YouTube Channel Terminated

50+ Things You Should Know when YouTube Channel Terminated

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms and is easy to use. Because of its popularity and large user base, it has become a favorite place for many individuals and brands to open their channels and promote their products or services. Sometimes the channel can get suspended due to mismanagement. The user will not be able to upload videos or comment on other videos. When the YouTube Channel Terminated the below are the things to know.

Things to find when YouTube Channel terminated

  1. Find out the exact reason for the YouTube channel to get terminated.
  2. Violation of community guidelines or terms of service can lead to termination of the account.
  3. Severe about such as spam is another reason.
  4. YouTube terminates the accounts in which there are videos containing hate speech, harassment and impersonation.
  5. If the above are not the reasons for termination of the account, appeal the suspension.
  6. Look at the red bar behind the YouTube channel that shows the reason for termination.
  7. If YouTube says the reason for termination is due to copyright infringement claims and you feel this is invalid file DMCA counter notification.
  8. The counter notification needs to be submitted by the original uploader of the videos.
  9. Use the Webform to submit the counter notification.
  10. Access the webform in the Copyright Notices section of the account.
  11. However, if the termination is for multiple copyright violation, the channel owner will not be able to access the webform.
  12. The counter-notification will be sent by YouTube to the claimant and you will have to wait for ten business days to know the response.
  13. This process can be accessed by terminated users.
  14. In the email that informs about the termination, you will find the help center link.
  15. Click on it to get help and you can get a response from YouTube in a couple of hours.
  16. If the reason for termination is repeated violation, the Channel owner may have to resolve it by removing the videos.
  17. Send a request email to YouTube if the violation is not intentional.
  18. YouTube will review the channel and might re-instate it.
  19. However, the flagged videos will not be restored in the channel.
  20. It is not recommended to file false counter notifications as this can be illegal.
  21. While sending a request letter to YouTube you need to provide your contact information such as full name, email address, physical address and telephone number.
  22. Send the specific URL of the disputed video that caused YouTube to take down the channel.
  23. In the counter notification including the video, URL is necessary.
  24. The first step to getting back the terminated YouTube channel is to write a polite letter to YouTube asking for feedback.
  25. This, however, should not be the last thing to do.
  26. Write an open letter to YouTube asking why the channel was terminated wrongly.
  27. Do not use any bad words in the letter. When YouTube Channel Terminated.
  28. Share the letter with people in your sphere of influence. When YouTube Channel Terminated.
  29. Request them to comment on the letter.
  30. Another powerful step is to write and publish a press release. When YouTube Channel Terminated.
  31. Share the press release with fans and followers.
  32. If you do not receive any mail from YouTube that the channel will come back after some time, consider that the taking down of the channel is not suspension but termination.
  33. YouTube terminates all the channels related to the terminated channels.
  34. Community guideline strikes are the very common causes for termination of the account.
  35. Repeated copyright violation is also the other cause for most of the YouTube channels termination.
  36. Before submitting the appeal to YouTube reviews the community guideline and copyright policies.
  37. To avoid getting terminated, avoid spamming the platform.
  38. Carefully read the terms of service of YouTube and abide by them.
  39. Following the rules is very important as a violation of any of them results in termination of the account.
  40. Get your YouTube channel verified.
  41. Do not upload any videos with content that violates the policies of YouTube.
  42. Different actions need to be taken depending on the reason for the termination.
  43. Termination of YouTube channel is not only related to the specific video but also the video content.
  44.  It can be because of the titles, tags and video descriptions.
  45. Sometimes the comments and messages can also lead to termination of videos.
  46. Channel descriptions, channel art and profile pictures can become a cause of termination.
  47. If YouTube rejects your suspension appeal send the request letter again. This might help in some cases.
  48.  Remember that it is nearly impossible to re instate a channel that continuously violated YouTube guidelines.
  49. If Google denies the appeal, the channel will is permanently terminated.
  50.  If there are more content ID related issued the YouTube channel may be permanently terminated.
  51. What are the reasons for YouTube Channel Terminated?
  52. What happens to my channel’s data and videos?
  53. How do I find out why my channel was terminated?
  54. Can I get a refund if my account is terminated?
  55. The channel’s name and its URL
  56. The date the account was terminated
  57. A list of videos from the terminated channel that YouTube did not delete
  58. Any messages sent to the terminated channel
  59. Check your YouTube channel for any videos that may have violated a copyright
  60. Make sure you are not using copyrighted music in your videos
  61. Keep track of all the links to your social media pages, website, and blog so you can update them if needed
  62. Update any passwords associated with your YouTube account
  63. Check your email to see if YouTube sent you an email notification
  64. Check the “About” section of your channel for any information on termination timeframes
  65. If you have a partner, check their YouTube Channel Terminated account and see if they’ve been terminated as well
  66. Make sure you’ve followed all of YouTube’s guidelines, including copyright infringement policies, community guidelines, and advertiser-friendly content rules
  67. Find out why your YouTube channel was terminated
  68. Request a reinstatement
  69. Remove any videos that violate the company’s Terms of Service
  70. Contact the person who terminated your account
  71. Check to see if you can get a new channel through YouTube’s Creator Academy
  72. Look for other ways to monetize your content such as Patreon, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo
  73. Find out why they terminated you and address their concerns in order to be reinstated
  74. The channel’s name
  75. Why the YouTube channel was terminated
  76. What video or videos were removed from the account and why
  77. Find out what caused the termination
  78. Check if there was a copyright infringement
  79. Request reinstatement of your channel from YouTube’s support team
  80. YouTube Channel Terminated due to copyright infringement
  81. YouTube Channel Terminated because of spam, abuse, or a violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines
  82. Account terminated for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service
  83. Attempting to access an account that has been suspended
  84. When did it get terminated?
  85. Why did it get terminated?
  86. Who is the owner of the account, and what other accounts do they own?
  87. View the channel’s most recent video
  88. Check out comments on videos to see if anything suspicious has been posted
  89. Remove any personal information from your YouTube account, including your email address and phone number
  90. Verify that you have a Google Account (if not, create one) and then disable or remove it from your YouTube account
  91. Contact YouTube and find out why your account was terminated
  92. Create a new channel, making sure to avoid any copyright infringement or other reasons for termination
  93. Restore the old videos from backup if possible
  94. Contact YouTube support
  95. Get a backup of the channel (videos, comments, subscribers)
  96. Make sure you have all your videos backed up on another service and saved in case something happens to them again
  97. Find out what caused the termination and try to fix it


There can be many reasons why a YouTube channel gets terminated. Suspension of the channel is temporary and termination is permanent. There are little chances that the channel will be active again if it is terminated.

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