find a new TV provider
  • You won’t be able to watch TV live or on-demand
  • Cord cutting can be expensive if you’re not careful and don’t take advantage of deals
  • Streaming services are limited in what they offer, which means your favorite show might not be available
  • You may have to pay for additional streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • You’ll need a reliable internet connection
  • You’re limited to the streaming services that are offered on your device
  • It can be difficult finding a good TV show or movie without paying for cable
  • No live sports programming, like NFL games and NBA playoff games
  • Paying for cable can be expensive
  • You will miss out on your favorite shows if you don’t have access to a TV provider’s app
  • some channels are only available through a pay-TV subscription
  • Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offer fewer movies and TV shows than they used to because of the increase in people cutting the cord
  • You can’t watch live sports
  • You have to pay for all your favorite shows and movies on demand, which can be expensive
  • Streaming services are limited in what they offer

20 Amazing Facts and Figures of Cord Cutting

From many years cable TV networks are providing good quality content through their networks. Now it’s become expensive when you go for consumer choice. Curd Cutting is the Process of removing the expensive Cable TV networks, moving to OTT networks or low-cost networks.

Now let’s take advantage of many streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Each service has their plans for the consumer choice with the least amount of cost.

  • According to eMorketer, nearly 25% of US households will be Cord-cutters by 2022.
  • Over 39.3 million cord-cutters occur only in the US.
  • Nearly 25 to 34 aged people access TV content through the Internet.
  • More than 90% of young people prefer to watch internet TV globally.
  • The biggest TV provider Comcast reached 22.1 million subscribers.
  • Marketers predict that several cord-cutters will reach 55.1 million by 2022.
  • As per CNBC study, over 57% of the cord-cutters have already used some streaming platforms.
  • 64.5% of the digital video viewers in the US watch Netflix by eMarketers survey.
  • 15.25 of the Global population already cut the cord and depending on internet TV services.
  • More than 87% of the cord-cutters because the cable is too expensive.
  • Around 35 million Americans never used the Cable TV.
  • A paid cable subscription is declined 3.4% year by year.
  • One our of three Americans do not use cable TV.
  • More than 25% of people use sports content online.
  • Over 130+ OTT streaming services exist in the market.
  • Only 18% of the cord user make buying decisions by advertisements.
  • 73% of US consumers watch the BINGE television series.
  • Almost 2.5 million Canadians cut their TV subscriptions between 2012- 2020.
  • Cord cutting is nothing but replacing the Pay TV with the over the top streaming media services
  • People are adopted towards the online video streaming services and leaving the Pay TV

Advantages of Cord Cutting

  • It Saves you Money
  • TV programming changes quickly, Cord Cutters Are in Control
  • Packages Sometimes Over Charge For The Wrong Content
  • Quality Of TV Features Improve With Streaming Services
  • Cutting the Cord is Cheaper
  • Get rid of the Cable Guy
  • Exclusive Content
  • Re-watch everything
  • Live Events On The Go
  • Get access to content you can’t watch on cable
  • Enjoy more convenience in your life
  • Multi-room and streaming capabilities
  • Unique content
  • Cutting the cord means cutting the cost
  • Unlimited TV
  • No cancellation fees
  • Commercial free TV
  • Cheap entertainment
  • Easy to do
  • Cheaper than cable
  • Better customer service
  • Cord-cutting will save you money
  • You can watch live TV online
  • Time is valuable – cord-cutting will save time
  • Highly customizable cable packages
  • Cord-cutting saves the environment
  • Get rid of high-priced subscription TV and pay only for the programs you want to watch
  • Lower payments
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions online to save even more! Get a year’s worth of savings in month one.
  • The ability to watch live sports
  • Have a Netflix account
  • More control over your entertainment budget
  • You don’t have to pay for cable TV
  • The same shows available online includes new and past seasons
  • Enjoy a more excellent selection of shows
  • Enjoy more on-demand shows
  • Receive a smaller cable bill
  • Save the environment
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Blackouts
  • Can Watch TV Anywhere
  • Browse Channels and Movies On Demand
  • Save money on your monthly cable bill
  • Get more popular TV shows and movies than you would with a cable subscription
  • Use the internet to watch live sports games or news coverage of events as they happen
  • Watch anything, anytime- no need to wait for it to come on TV or be released in theaters
  • Subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now
  • Watch live TV on your own time
  • No contracts or cancellation fees
  • Save money by cutting the cord and canceling cable television service
  • Larger selection of channels than most cable packages offer
  • More control over what you watch
  • Save money on cable
  • Get more content than you could ever watch in a lifetime
  • Watch live TV without the need for an antenna or satellite dish
  • Stream shows and movies from anywhere, not just your home
  • Watch sports games live with no blackouts
  • Get more channels than you would with cable or satellite TV
  • Watch on your schedule, not the TV’s schedule
  • Cut down on distractions while watching TV and get work done at the same time
  • Save money on your monthly bill
  • Get more channels and content for less than cable or satellite TV
  • Watch anything you want, anytime you want, without commercials
  • Never miss out on a show because it’s not available to stream


Learn about the different ways that you can watch your favorite shows online without a traditional cable subscription.

Going cord cut is not a financial burden; it’s an opportunity to save money while still watching the programs you enjoy.

Cord-cutting doesn’t have many drawbacks.

Cord-cutting has risen as consumers have become more conscious about their utility spends.

Cord-cutting is easier and worth your time and money.

Cut the cord on cable and see your money grow.

This article introducing amazing benefits and plan like cord-cutting process. We have given 20 amazing facts and figures about Curd cutting, how to do it and implementation process. Let’s check it and taste the best features of new streaming services.

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