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How to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy?

In Today’s digital era, video is everywhere and is easier to create, accessible, and informative than ever. It is increasingly essential to consider the video as part of a Content Marketing Strategy. Video content becoming more powerful and popular for video advertising, and the incorporation of video takes time and money for your business. Content Marketing needs visual elements for generating audience engagement. With YouTube marketing, content engagement through videos has found a new way to content marketers to explore their reach.

Reasons to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy:

As we can see, that many of the content distribution channels are social media platforms. So sharing the video through the top social networks like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook will provide excellent results. These are the few reasons why we should need to start including video in your content marketing strategy.

  • Video content increases audience engagement.
  • Boost Human Connections.
  • It covers every stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • It brings a Higher SEO ranking.
  • More accessible to the consumers.
  • It builds the brand’s credibility and Trust.
  • Increased Understanding
  • Higher the Conversions

Tips for an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy:

Video maps every aspect of the buyer’s journey, awareness videos like product teasers, demo videos, etc. For a successful content marketing strategy, marketers must offer what consumers are looking for and how they want to receive it. Content interactions are currently taking place through smart devices as the digital video technology cost reduced. So it essential that every content marketer must follow the below tips for clear video presentations.

Content Research:

Do research what consumers want from brands. It is important to do the content research before creating a video.

Think About the Production:

Think about the quality to create consistent content that contributes to the overall marketing strategy. Marketers need to invest their skillset and time to produce quality content.

Interview the Team:

Have a meeting with your team to produce good content. First, interview your team in front of the camera and ask them to explain the services.

Evaluate the content or repurpose the old content:

If you have great content, don’t let it go to waste. Because building the content from the foundation, may needs time. Video content.

Build the content based on Buyers Persona:

While creating the video content, keep in mind the and identify the buyer’s journey. It helps in solving their challenges.

Prioritize quality:

More consumers offer their valuable feedback only if the product quality is good, which helps increase brand awareness.

Ask your clients for help:

Request your clients to give feedback for creating the Testimonial and Case study videos to increase your business value.

Include a CTA:

Identify your business goals and create strong Calls to Action according to business goals. Please share it on appropriate social media include CTA options.

Optimize Content:

Make sure to optimize your content for SEO friendly and similarly to the mobile devices.

Monitor and review:

Creating and promoting the video content is not enough for good leads. You should always monitor and review the analytics.

Things to Consider When Creating Video Content:

Videos are the most versatile tactics to content marketers, and emotionally resonant, the combination of motion, sound, and visuals helps drive more profound and more satisfying relationships between your audience and brands.

  • Make sure to follow the video guidelines and engagement strategies to reach a greater number of audiences.
  • Choosing the right category or type of video, which generates excellent engagement.
  • Create short and simple, understandable videos. A shorter video is more likely to attract and grab the attention of buyers.
  • Choose the right content marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Facebook feeds are more engaging than any other type.
  • Differentiate the average number of users and the number of conversions for generating multiple engagements.
  • Focus on popular users’ reactions like Emojis, laughs, etc
  • Text introductions are essential to grab the user’s attention.

The Importance of Video in Your Content Strategy:

Marketing videos dominate the content marketing landscape, and experts reveal that more than 80% of people likely to video content from brands. Inbound videos are essential within every marketing channel that should be given more opportunities to the content marketers. The factors that must consider showcasing the importance of video in content marketing strategy.

  • Videos will continue to be part of the border content marketing strategy.
  • Personalized video content continues to rise.
  • Live videos are continuing their boom and taking an important place in content marketing.
  • Social videos are getting more popular.
  • Virtual reality and 360-degree videos start reshaping content marketing.
  • Video becoming a must component in content marketing strategies
  • Creating quality videos become more comfortable with innovative technologies.
  • Short, snappy, and engaging video trends continue to rise.

Video Content Strategy Statistics:

  • Content marketing generates over 3 times as many leads as outbound marketing, which costs 62% less.
  • Content marketing cost less than 41% compared to paid marketing.
  • Instagram is the fastest growing platform for content marketing.
  • More than 87% of the consumers want brands video.
  • Over 52% of the millennials want to see the brand’s video, whereas 25% are aged 45- 54.
  • More than 71% of B2B marketers respondents to the pool stated they reviewed by blogs in buying journey.
  • People are engaging 2 X times interaction with the brands on mobiles.
  • More than 80% of the internet traffic is consumed by video by 2021.
  • Podcasts are cited by 64% of B2B people as a valuable video content format in the early buying stages.
  • 65% of B2B consumers agree that preferences for credible content are from influencers.
  • Content marketing produces 3 X times more leads than normal marketing strategies.


As a marketer, we know that future of marketing lies with video. Creating excellent video content can seem daunting, but the video marketing agencies and marketing experts help in every step as the video creation takes a lot of time and works to position the high-performing centrepiece for a successful content marketing strategy. With a little creativity and the right content marketing plan, smart decisions can benefit from its powerful potential stories and inspire audiences to take action.

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