What is Restream?

Restream is a service that allows you to stream your video to more than one platform at a time. You can use Restream for live streaming or pre-recorded videos.

This creates more exposure and makes it easier for new viewers, especially if they have been directed from another site.

It also eliminates the need to switch between accounts when broadcasting on multiple platforms, reducing mistakes and saving time!

What is Restream? Well, it’s an application that lets you stream your content to multiple sites at once. It works by using a single URL for all different streaming services (YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox) and simply sending their servers the same video file.

As long as you have high upload speeds, this should be no problem! There are other advantages to using Restream. which we’ll discuss further in this article but what makes it so great is how easy it is to use.

All you need is one URL, and boom content can go live across many platforms simultaneously with practically zero effort on your part!

Do you know anything about Restream? Have you ever noticed that all trending video platforms could be in the hands of a single base? Awe! It sounds like something new. Yes, this can park video streaming by pulling down the issues associated while using different platforms. Exactly what you think is Restream. Everything about Restream can be found here. The concept of restream helps the creators to implement the unique idea on multiple platforms. Moreover, they can reach millions of audiences on all video platforms.


Restream is a service that allows you to broadcast to multiple streaming platforms at the same time.

Restream is a free service that lets you broadcast to an unlimited number of services. It allows you to reach the largest possible audience, even if it’s across different streaming platforms.

Restream is a service that allows you to broadcast your content on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Restream is a simple and powerful platform that allows you to broadcast your live video feeds on multiple social media platforms at once.

Restream is a live streaming platform that supports Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook.

The online streaming service provider which is used to stream multiple videos streaming channels, i.e., more than 30 channels of varied online video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, and Beam, etc. through the medium of ‘cloud server’ is termed as Restream. Restream required no special equipment and added bandwidth.

How to Stream on Twitch and YouTube at the same time PS4?

Go through the start button where you can find ‘share’ option.

Hitting on the share will lead to finding the ‘Broadcast Gameplay’.

Then you will be notified with “which service do you want to broadcast on?” containing the apps like YouTube and Twitch etc.

Then select the one first my choice is YouTube then it will be displayed to choose the options you want like camera, microphone, display message, title, description, quality, privacy, tags and posting links.

Then click on start broadcasting.

Again revisit the broadcast gameplay then pick the Twitch where you can find some similar options like camera, microphone, display message, title, quality, post link, send invitation and comment. Then select start broadcasting.

To adjust the camera movements go to share option then hit on sharing and broadcasting settings.

Then click on broadcast settings where you can find camera video settings.

Here you can set the camera format by tuning the position, size, background and brightness etc.

Now you can start streaming on both YouTube and Twitch.

Restream Facebook Live

To broadcast the Facebook live on Restream using custom RTMP just follow the steps below.

Initially, you need to sign up with the Restream through using a Facebook account.

Then hit on ‘create live stream’ then choose the option to live stream where you need.

My initial option is share on your time line.

Now move to next where you need to fill the basic information like video title and video game.

Here you will be assigned with ‘server URL’ and ‘server key’ then copy and paste that in the Restream RTMP URL and RTMP key.

Note: You can visit the custom RTMP by signing up with Restream. Here click on add channel then you should by the custom RTMP.

Just hit on add channel and then go live on Facebook.

How to use

You just log in to the using the Restream account details.

Then hit on add channel after that choose which video channel you want to stream.

Here my choice is YouTube and then agree for the Restream accessing conditions.

Then the successful bonding you can view the added channel on a dashboard.

Now choose the RTMP URL by selecting the location.

Then go to the Wirecast or OBS then enter the stream URL and Stream Key as collected previously.

We can use the RTMP just by following the same procedure.


To use the customized RTMP we should purchase by spending $14.99 per month.

Advantages of Restream

  • It’s an easy way to create a live stream for Facebook
  • It can broadcast on multiple platforms at once, including YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer
  • You can customize your stream with graphics and overlays
  • Restream is free
  • One platform to stream and manage all your social media accounts
  • Ability to schedule posts in advance
  • Automatically post content from other channels onto your account
  • Share videos, photos, links, quotes, etc., with just one click
  • Restreaming is an efficient way to broadcast your live content
  • You can use it for any event, not just music concerts
  • It’s a cost-effective solution because you’re using the same equipment as before
  • It also provides more opportunities for monetization by allowing sponsorships and ads on your feed
  • Restream is a free, easy to use service
  • With Restream, you can stream from your phone or computer at the same time
  • You can also add a webcam and microphone to your broadcast
  • If you have a live event going on in another place, you can connect with them through Restream
  • There are no limits on how many people watch your stream simultaneously


Is it seems something excited and strange? Just go on using Restream to browse a number of video sites at your feet. You will find some new experience of using Restream.

Restream is a cutting edge tool for broadcasting live video on multiple platforms. With it, you can share your broadcast to any popular social media sites and streaming services, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch TV, Periscope, and more. You can also stream from your computer or mobile device using an app like OBS Studio or Wirecast Mobile Streamer all at once! To learn about how we could help you with this new technology, contact us today!

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