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What is Sponsored Video Content?

Millions of videos are created and published on the Internet every day. It is becoming a challenge for many to get the video content seen by the target audience. Marketers thus are making use of new techniques and tools to maximize the visibility of their video content. Sponsored Video Content is one of the effective techniques being used by content marketers to improve visibility.

Importance of Sponsored Video Content

The goal of native advertising is to promote the sales by convincing the audience. It does not promote the sales. Rather than convincing the audience, it provides information to them.

Choosing between the native video content and sponsored video content depends on the objectives of the marketing. Sponsored video content focuses on building trust with the consumers. It can be in any form – videos, long-form shows, articles, podcasts, etc.

There are many reasons why sponsored video content works effectively for brands. There is a high potential for scale. Audience with whom the sponsored video content is popular has different mindsets. There is a lot of content to be consumed on the internet, and the audience prefers going to the sites of the publishers and brands that they love.

Different Types of sponsored content

Sponsored video content is popular in any form it takes. The type of content that should be used in the marketing strategy depends on the brand and the type of creators and the goal of it. Here are a few forms of popular sponsored video content.

How to make Sponsored Video Content work for the brand

Choose the form of sponsored video content based on the brand and marketing goals. The next important step is to find people who can create engaging content. Search the internet for finding the best creator. The content must make sense for the brand. The creator the brands choose must have expertise in the niche of the brand. Ensure that the content fits in the budget.

Guidelines for sponsored content

  • It is important to understand the target market. Use the analytics to find where the audience is and find if the various sites and platforms are open to the sponsored video content.
  • Sponsored video content is used mostly on social media platforms and also news sites. However, there is need to assess multiple potential venues. YouTubers are effective way to reach an audience.
  • When using autoplay video and audio, find if the audience of the content host wants to see it or not. Autoplay videos and audios are considered intrusive by most of the audience, and this is the reason why most people use ad blockers.
  • Before approaching influencers for sponsored video content, assess the cost and the audience.

Benefits of Sponsored Video Content

Sponsored video content is the best way to be used by small businesses to reach out audience. It is the engaging content that is relevant to the business audience.

  • Sponsored video content helps to raise awareness for the brand or service. It is especially helpful for new and up-and-coming entrants. Even established businesses will benefit from sponsored video content when they are launching a new offer or when reinvigorating a product or service.
  • Sponsored content is beneficial to educate the target audience. The businesses can make use of this tool to help the audience know about the company, product, and services. Sponsored videos and sponsored review a few examples.
  • Sponsored video content is also noticed by small entrepreneurs and business owners, and this helps in building positive sentiment towards the brand.

How it is Different from Native Advertising

  • With the growth of content marketing, there are two things that people are listening to more about. The two are the sponsored video content and native ads. Though both of these are paid content, there are some differences between them.
  • Native advertising focuses on promoting a brand or products. There is more stress on convincing the audience to buy something. There will also be a clear call to action that directs the audience to something. It contains brand biased content.
  • Sponsored content is not brand-biased. It focuses on to inform and educate the audience about a company, product, or service rather than convincing them. The audience will start trusting the company and might become their customers.
  • There are different types of the native ad a sponsored content formats. Native ad forms include in-feed ads, paid search ads, recommendation widgets, ads, etc. Native ads satisfy the long-term goals of the consumers.
  • On the other hand, is not an ad. It is usually seen on the media publisher’s site and can be an article or a video. It encourages the audience to spend a long time with the content and is valuable for the readers. Sponsored content looks like a part of the website of the publishers.
  • Sponsored content establishes trust with the audience. They will start relying on the information provided by the content, and businesses can see an increase in sales after it is published. Apart from this short-term benefit, long-term benefits such as brand awareness are also possible with this type of content.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions to Promote YouTube Video

Gmail sponsored promotions or GSP is an ad type that papers only in the personal Gmail boxes in the promotion tab. There are two elements in Gmail ads, and these are teaser ads and the expanded unit ads. Any advertisers can use GSP.

Gmail sponsored promotions have great targeting capabilities. GSP can be used by the brands that are looking to get leads and conversions. GSP can drive conversion and is a great source for customer acquisition for any e-commerce site. GSP can be used to promote the YouTube video also.

Embed the YouTube video into an ad with preview windows. If the video image is clicked, it will play within Gmail. The video is played on a designated video layer on mobile. It is also possible to set the videos to play on YouTube in a new tab rather than in the Gmail itself. Also, do not forget to include play button in the preview page.

There are three components in Gmail sponsored promotions and these are subject line ad, teaser ad, and email ad. Email ad is the main feature of GSP. To promote YouTube videos with GSP, make a long email list. Since it is not easy to get the click through to the video, offer an incentive to encourage the audience to click the video. In the expanded form, the email should look like an ad, and the user should be able to see what is there in the video.

When promoting YouTube videos via Gmail sponsored promotions and you are embedding the video link in the ad, see that the thumbnail of the video is looking appealing. Ensure that the teaser ad, expanded ad, and the landing video page are all relevant to each other. If you feel this format suits, you then try it to promote your YouTube videos.


Sponsored video content is all around us now. Brands are partnering with influencers, either on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, to create content featuring their products. They are also hiring people to write a blog post sponsored content is being produced. It helps prospective customers to know about the brand. This type of content is informative content which offers value to them.

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