Whiteboard Video Animation Tips

Whiteboard Video Animation Tips: How to Create Awe-Inspiring Video to Engage Your Business

Video is a powerful and effective form of media to promote Brands. Whiteboard Video Animation is especially true for illustrating the product or service and how it works that benefits your target audience. Many marketers face challenges while reaching the target audience with the Blog content. These Whiteboard animation videos overcome the dilemma by offering an excellent visual experience that is captivating and truly inspiring. Here are a few ideas for making a whiteboard animation video by outsourcing it to a Fiverr seller. Follow the below simple tips that would have achieved great success for businesses.

Whiteboard Video Animation Tips:

Storytelling videos:

Takes advantage of the power of storytelling videos. Use the essential things to include in it.

Keep it traditional:

Create your video in a traditional format to encourage more users to click on your videos.

Use the power of emotion:

Emotions in your video help to easily connect with the audience. Emotions positively convey the brand message.

Work Hard:

Work hard while drawing the nations or script for your video.

Use Animated Characters:

Take advantage of the animated characters from your video.

Make it educational:

Offer videos on creating awesome whiteboard video animation and educate your audience through your videos. In another way, educate viewers with your fantastic video content.

Play with Colors:

Use the different colors that match your logo and are suitable for the characters. Play around with colors, but do not use too many combinations.

Never start without a script:

Request your content creator first develop a good script, then think about the animation suitable to that script.

Keep it short and Sweet:

Create a short video of 90 sec. Use that time to convey your brand message to the audience.

Create Illustrations:

Get ready to create an illusionary character to convey the brand message.

Personal Details:

Leverage some personal information in your video to attract people to your content.

Compelling Story:

You add a compelling story to your content, including some moral values and ethics.

Hallmarks of a whiteboard video:

Make sure to remember the three fundamental hallmarks of a whiteboard video animation.

Go mobile:

Create and optimize your videos to be mobile-friendly. Nowadays, more than 80% of people view videos on their smartphones.

Aristotle way:

Build an incredible story in the Aristotle way.

Focus on quality:

Try to focus on the quality of the content, not on the quantity. Even if it is a short animation video, it offers HD content.

Animated Characters:

Try to Add interesting and famous animation characters in your video.

Add Suspense:

Add suspense in your video so people will wait for your following video link to watch.

White Background:

Try to use white backgrounds to explore clear identity in frames.

Read your script:

First, read out your script louder so that the audience interacts with the sounds.

Classic whiteboard style:

Do not deviate from the classic whiteboard style; follow the basic rules to create an immersive environment.

Record the Voiceover:

Record the Voiceovers for characters without any disturbance in it.

Hire Professional:

Consult or Hire the professionals of a whiteboard video production company.

Hand Drawings:

Remember to draw with the hand and interconnected drawings. So, people will engage in behind-the-scenes footage.

Brand Awareness:

Include the elements that boost brand awareness, such as logos, calls to action, etc.

Continuous narrative:

Be narrative and update your content as always fresh.

Market and Promote:

Creating a good animation video is not enough for business. Make sure to market and promote your videos by using video marketing tips.

Target Audience:

Create a video by the target audience they feel connected to your brand.

Hybrid Video Syndrome:

Always be aware of the hybrid video syndrome.

Other Brands:

Invoke other brands in your content so that you do collaborative influencer marketing for brands.

Define your Mission:

Try to define the mission of creating the whiteboard animation videos.

Understand Sales Funnels:

Understand your Audience pulse and Sales Funnels to create target content.

Sync Audio and Video:

Synchronize both the audio and video files to build a perfect video.

Add Music:

Add good background music to your videos. Make sure that it is copyright-free.

Whiteboard Video Animation Tips to Effectively Engage Your Business:

  • Stay on one topic
  • Stick to one idea per frame
  • Frame your image and words so they are easy to read from a distance
  • Add color with a solid, plain, or semi-transparent object behind it, such as an arrow that points at the title,
  • Keep it short
  • Please keep it simple
  • Don’t be an instructional video company
  • Keep the purpose in mind
  • Be invisible, and don’t try to sell anything
  • Go for simplicity, not flashiness
  • The Voice Over
  • The Background Music
  • The Use Of Graphics
  • Engaging, Targeted, and Compelling Content
  • The Ending of the Video
  • Annotations and Call-to-Actions
  • Storyboard
  • Animatics
  • Timing, click-through, and animation
  • Narration script: Do the writing first or last
  • You don’t have to use a whiteboard
  • Use simple drawings
  • Make the words prominent and visible
  • Adding movement makes it easier to understand
  • Find your niche and focus on it
  • Use a script
  • Add music, although it can be expensive
  • Consider adding 3D elements
  • Use high-quality images and video
  • Use original content
  • Keep it interesting
  • Keep animated videos short
  • Choose Outline: Strong or Faded
  • Get Targeted Traffic
  • Take Impression from Your Audience
  • Check Whiteboard Animation Video Tools
  • Plan out your video
  • Use music and explainer voiceovers
  • Please keep it simple and to the point
  • Keep things moving in a circular motion or toward your goal
  • Make sure there is good lighting on the presenter; they should be well.
  • Do a voiceover
  • Move the characters
  • Add in music
  • Increase the whiteboard interactivity
  • Create a storyboard
  • Use compelling and eye-catching visuals
  • Use animation liberally
  • Be mindful of the pacing
  • Make it snappy
  • Storyboarding
  • Decide on a concept
  • Follow your storyboard
  • Keep your writing simple and focused
  • Create characters and poses
  • Try an action in post-production
  • Know the point
  • Please keep it simple
  • Practice and Have fun with it!
  • Much more to come…
  • Sketch out an idea.
  • Use the best tool available
  • Put it online


It would be best if you had to work hard to get the power of whiteboard videos. Educate all your audience with these incredible ways about complicated concepts and ideas. Whiteboard animation video is an effective tool to communicate your brand message effectively to the audience. Put some hard work into developing a polished video, as it will result in success for you. Here, we were leveraging the creation process of a Whiteboard animation video with an integrating tip. It will increase your engagement rate if you apply it strategically.

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