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50 Twitch Video Streaming Statistics for 2022

Twitch is a video streaming platform owned by Amazon, and it is primarily used by gamers who stream themselves while playing games. Twitch allows anyone can stream live videos on the computer, a video game console themselves for audiences to watch. Twitch mainly focused on gaming content streamed on the platform. Here are the top 50 Twitch video streaming Statistics for 2022.

Twitch video streaming Statistics for 2022

  1. More than 245,000 viewers Simultaneously watched a Single Channel.
  2. Over 436,000 People Watched the video Game Premiere.
  3. Over 1,755,665,160 hours of content watched the variety of Twitch streaming Community
  4. Twitch users watched an average of 46 billion minutes watched every month.
  5. Twitch users watch an average of 3.7 million unique broadcasters per month.
  6. Over 185 million unique streams last year, and it’s a prediction that count may rise to 250 million by 2025.
  7. More than 404 hours of video content streamed on Twitch.
  8. There are roughly 73,686 channels live at the moment on Twitch.
  9. Over 44 billion minutes of the content streamed on Twitch per month.
  10. Less than a quarter of the Twitch streamer is from the United States.
  11. Over 15 million people use the Twitch streaming every day.
  12. There are more than 150,000 streamers use Twitch affiliate program.
  13. Over 95 Twitch streamers have at least a million subscribers.
  14. Ninja is the most popular streamer on Twitch and reportedly earns more than $100,000 in a month.
  15. Top 5 out of 4 streamers are professional retire gamers on Twitch.
  16. The average CPM for streamers ranges between $2 and $10 based popularity of the streamer.
  17. Twitch video streaming platform gets more than 72% of the Viewers compared to biggest platforms.
  18. There are almost 1 million people watch the Twitch streams.
  19. Over 124 million video clips are saved on Twitch for later viewing by 2020.
  20. More than 35% of the Twitch streaming views come from Mobile devices.
  21. Twitch video viewing history reported that more than 124 million video clips viewed over 1.7 billion times.
  22. Fortnite is the second most viewed and popular game with 135K viewers on Twitch.
  23. Twitch has an average of 1.4 million concurrent viewers.
  24. More than 27,000 partnered streamers on Twitch.
  25. Twitch streaming platform has more than 220,000 affiliate streamers on its platform.
  26. 23% is the increased streaming hours during the Coronavirus lockdown on Twitch.
  27. Over 72.2% is the Twitch share on the video game stream market.
  28. An average of 95 minutes every Twitch user spends every day.
  29. Twitch streaming channels have 4,471,496 Live viewers by 2020.
  30. Over 70% of the Twitch users use the Twitch platform for Live Streaming.
  31. More than 2.72 billion hours of Live streaming done on the Twitch platform.
  32. Twitch reported 775 million streaming hours of video, which is 2X times more than YouTube.
  33. As per the Twitch reports, 248,000 streamers earned affiliate status with nearly 1 million viewers per day.
  34. Most of the Twitch video views come from the top 5,000 streamers by 2020.
  35. More than 55% of the Twitch users aged between 18-34 and 73% of the users are aged between 18-49 years.
  36. As per the eMarketers reports, over 21.3% Twitch viewing is eSports, which drive huge traffic.
  37. Twitch advertising reported that 81.5% of Twitch users are male.
  38. Over 41% of the Twitch video gamers are Women.
  39. More than 1 million people watch the single Live event “ELEAGUE’s Counter-Strike” on Twitch.
  40. Over 21.32% of viewers notified in the United States.
  41. 20% is reported of growing video viewing on Twitch year by year.
  42. Twitch has over 3 billion content creators and broadcasters on its platform.
  43. Twitch streaming platform has over 15 million unique visitors every day.
  44. Twitch streaming platform has active 500,000 streamers every day.
  45. “League of Legends” is one of the most-watched game categories on Twitch with 990 million hours viewing count.
  46. Just Chatting is the third most-watched live stream category on Twitch with over 651 hours watched.
  47. Statista reported that Twitch had approximately 5.67 million active streamers in April 2020.
  48. Riot Games, a video game publisher, was ranked fifth with 4.39 million subscribers on the Twitch Live Streaming platform.
  49. Anomaly is the most live video streaming channel on Twitch, with 40.4 million hours watched in May 2020.
  50. Marketers expected that almost 300 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide by 2023.


Twitch is an exciting video streaming platform that has completely changed the face of gaming. Not only Twitch brought more attention to the Live streaming industry as a whole, but it also allowed gamers to make legitimate careers. These 50 Twitch video streaming statistics let you know how it is influenced the game lovers.

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