YouTube Glossary – Terminology That Every Video Creator need to know

YouTube Glossary
YouTube Advertising Glossary

YouTube Glossary: YouTube is the excellent platform for the individuals, marketers, advertisers, and creators to display their talent and allows doing business and helps them to reach people across the platform.

Youtube is the biggest marketing tool for the marketers, biggest platform for the artists, and an amazing platform for the people to watch video content and trending content across the globe.

Youtube videos rank top in search engine results and several companies, brands and business had already succeeded with the best youtube marketing strategies.

Youtube Glossary

A – Annotations

Annotations are the image or text which are clickable that appears on the desktop. By using the annotations, the users can direct the people to other videos or cross promote or to your channel page.

B – Branding

Branding is the most common practice on Youtube platform as brands mainly utilize Youtube as their medium for brand promotions. A branding watermark on Youtube acts as a logo on Your videos.

C – CC

Closed captions are the running translation of the video content tat is being played on Youtube. By using the closed captions, the users with the hearing disability can also access the information from the videos.

D – Demographics

Demographics are nothing but the gender, age, languages, and other personal information. Demographic targeting is the important practice in video marketing.

E – Events

You can go on with the Youtube events and can change the privacy settings for streaming the content.

Featured content is to manage your ad distribution on Youtube which can be featured by arranging playlists and with paid advertising.

G – Geo tagging

Geotagging is the process of adding the location-based metadata.

I – In-stream video ads

In-stream video ads are also called as True view ads. This type of ads can be run on different youtube video embedded sites. The viewers can skip the ad after five seconds. These are also called as skippable video ads.


KPI is called as a Key performance indicator which can be measured value to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company achieving the objectives in business.

L – Linear Video

Linear video is a type of ad unit which contains video ads that play sequentially in the video player.

M – Mid Roll

Mid Roll is one of the forms of online video ads which are generally played in the middle of the youtube video.

N – Native Video Ads

Native video ad is a blend of editorial content which runs along. They generally match the visual design and natural. They provide the consistent native user experience.


OTT means Over the Top which refers to the content that can be accessible via the internet without a television provider that includes online SVOD.

P – Playlists on Youtube platform

Playlists can help the users to organize in the best way by differentiating the videos in different categories. Playlists help you to increase the exposure and views.


RTB means Real Time Bidding, The selling and purchasing the ad impressions online via real-time auctions within seconds on an online marketplace or online platforms.

S – Shoppable ads

Youtube Shoppable ads are the most effective ads for e-commerce marketers as the people can be directed to the purchasers site if they click on to the shoppable ad. The people can make their purchase if they are interested and can be directed to the shopping site.

Youtube trending section is general consists of the most viewed and present trending videos across the platform basing on the country and location.

U –User content ID

The User content ID system helps the users and creators to safeguard their own videos that are uploaded on Youtube from freebooting.


Viewability is a metric on Youtube platform in which the number of views is counted for a video to know its engagement with the people on the platform.

W – Watch later

The option watch later helps the Youtube users to mark a particular video to watch it later in your own time. This option saves a lot of time as the user can directly access the specific video from watch later section in his free time without searching again.

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