Social Video: Hacks & Best Practices for 2022

Social video is the video that can be shareable across different social media platforms. The social media platforms are the powerful destination for the marketers and advertisers to reach the targeted audience.

Social video Advertising is compelling, and it is the best way to make your video viral. It promotes real-time engagement across the web.

Introduction to Social Video

Social video is the most shareable content across the social platforms. Most of the people confused social video with viral videos but they are different. Every social video can’t turn as a viral video on social platforms.

The social video must have the best strategy as every social media platform is different from another platform. It requires a separate strategy for the social video to reach the targeted audience.

Social Video Services and Platforms

A social video service provides assurance to increase the user engagement with social video. They can support you to drive more viewers towards your social video content and also impact on the brand visibility and reach.

It also targets the social video marketing and advertising with different strategies form platform to platform.

When comes to the social video platforms, we all know about the famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

YouTube Platform for Social Video

YouTube platform is the most engaging platform across the globe, which has great potential to reach the audience. Short-form social videos work well on YouTube platform comparing to long-form video content.

Visitors on YouTube platform generally target the value of production. The platform has good appeal from the audience as the YouTube platform has some millions of fan bases across the web. keep your videos around three minutes, and the shareability plays a key role in your content promotion.

Instagram Platform for Social Video

The Instagram platform is another best platform to go for social video strategy.

The platform allows 15 seconds videos which can help you to get high click through rates for your social videos.

It is best for small business to go with their social video strategy with Instagram Hyperlapse video ads. The editing tools are also very good on the Instagram platform.

Facebook Platform for Social Video

Facebook has been going well equal to the video giant YouTube platform with new features.

The platform consists of the huge audience following of all ages and it is mainly a demographic targeting platform.

The best suggestion for your social video on the Facebook platform is to share high-quality videos which can be more engaging.

There many other platforms where you can host social videos and above these are the most popular across the web.

10 Social Video Best Practices

  1. Focus on first three seconds in every social video.
  2. Go with compelling story telling.
  3. Make it unique
  4. Make it relevant
  5. Make it clear
  6. Deliver your brand message
  7. Post useful content
  8. Don’t over promote
  9. Try live social video
  10. Short span unboxing videos

Social Video Market Statistics

• More than 92 percent people aged between 18-35 years are likely to follow the brand after watching the social video.

• More than 60 percent people on social media are watching testimonial videos by online stores.

• 70 percent consumers are more likely to recommend a brand which posts social media videos regularly.

• Best time to post your video on Facebook is 3:00 PM on Wednesday and 1 to 4 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

• Your business conversions will increase with videos on YouTube by 14 times more comparing to other platforms.

• Forecasting video ad spends on social videos has increased.

• Businesses are focusing on budget and activity trackers.

• Vertical video ads are continued its growth.

• Consumer spending on VR hardware was increased.

• Emojis are playing a great role in social videos as an emotional connection agents.

• Businesses are focusing on VR videos and $k technology to deliver 360-degree social videos on platforms.

All these above things reveal the growth of social video and act as a good guide for the social video beginners and followers.

Getting Started with Buffer for Social Video Upload & Schedule

Video become the viral word across the globe as it has that much importance in promotions and marketing of business products and the services. Previously, when you come across the video, then YouTube is the platform that strikes every brain. But, today, things are changed. With the rise of video marketing in business online, many social media platforms have turned towards the video and its development of services on their platforms. It results in a great revolution in the present era, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., already came forward with great video options.


So, when it comes to marketing, it is a great tactic to advertise and promote on every social media platform efficiently without skipping the timings. So, here comes the Buffer platform, which is free to use. So, whenever the user likes to upload the video to the multiple platforms n the web, there is no need to go with the several options and no need to spend more time on every platform for video upload. The Buffer platform offers past uploading services for its users. It helps to upload your video on time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The videos you uploaded via buffer can be looks like a native as the formats can be fitted exactly on the Buffer.


It also allows you to add the various video titles and the attractive thumbnails along with the option to add some messages to your video that can be provided by the Buffer platform. You can also schedule the uploading of the videos as the uploading frequency is also a factor to succeed worth the video marketing.

The time takes for an upload of a video is also decidedly less comparatively with the direct one to one uploading of video on different platforms. So, the buffer is the best way to manage and maintain uploads in one place.

The 10 Commandments of Social Videos Success

Video is one of the most important marketing tools on social media. The most effective content that marketers can create for their brand marketing, be it for Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube, is the video. The video content distribution platforms that are more popular now are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Social video can be anything from a live stream to a commercial. Here are the ten rules that must follow for social media success.

1. Each social network has its unique audience, and to reach each of these subscribers, social videos need to optimize for these channels. The marketer may have to take different approaches to videos for different channels such as Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

2. The social video needs to be shareable by the viewer. Research which types of videos, your followers and sharing.

3. Let the customer be the hero, not your brand. Videos with stories that customers can connect themselves will be shared by the customers most. Make the customer hero of your story. It makes the video successful.

4. Live stream videos are going to be very effective for building community, sell a product or increase subscribers.

5. The shorter the videos, the better for social media. When the videos are shorter, they will watch until the end by the viewers.

6. The success of a video depends on the first 30 seconds of the video. The video must be able to hook the audience in these thirty seconds to engage them.

7. Social videos need to watched, shared, and found by the people. This is the goal of any social videos and to achieve this, take advantage of SEO and never ignore it.

8. Create an initial buzz for your video. Promote it through social media advertising. This can help the video to get more views when it is published.

9. Ensure social video success with calls to action at the end of them the video.

10. Be a good listener. Observe what your audience is saying about your video. Interact with them and reply to their queries.

The secret ingredients of a successful social video are friendliness, listening to fans, contribution etc. Social videos reach an important demographic, and thus video platforms cannot be ignored. Social Videos are a great way to connect with viewers. And finally, social media videos can get impressive ROI.

30 Mind-Numbing Facts and Figures about Social Video

As everyone knows that the trending one is Social video, which plays a vital role in media marketing throughout the World. But no one will have an idea of successful strategies for social video. Just have a look below to know more about it.

  1. Nearly 50 percent users are viewing at least one video online in a month.
  2. More then 85 percent colleges and other educational institutions are utilising the YouTube videos
  3. The mobile video consumption was raised by 100 percent every year on YouTube platform.
  4. 70 percent executives are utilizing the video content for work related content
  5. Average user was spending over 16 minutes on social videos
  6. More than 38 percent online consumers are trusted the video ads for purchasing the products
  7. The online video marketers are preferring the pre-roll ads
  8. Video ad spend was reached to 6$billion
  9. 93 percent mobile device users are sharing the social video
  10. 70 percent online video viewers are interacting on different social platforms with video
  11. 62 percent people are more likely to buy a product after watching social video ad
  12. Nearly 73 hours video was uploaded onto the platform every minute
  13. YouTube users are watching more than more than three billion hours of video per month
  14. Facebook has three billion video views per day
  15. Facebook video posts are 134 percent greater organic reach
  16. People had watched more than one million hours of video content
  17. Average time spent on Instagram video posts is 20 minutes
  18. Average time spent on Twitter video posts is 18 minutes
  19. Average time spent on snapchat video is 17 minutes
  20. Facebook is generating watch time which we equal to 700 years in a single day
  21. Twitter videos are acquiring great click rates for marketers
  22. People are in love with the native video content across the social platforms
  23. More than 70 percent Facebook users are uploading the native video content in their newsfeed
  24. Nearly 100 million people are watching the Vine videos
  25. Nearly 15 billion vine loops are playing daily
  26. 10 million videos are average vine videos iploaded to teh Twitter daily
  27. Eight videos are shared across the platforms every minute on Vine
  28. YouTube video ads with various types like shoppable, preroll etc. are most engaging social video ads which are highly successful and recorded as best.
  29. 72 percent of Vine users are Millennials
  30. 80 percent individual bloggers are sharing and embedding the social video content in their blog posts.

Social video can be in any form streaming media like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. These are top trending platforms to use the social video.

How to Build a Social Video Strategy in 10 Steps

Social video plays a vital role in the present web world as people are showing their interest in the video content rather than text content. Social media platforms are playing a huge role in the diversion of traffic towards your content, and businesses are focusing on the same to increase their consumer reach. It needs the best solid social video strategy to reach the target.

Step 1: Define your audience

Know your targeted audience to deliver the message to the right audience. If you can define your audience, you can easily earn through targeted marketing. Understand the need of the audience and think if you can provide something while targeting with your content.

Step 2: Craft it a unique way

Make your video unique to stand out from the crowded videos across the web. so make it interesting to the audience as well as unique for your rankings.

Step 3: Be interactive

Create your content in an interactive way to reach the audience with your social video. Though every social platform is different, your video content quality must be high and the content must be interactive and it will not change with the platform.

Step 4: Adding good title

The title is the first impression when it comes to video content because the audience didn’t know what your content is all about without watching the video. It is the title that pushes the audience towards video. So make your title relevant and targeting the audience.

Step 5: Be updated with trends

You must be updated with the latest trend and happenings in the relevant field and relevant topic. Try including some trending content in your videos to make more interesting to the audience.

Step 6: Choose the right social platform

Choose the social platform where your audience spends most of their time. Target that platform with your video content as a part of your plan. Because social platform you have chosen also has an impact on your overall strategy.

Step 7: Plan different for different platforms

The quality of the content can be same but the way of approach must be different for different platforms. So, know about the best timings for your video post and proceed.

Step 8: Consistent

Be consistent with your video uploads on the social platform. Keep perfect timing to the posting and follow the same to stay connected with the audience.

Step 9: Shareable

Don’t forget that your video must be shareable across the platform and then only you can get good leads.

Step 10: Interact

After publishing your social video on platforms, don’t forget to stay connected with the audience. Take their suggestion and feedback on your videos and reply their queries in a positive way.

All these above steps are very helpful for better social video strategy.

How to Use Social Video in eCommerce Marketing

Present the entire world switched to the E-commerce to buy anything from the step of the door or from anywhere at any time through online shopping. By keeping this in mind, the marketers are making amendments by using ultra-technology to satisfy the consumer. By this shopping, no one needs to wait in queues for long hours and need not to allocate a particular day for shopping. Just have a look to know up to what extent they are using social media for the commercial purpose.

Promotion through Ads:

These E-commerce companies will always care about to build the strong basement for their products brand by advertisements with famous figures. Main success secret of e-commerce business with no step out in the present huge competitive World.

Bond of Digital Marketing:

For these companies marketing of products is the key to run the business effectively. It could be easily done through digital marketing by launching own company blogs and pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, and YouTube. It is responsible for getting the huge response from the customers than the regular way.

Seasonal sales offers:

The only word that predicts the future of the e-commerce business is a Seasonal sale. Depending on this they attract the customers by offering gift coupons, vouchers and by assigning bid on particular products. It will be announced through social media.

Funding for Charities:

These companies will get the focus of the consumers by revealing the names of the charities for which they had contributed. This goes viral and makes a positive impression of that they are established for the social purpose. Everyone will choose to buy from them.

Arrival of new Products and Services:

When new products and services are designed then it will be brought to the customers by conducting digital campaigns. This gives the clear picture of the upcoming ones with unique advantages. This is the most commonly and significantly used approach in the history of e-commerce business.

Collection of Customer Feedback:

Everyone marketer will treat the feedback of the customer as the first step to continue the successful business with no fluctuations. So this can be done through the online services of the particular e-commerce site. Depending on the reviews of the consumers they make changes to go further with the best compliments.

Sponsoring for Entertainment and Sports:

When there will be a live broadcasting of any popular events or sports are there they will definitely go for sponsorship as they are the main –platforms to publish about their company. As all over the world will give preference to watch they can grab their attention.

Through Affiliate Marketing:

Most of the e-commerce business will work on the concept of Affiliate marketing in which the third party involves to get the customers by getting some commission. In this small companies and advertising agencies will tie up with these big e-commerce organizations to bring the consumers from their sites.

Making Partnership:

They are intended to make a partnership with the other branded companies, which will be the strong support to get the trademark of an unbeatable company in the world. Here the shadow from both brands will be fired on other branded companies and they will give publicity for their relationship through the social media.

These are the most common ways to use social media for the purpose of online marketing. By following all these advancements new entrepreneurs can easily find the path to the success of a business with unexpected satisfaction.

Best practices for Facebook video

Facebook audiences are habituated to watch different entertaining videos, and it is tough for the marketers to reach the audience with the business videos. To know about the best way or practices to be implemented for social video on Facebook is as follows.

Facebook video can reach up to 30 percent and whereas the embedded video that taken from the other platforms has comparatively very less engagement. Auto-play video ads are also available for the native video uploaders only. So go native and upload native videos on Facebook.

Don’t waste time just to upload the videos one by one. Target the content by optimizing the video. Make a compelling video with a new thumbnail. The video must be interesting, whether it is an autoplay video ad or it might be another ad. optimize your video and go on. Always focus on the first few seconds and impress the viewers with relevant content which helps you to deliver the best.

Best practices for YouTube video

Understand the Youtube audience; the first thing you have to do is to understand the audience basing on your niche. It is better to understand the audience and create the content that is engaging to them. Focus where your audience spends most of their time.

Plan it for mobile, Majority of the successful social video user’s drives engagement through mobile devices. More than 68 percent youtube users are watching video content on mobile devices. So it is one of the best practices to reach the youtube audience.

Create short-form videos; don’t go for long-form video content unless you can make it impressive, innovative and informative to the audience. Try shoppable videos to increase the conversion leads.

Best practices for Twitter video

Every social platform has its own strengths when it is focused in the marketer point of view. Twitter platform and a LinkedIn platform is more professional social media forums that are very important for a B2B marketer. Native video rules on twitter platform just like Facebook. The native video uploads have great importance than the embedded video links on the platform. Twitter offers the best way to reach the audience basing on the geo-targeting and demographics targeting.

Best practices for Instagram video

Social video strategy without planning can’t be able to reach the targeted audience in one shot. It requires better planning to drive the social video engagement. The first thing you need to know about your business is what makes you unique on the platform. Have to go in that point of view to reach the targeted users. Instagram is famous for its attractive visuals. So make it eye capturing that drives better engagement. Follow major updates about the Instagram platform like video views, new logo, new timestamp, etc. tracks the trends and pan the future social video across the platform.

Best Practices for Mobile video

Mobile was ruling the social video strategies. Every marketer has to target mobile devices to reach the audience. Make sure your social video is compatible with the mobile and other devices. Compatibility is essential to deliver your video. Whatever platform you chose the Best Practices for Instagram Video must be fit playing on different devices with ease.

10 Best practices for social

  1. Know what your audiences are expecting from you.
  2. Maintain consistent uploads.
  3. Be unique and deliver the best quality video content
  4. Be relevant
  5. Follow analytics
  6. Connect with the people on multiple platforms.
  7. Follow separate strategy for every social platform.
  8. Optimize for mobile devices
  9. Promote your video with cross-platform promotions
  10. Drive the audience with interesting and useful content.

All these above ways cover the tips to follow while going with the social video across different social media platforms online. Follow these tips or ways and generate good conversions with your social video.

Multi-Platform Social Video Distribution – The Next Big Thing

Creating an audience experience

Whether on a TV or a laptop, visitors consume content in various ways. From direct TV to time-shifted video, to the opposite side of the range with multiple platforms like YouTube and considerably Twitter. visitors are no more indebted to linear content, and online social media networking has radically developed the route in which users connect with both substance and brand over different platforms.

This is of specific importance with news and games users who have indicated higher inclination for multi-screen utilization as the convenience of substance to these crowds is urgent, content makers have inconceivable chances to exploit audiences practices to fabricate promoting income and to convey a brilliant audiences experience.

Snapchat Discover

New York media administrators used to feel the anxiety to get a prime lunch reservation at Michael’s in Midtown Manhattan. Presently, they’re biting the dust to get into a significantly more select club: Snapchat Discover.

It’s very new. It’s hip with the children. It is quickly turning into a mobile media sensation, with a gathering of precisely chose media partners falling over themselves to give stories and video recordings to another era of customers, all from only the Snapchat application.

Anyone who’s anyone is there and. Nobodies who can’t get in are scrambling to change their story circumstance.

However, it isn’t so much that simple. With just 15 channels, Snapchat Discover is a platform promoting shortage in a digital universe of infinite blog entries, cat videos, hot takes, and Tweets. At the point when Snapchat added two new media organizations to Discover in July, it kicked out two others, Yahoo, and Warner Music Group. When it includes another batch in October, it might remove more.

Huge audience anticipate that content will be accessible when and wherever they need it. As a result, they are drawing in with and customizing the content in a way that is unique and sounds right. Content makers have another chance to utilize this further bolstering their good fortune and to the benefit of their image.

Of course, most gatherings of people who draw in with content over numerous stages observe more TV content1, which underscores the importance of what’s occurring in the media business.

Every platform no more capacities as different, discrete content, yet fortifies the others and drives viewers to invest expanding measures of time-consuming media over every one of them.

Facebook Live Journalism

Facebook has been sloping up to enhance its association with media organizations and journalists. The team has reported its endeavors to help media associations improve the utilization of their products to expand engagement, traffic, and the sky are the limits from there. Since July, the Avg media association has seen more than a 100% expansion in referral traffic from Facebook.


Online video is $6B+ market and developing, with business sector development comes platform multiplication

2.5 exclusive distributors on YouTube alone, and 1,268 of them have more than 1 million subscribers. YouTube is solid, which can look at last prompt more perspectives and maintained attitudes and engagement after some time. Youtube embedded inserted video feature is blasting now, got to be accessible on YouTube efficiently and it likewise turned into a long tail sees on YouTube

The Video on Demand (VOD) platform, still in its early stages, is a perpetually developing, regularly changing kid with new characteristics and propensities shaping consistently.

VOD Platform Distribution

The film dissemination in the business sector is changing rapidly that articles turn out regularly about this new platform or that new circulation display, this is a significant rise in spilling income or that drop in DVD deals. What’s more, once more, nothing else is changing quicker than Video On Demand(VOD).

As for its numerous capabilities, implications, meanings, and results, the VOD world for the free movie producer is a minefield, to summarise movie producer turned-digital distributor master Jon Reiss. What’s more, until (if at any time) there is consistency in adaptation or, no less than, the institutionalization of the VOD market, we’ll need to adopt what we can at face value.

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