WhatsApp Marketing Video

Best Ways to Create WhatsApp Marketing Video

Social media and mobile messaging apps changed the way people communicate with each other. Businesses are also adopting the new technologies to widen their audience reach. WhatsApp has billions of active users worldwide, and WhatsApp Marketing Video is no wonder that the app is becoming a part of communication solutions for many businesses.

WhatsApp is being used by companies for customer support, for getting feedback instantly, for creating and targeting specific groups and also to send promotional codes and flash sale details.

A video is a powerful tool for making an impact. Businesses include video in their marketing strategies because it delivers the messages powerfully. The video is being used for WhatsApp promotion also. Companies can use the video to demonstrate their new product.

The Best Video Maker for Internet Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best tools for internet marketing. High-quality video content is being created for targeting their audiences.

Businesses have to create interactive and intuitive videos for their target market so that the audience will share the videos with their friends.

There are some of the best tools for creating WhatsApp marketing videos.


GoAnimate is one of the best tools to create animated professional looking videos. Dialogue or voice over can be added easily.

AVS Video Editor :

AVS Video Editor is another tool that can process various video formats. Videos can be trimmed, split or merged. Various final video effects are available to be used in the video.

Abode Premiere Pro:

Abode Premiere Pro support different platforms and different video formats. This is a pad tool, and the features are imposing. This supports HD support, multi-track editing, unlimited video and audio tracks, etc.

WhatsApp Marketing Video Campaign Strategies

There are many reasons why WhatsApp should include in the marketing strategies. WhatsApp allows directly communicating with the customers in real time. This is very beneficial to get feedback and know the opinions instantly.

Here are some marketing campaign strategies using WhatsApp.

  • Use it as a tool for real-time customer service. Quality of customer service can be improved, use the desktop version of the app which enabled to use the microphone, keyboard, and the PC camera.
  • Another useful feature of WhatsApp is creating a group. Each group can have up to 256 members. Collective chat can be generated, and the opinion of the public can obtain.
  • WhatsApp allows enriching the marketing messages with photos, links, and videos. Add emojis to make the messages expressive.
  • It is the trust customers had on the businesses and provided their telephone numbers. Keep the messages brief and clear.
  • Take full advantage of the WhatsApp features to make the WhatsApp marketing more successful.

Creative Ideas for WhatsApp Marketing Video

Using WhatsApp for business marketing will take the business to new level. It is a free tool and it is easy to share pictures, messages, videos, etc.

Take feedback from clients immediately. Send alerts about flash sales and events.

Use the tool creatively to reach international audience also.

Create short, exciting videos to share with the customers and engage them.

Share the WhatsApp number on your website, social networking platforms and others and help the customers reach you directly. Develop good relationships with them

List of Brands using WhatsApp Marketing

Brands, whether they are small or significant, are using WhatsApp for their marketing advantages. Looking at how brands are using the platform, other businesses can get new ideas about using it.


Netflix sends movie and TV series recommendation via WhatsApp. Netflix allows asking it for a judgment of movie or TV series. These recommendations will be based on the content the user already watched.

KLM airlines:

KLM airlines are allowing users to receive details such as booking confirmation, boarding pass or flight status updates via its WhatsApp account. This helps to keep in connecting with their customers and providing information becomes very easy. It also allows customers send messages to customer service via WhatsApp.


BookMyShow allows buying movie tickets online and now it is offering tickets via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing Software and Tools

WhatsApp is the most famous app used by billions of people worldwide. People are accessible and connected via this messaging app. It has most active users interacting with their friends, family and is also using it for business purposes.

Science behind WhatsApp Video Streaming for Android App

WhatsApp had rolled out a new video calling feature which is trending across the web today. WhatsApp Video Streaming is the biggest app for messaging across the world, with over a billion active users every time. The new feature allows the users to stream the video that is shared by the contact even without the completion of the download. The feature is presently available for Android users with this beta version. The feature is currently in the testing phase and was going remove its download button replacing with the playing button.

What is the science behind new WhatsApp video streaming feature and what is the main objective of this feature?

The main objective behind this feature is saving bandwidth for users as well as control spamming too.

With this video streaming feature, the data allowance can be reduced and users are allowed to watch the video stream on other’s phone too. Means for example, if the video is of 5MB in length with 2 minutes long then you might not have any interest to watch and stopped after a minute then you can stop playing it and can save bandwidth as it just consumed 1.3MB for watching 1 minute of 5MB video.

In the present version, the users can’t be able to watch it until it is downloaded completely to watch. Though the user didn’t like the video after half of the time and stopped, the user has to pay the total charge for download.

When it comes to spamming control, sampling the video clip without downloading can decrease the spamming level and other useless spammed forwarding. Users share every sort of stuff to their groups and other friends on WhatsApp which increasing the spamming on the app platform. So with this new feature, the users can know which is useful and which one is irrelevant and hence saved data and reduce spamming.

So many users are supporting this new feature as it also saves their data plan. In most of the cases, the users have to pay huge data charges when they download the video, which is useless to them. but now there will not be any problem with the spamming and data charges as users can download after checking the clip, and they can stop if they don’t like and pay for what they need.

Therefore, WhatsApp also created a competitive edge to other messaging applications that are in use. Hope the beta version will very soon update with better working and helps the users.


Do not always try to make every conversion for sale. The WhatsApp status feature is precious for businesses. The audience can spread the word about brand and brands can learn more about the requirements and needs of customers.

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