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How To Watch Netflix On TV

Netflix is one of the top Streaming platforms for watching Movies, Sports, and Live events worldwide anytime. We can find everything to Watch on Netflix TV.

Some streaming platforms, like Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc., follow the path of Netflix.

Several compatible devices are available to stream through Big Screens, like TV, and watch Netflix on TV.

We can watch Netflix on mobile devices through some Apps to download and enjoy the services. Let us discuss them one by one in depth.

How to Watch Netflix on TV:

Netflix streaming supports PCs, Laptops, Mobiles, Chromecast sticks, Gaming consoles, Mobiles phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

We can choose any of these devices to Watch Netflix on our smart TVs.

Watch Netflix Through Laptop/PC:

First, we should buy an HDMI cable for connecting your TV and Laptop for streaming Movies on your TV.

If you already got the cable, connect the HDMI cable on one side to the back of the TV and connect another end to your laptop/pc.

Laptop /Pc should have an internet connection and maintain the Netflix app.

Most Windows laptops have built HDMI ports; using MacBook, you can see Mini DisplayPort and connect Mini DisplayPort to HDMI.

Now change the HDMI inputs on your TV, match the HDMI1,2 or 3 to your ports, and set and recognize which information is hooked to your Laptop.

After that, you can see the mirroring of the TV Screen on the Laptop. Now you can stream Netflix from your Laptop/PC.

Watch Netflix Through Smart TVs :

If you have a new Smart TV in your home and like to watch Netflix on the Smart TV, you must have an internet connection to your TV.

Internet connection may be Wireless or wired. That doesn’t matter. You can watch movies through Netflix. Nowadays, many smart TVs are preloaded with the Netflix app.

Netflix is also preloaded on some smart TVs,

so if your Smart TV doesn’t have a Netflix app, connect your TV to an Internet connection and download the Netflix app for streaming.

Watch Netflix Through Gaming Consoles:

Netflix supports popular gaming consoles like Playstation3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii, Wii U, and more.

If you use DVDs, Netflix supports streaming through Blu-Ray players.

Watch Netflix Through Streaming Devices:

If you do not have a Laptop/PC, or Smart TV, you can even use Streaming Devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and other Chromecast alternatives.
It would be best to have a first internet connection through WiFi to connect your TV to your streaming devices.

The latest streaming devices mostly have the Netflix app, which is inbuilt.

If any of your streaming devices do not have the Netflix app, you should manually install the Netflix app and change the settings to watch Netflix through TV.

Different Apps to Watch Netflix on TV

It is challenging to watch Netflix movies together if your friends are far from you. You can now enjoy Netflix through a different mobile app while video chatting or calling. Till now, we have seen some ways to watch Netflix on TV, but now we can see the app to scan Netflix content through mobile apps.


Rabbit is an iOS app to download on your mobile freely. This app is only available for iOs users through Apple iPhones and iPads.

In this app, all friends can watch and create “Rooms” to check what others are watching.

On the main screen, you can video chat, and right corner; you will see the friends in the group and sync Netflix among all your friends. This app has a Google Chrome extension for Windows.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is one of the most fantastic apps ever seen, with facilities and all compatible devices.

It works for Smartphones, Tablets, Pcs, and more. You can easily hang out with rough video calling and chatting. Once you establish hangouts, you can easily Sync Netflix video content among your friends.

Kik :

Kik is an Android app that is not only used for messaging for hangouts, rough calling, and watching net content freely.

This free app does not need any phone number. It should maintain just usernames.

Kik is the best tool to watch Netflix content as a group from different places great app to expose your emotions and feelings and share pics while running the movies and while video chatting.

How to Stream Netflix Videos on Your TV using Google Home

The present trend runs on voice-activated services co, considering that Google has released the Google Home. Google Home is a wireless speaker used to operate the TV to play shows and music on YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services.

The advantage of using this Google Home is you can activate Netflix shows by giving commands over voice like “OK, Google play songs” to Google Home.

Then this automatically plays by recalling the words that you said. Everything is OK, but how to play Netflix TV using Google Home?

Streaming Netflix Videos on TV using Google Home:

First, you need to log in to the Netflix TV account already used.

Initially, install the apps of Google Home and Chromecast on the device through mobile.

Now open the Home app to visit the option devices.

It detects the nearby devices available and then makes sure to connect.

After that, move to the app Google Home then click on settings.

You find the button ‘more’ and then select videos to play.

Now again, transfer to the Netflix account, then hit the link account available.

Then make sure to link up the Google Home with the Netflix account.

Start saying, “OK, Google play Fuller House from Netflix,” then immediately starts chorusing your sentences with a beautiful voice and play what you noted from Netflix.

Now you can enjoy the shows and music without doing any physical work by giving voice commands to the Google Home device.

It performs rewind, playback, skip and pause options when choosing one.

This Google Home can be used for ongoing parties by playing music.

Google Home is one of the best operatives, especially working over voice. It provides more advantages, like accessing Google photos and videos on TV. Combining the world’s topmost streaming service Netflix and the hunting source Google Home will be the best option to get unbreakable entertainment.

20 Netflix Streaming Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Netflix is known as a streaming service provider which can offer an extensive library with diversified content for subscribers and users on different platforms. Netflix content is available to stream on mobiles, computers, and other television devices. Netflix started streaming services in 2007, serving 190 countries worldwide.

  1. Netflix started in the year 1997.
  2. It started distributing content digitally in 1999.
  3. Netflix’s IPO year is 2002.
  4. According to 2015 statistics, it was revealed that Netflix had more than 60 million subscribers in 2015.
  5. More than 42 million subscribers are noticed from the US itself.
  6. Eleven billion hours are spent on Netflix every month.
  7. More than 60 percent of users are watching shows on Netflix every week.
  8. Users between 18-34 years old watch Netflix via mobile devices.
  9. More than 45 percent of households subscribed to Netflix in the US.
  10. More than 30 percent of households in the US have subscribed to Netflix compared to Amazon; only 10 percent of users are subscribers.
  11. More than 27m Americans use the Netflix app.
  12. According to 2015 reports, it was revealed that more than 27 percent of school graduates were watching Netflix several times a day.
  13. More than 89 percent of users on Netflix were engaged with the original content.
  14. About 50 percent of millennials are using Netflix in the US.
  15. More than 37 percent of US Gen X is using Netflix.
  16. Twenty-five percent of baby boomers were also watching Netflix.
  17. The best ISP’s connectivity to Netflix was in the Netherlands.
  18. Netflix was using more than 100 to 149 terabytes of space per server.
  19. People from more than 45 countries were subscribed to Netflix.
  20. It has two award nominations for the academy awards in 2015

Previously so many streaming services were available for movies and all stuff. But now Netflix has become trending and gives High-resolution quality streaming for Televisions. This article has shortlisted the top 20 streaming statistics about Netflix.


Netflix is the Top Streaming Platform in the world. So you can stream Netflix through different compatible devices. This is an extraordinary guide to watching Netflix On TV and other apps to watch Netflix on mobile devices.

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