YouTube Channel Content Audit

YouTube Channel Content Audit – Why Do You Need It And How To Do It

Video marketing has been included in the marketing strategies of brands irrespective of their size and type. The goal of video marketing is to follow consistency is video uploads and to build the subscriber base.

YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing the business. This platform ensures wider reach and accessed by a large number of users across the globe.

Using YouTube for video marketing is easy and can be done without spending money. We can find YouTube channels of many brands and businesses.

After starting a YouTube channel, videos are uploaded regularly to reach the target audience and to increase the subscriber base.

The video collection accumulated over time. A time comes when it becomes essential to step back and check the value of each of these videos to the channel.

You have to know how each of these assets is supporting the video marketing goal of the brands. YouTube channel content audit helps to keep it organized and affecting.

Why is YouTube Channel Content Audit Important

It is imperative to see what is working and what is not working on the YouTube channel is important because it enables to adjust the content strategy.

The main metrics to be understood are the number of subscribers and number of views, views and engagement, unique views and whether the titles of the videos are long and others.

Evaluating the said things and other things such as channel art featured channel, etc. will help in the channel growth

How to audit YouTube channel content?

  • The process of auditing the YouTube channel content cannot be automated. It is needed to look at various areas of the video pages and improve them.
  • The channel page needs to assess first, then the video pages. YouTube analytics can help to see how the channel content is performing.
  • The analytics will show the best performing videos, and the views like and dislikes the video content is getting and also the duration for which the videos are watched.
  • These insights can give a picture of what the audiences are engaging and what type of content is not being received well by the audience.
  • Based on this more content in line with the best performing content can be created.
  • After auditing the channel content, think about how well the future content can be created to get more subscriptions. Research and find what topics on YouTube are performing well.
  • Also, check the channels of the competitors in your niche. Do not copy their content or ideas but get inspiration from them. Try to find what the users are searching for.
  • If the YouTube videos are going to be given more importance in the marketing strategy.
  • The YouTube video content that is already there in the channel has to be analyzed before creating new content.
  • A professional consultant can help with a more in-depth audit of the existing content.

Tips to perform YouTube channel content

Before beginning the YouTube channel content audit, first, consider if the videos assets are helping to reach the goals.

Then outline the criteria based on which the video content is going to be assessed.

Check how the audience is engaging with the content. Determine the criteria to display or send outdated videos to an archive.

Have the list of all your video content in an excel sheet. Write down the titles, date of publishing the videos, the topic, category, total views, tags, etc. After carefully analyzing each piece of the content, decide whether it is going to be kept, archived or promoted.

Also, check the total number of views in your account and divide this by the total number of videos in your channel to see how many average views each of the videos are getting. This helps in understanding how the content is performing on the whole.

If they are not getting enough views, promote them through the promoted video options of YouTube or share the channel link of video links on your blogs and social media pages.

Sort the list of most viewed videos in the channel. These indicate what kind of content the audience likes to see on the YouTube channel.

The least performing videos indicate what does not work well. It might be difficult to understand why some videos perform better and why some do not.

There could be many reasons why they are not performing well, one of the reason might be they are being promoted for the wrong audience.

It is essential to evaluate the YouTube channel content regularly to boost the growth of the channel and to get a number of subscribers and views. To make a YouTube channel successful, one has to pay attention to a few things.

Know the target audience. Research what the audience wants to watch. Upload content consistently. Consistency is critical to engage the audience.

Evaluate the channel and the content regularly. Check the analytics. Keep an eye on important metrics such as real-time views, watch time, audience retention, traffic resources, etc.

Search Engine Optimization is not sufficient to bring traffic for YouTube. Auditing the content is important and provides many benefits.

Professional channel auditors assess the videos uploaded, lead generation, calls to action, links, the frequency of updates, etc. They can also advise on how to promote, optimize the channel as a whole and also each of the videos.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your YouTube Content Calendar

Nothing is impossible if you had a right blueprint to get succeed. When comes to the video marketing on Youtube platform, the toy may have several possible ways to get identified among millions of people if you can develop a perfect schedule in your calendar. A social media calendar is essential to perform things in the best way. Here is the ultimate guide for the Youtube content calendar creation.

Prepare according to the categories

Divide your video content and categorize them with separate lists. It will help you to know what type of videos you want to upload on a particular day. So, make a list of Promotional videos, announcement videos, event videos, etc.

Place the categories

After differentiation of categories, it’s time to decide at which day and time those particular videos have to place at.

Go with updates

You can go with regular updates if you have scheduled the things before. So, that you can be consistent in posting your videos on to Youtube platform.

Special posts

Schedule your special festival or seasonal posts throughout the year on special days. So you will not miss the special event posts on the platform.

Create a monthly and daily view calendar

A monthly and daily view calendar helps you to access the information you have scheduled more clearly than the year view. So, maintain the weekly and as well as the monthly view calendar.

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